Beard model. Great Hairstyles to For Different Face Shapes, Tools of Men

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You’ve probably heard it a million times; you can only wear certain things or have a certain hairstyle if your face is shaped in a certain way. That’s too many ifs, ands, or buts to be comfortable doing anything. That being said, the right glasses and hairstyle can really highlight your face and make you look fantastic! Man face style.

How Do You Find Out Your Face Shape

You might be asking yourself, “There are different types of faces?” Well yeah, we’re all unique as human being, so I’m gonna have slight variations of the same general shape. Not all styles are flattering for your face, but I’m gonna show you how to figure out what the shape of your face is, and what styles work best.

There’s a long way to determine your face shape, and a shorter, technologically enhanced, way, so naturally I’ll explain both. The long way would be to take a photo of yourself, print it out, and trace your face by hand. To do that you need to put dots at the top of your forehead (near your hairline), at both of your cheekbones, then again at your chin. After doing all that you just connect the dots and it should follow the general shape of your face. It should be on of these four shapes:

These might seem like some strange ways to describe your face, and even more complicated to measure, but they are actually pretty simple identify if you know what you’re looking for. If the general shape doesn’t give it away immediately, you can go more indepth. You’ll want to look at the distance from your chin to your forehead, distance from cheek to cheek, and the shape of your chin.

Circular face and round chin

Large forehead, medium cheeks, small jaw

Most popular facial hair styles

See that wasn’t so hard was it? Those are the four main face shapes out there, but they are slight offsets of these ones. They are pretty basic and easy to learn, but if they are still too hard for you, or you just want to take the easy way out, there is an app called Face Shape Meter that will tell you what face shape you have based on a photo.

What Style Should I Choose?

First I’m gonna describe general cuts and trims rather than hairstyle names at first. That way you can imagine what it’ll look like in your head. Then at the end of the paragraph I’ll give you a few of the different style names so you know what to tell your barber, and search on google to find some images.

These kind of faces don’t really have a lot of angles the highlight, hence why they are called the round face. So you’ll need to pick a style that give the impression of structure and sharp angles. To do that, you’ll want to get a square haircut with weight in the corners and top, and less hair on the sides. If you want to strengthen your jaw a bit too, you can always add a beard.

You’re best options are gonna be variations of the faux hawk (not the one you wore in middle school), an upward fringe, an undercut, or even a quiff. Now these aren’t your only options, but they can be a great place to start looking at different styles. The goal is to keep it balanced while also giving it some structure.

Oh boy, you’re a lucky one if you find out you have a square face. Chiseled jaw, and strong features, what more could you ask for. You’re living the american dream. Square faces, and their associated features, are generally seen as the peak of masculinity and attractiveness. Honestly, any haircut would look great on you. If you want to soften up your hard angles you can go with a rounded cut with a lot of texture at a short length.

Male beard styles

If you really want to keep it short you can go for a crew cut or a buzz to really highlight your angles. An undercut, or a slicked back side-part can soften up some of your edges while still featuring some of them prominently. Another option would be to go for an updated faux hawk. The goal is to elongate your face a little bit opt for a longer beard and a hairstyle that moves upward.

This is almost the opposite of a square cut. You’ll want to stay away from shorter, closer cuts. They usually exaggerate the width of your forehead, and no one wants that. Another name for the shape is the inverted triangle. Try to choose a style that has a mid-length sweep or a softer quiff. This’ll help even out your features.

Curly tops, quiffs, and pompadours are gonna be your friend here. Facial hair is also key in this case, adding some much-needed bulk to a narrow chin and jawline.

Almost all hair styles work well on oval faces, so you’re in luck. The biggest tip is to lift the hair away from the forehead so it doesn’t make your face look rounder or chubby. For both straight and wavy hair you can keep it short or grow it out and push it back. If you have tight curls you’ll be slightly more restricted and will probably want to keep it very short and tightly cropped with a skin fade and sharp lines on the back and sides.

For this type of face, you’ll want to focus on styles that have a little more weight on the side and sticking with your hair’s natural texture. This’ll help even out your face instead of making it look longer than it is. You can stick to the old-school 1950’s styles. It’s layered on the sides and prevents your face from looking stretched, while also adding some symmetry to your look.

Types of beard trims

And there you have it. You got all the information to highlight the best features of your face and look as best you can. Now go forth, fill your instagram feed with your new killer selfies!
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