Clean beard styles. How to Trim a Goatee: Picking the Best Goatee Style for You

If you want to know how to trim a goatee, you are in the right place. Learning how to trim your beard is an art, and it takes time to get it right. This is aggravating for some, but with practice, you will make your style your own. Different beard styles and how to trim them.

Over the years, facial hair trends have come and gone. If you can’t quite get the current trend down, don’t worry. Some beard styles never die and are fairly easy to get down.

A Brief History of Facial Hair Trends

In the 19th century, massive Civil War-style sideburns were considered manly and fashionable, as were bushy beards. In those days, many people believed that the beard actually had health benefits. This is because they saw it as a filter for incoming breaths and for insulation that could protect against sore throats and infections.

Best short beard looks

In the 1970s, it was the big Saddam Hussein-style mustache. Before that, there were thin pencil-line mustaches, Van Dykes, Imperials, and various other combinations of facial hair and sideburns.

Through all those trends and fashions, one style of facial hair has stayed fairly consistent and has never really gone out of style. You guessed it; it’s the goatee.

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Unfortunately, since the goatee is isolated at the chin, it can be maddeningly difficult to how to trim a goatee properly. Many a man has snipped away at the goatee on one side, then the other in an attempt to even it up. However, they then look in the mirror and see that the sides are still uneven. Add in more snipping, and even more snipping, and before long the goatee is about half an inch long.

Who knows how to trim a goatee anyway? There are several styles for you to consider, and you get to choose which style you like most.

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