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Beards never tend to go out of style. They have long been seen as signs of high status and virility across several cultures since the ancient times. Beards were also seen as signs of vagrant during the 20h century. During this times, only clean-shaven faces were considered acceptable. However, things have completely changed in these modern times. Nowadays, well-kept beard styles are deemed manly, refined and sexy. It is the rich history of the world that has endowed men with the option of going for different varieties of beards that can be imitated and worn in a modern way. The value of a good looking beard can be understood from the fact that it is not possible for every individual to grow one. Men with full facial hair can try out different beard styles.

The Importance of Maintaining a Beard

There are different beard variations that men can choose from. Varied styles suit varied lifestyles depending on the style, profession and face shape of a man. Most of the times it happens that you find a style that best suits your face but that was actually not the style that you were looking for. There is nothing wrong or absurd in trying out new things and this goes special in regards to your facial hair. Beards are in trend, but that does not mean that you can allow your beard to run wild. One thing that goes common with every beard style is that they need a certain degree of regular care and maintenance. From the high maintenance to manageable full Bandholz, the most stylish beard styles are the ones that look cared for and clean.

Maintaining a Beard- The Perfect Way Out

Carrying a beard goes beyond just growing a beard. It is important for you to go through some of the most important beard care steps once you have grown one. This will keep your facial hair looking manageable and healthy. Fortunately, there are very few steps that you need to take for maintaining different beard types. Follow the best beard maintenance tips for growing an awesome-looking, healthy and great beard.

Use Natural Shampoo Meant for Men for Washing Your Beard

The very first step of maintaining different beard types is washing it thoroughly by making use of a good quality natural shampoo specifically meant for men. This should be done either twice or thrice during the week. This will help you in maintaining different beard types in the easiest way possible. It will keep your beard looking clean and smelling great. It will also help in preventing the buildup of excess oil or sweat in your beard.

Always keep in mind that your facial hair is no different from the hair on your head. So, there is absolutely no need for you to purchase a special beard wash shampoo for maintaining different beard types. It would not make any difference except the extra money that you would have to pay for the same. The best natural beard shampoo for men is the one that makes use of natural ingredients and is sulfate free. After all, it does not make sense to put chemicals in the hair surrounding your mouth, isn’t it?

Try Keeping Your Beard Conditioned and Hydrated

Yet another step towards maintaining different beard types is keeping the beard shiny and soft. You can do this by making the effective use of a good quality beard oil or beard wax for conditioning the beard and keeping up its softness and shine. Best beard oils are the ones that are made using natural ingredients along with premium extracts and essential oils.

Good quality and branded beard oils also help in moisturizing the skin underneath the beard while preventing flakes and itchiness. Beard oils are also effective when it comes to maintaining proper follicle health. Always have one thing in mind and that is your beard would be healthy only if the skin underneath your beard is healthy. So, make sure to use a good beard oil that actually works for your skin and your facial hair at the same time.

How to Make the Best Use of Beard Oils?

There are some important steps that you need to follow when it comes to using beard oils for maintaining different beard types. The steps are as follows:

Get some beard oil in your hand

Mens full beard styles

Try giving your beard a good massage by using the oil into the base of the beard. The base can either be damp or dry. The oil should come into direct contact with the base of the beard at the point of contact with the skin.

Try working your hands through the beard until you get to the tips of the hair of your beard. Make sure that the oil has evenly spread throughout your facial hair and also the skin underneath it.

Beard oil should be applied once on a regular basis if the climate is very dry and two to three times during the day when the climate is more humid.

Trimming Your Beard is Important

Trimming ones beard is another important step that needs to be carried out when it comes to maintaining different beard types. And trimming is necessary for keeping the beard looking healthy and well-kept. You can keep your beard neatly trimmed by making the effective use of scissors in place of trimmers. It is better to use a scissor in place of a trimmer mainly because trimmers can easily create split ends. On the other hand, scissors help their users in more fine-tuning the shape of their beards.

What is rightly suggested is that you must have a look in the mirror every few weeks and try snipping off the loose or split ends and the uneven patches by using a good pair of scissors. However, there is one thing that you must take note of while doing this and that is making sure that you are following the natural outline of your face. Ensure keeping a rounded shape with all facial hair in uniform length. It is also suggested that you must brush your beard by using a good quality small comb. Brushing should be done during the beard trimming procedure for seeing the hairs that are loose and the ones that require proper trimming.

Trimming the Neckline is Also Very Important

The beard neckline is one area where it is important for you to make use of a branded trimmer known for its efficiency and advantages. The beard neckline should be trimmed on a bi-weekly basis. You can do this by taking two fingers and putting them on your Adam’s apple. You must trim down your beard at the top finger and avoid following your natural jaw line while doing this. If you follow your natural jaw line while trimming your beard neckline, it will make the neckline appear weak and your beard awkward.

Trying Being Healthy Always

Your hair, skin and beard serve as direct reflections of your health. Therefore, it is important for you to have healthy and balanced food, limit alcohol consumption, exercise and sleep well if you want to have a healthy and thick beard.

Specific Maintenance Procedure for Special Beard Styles

There are some beard styles that require extra maintenance and care. We will have a look at these beard styles and their maintenance procedures below:

Maintaining the Hollywoodian Beard Style

The Hollywoodian is one of the well-trimmed beard styles perfect for professional environments and situations. The style features a moustache and remains connected to the goatee extending up the jaw line and disconnected from the sideburn. This beard style works for red carpets, offices, social events and clubs.

Beard styles for face types

The Hollywoodian beard style can easily be maintained by shaving the sideburns from the ear to the jaw line. A razor needs to be used for cleaning up outward-facing neck hair. It is also important to make use of a trimmer for cutting stray hairs carefully on the upper cheekbone. This helps in creating a lined-up and clean appearance.

Maintaining the Rap Industry Standard Beard Style

Made popular by the old-school rappers of the 90s and the 2000s, this beard style is a highly detailed and thin chin strap connected to a very thin goatee encircling the upper lip and connected to the goatee. It is a beard style that works for real estate events, weddings, parties and professional settings.

Just like maintaining different beard types, even the Rap Industry Standard beard style can be maintained by using a beard trimmer. Remember, this is a beard style that should not reach very far off your face. Also, the hairline of this beard style must be a centimeter wide at maximum. Thus, the focus should be on making it appear professionally and meticulously groomed. You can maintain the Rap Industry Standard beard style by making use of a small beard trimmer for sculpting those thin lines.

Maintaining the Full Beard Style

The full beard is a time-tested elegant and classic beard style that can conveniently and easily be modified to suit almost any setting or environment. Almost every man would have worn the full beard style at least once in his life. This goes for everyone starting from the college professors to the fashion experts. Nowadays, well-groomed versions of a full beard are considered a social currency. They are absolutely perfect for music venues, gyms, breweries and classrooms.

In order to maintain a full beard, you will have to allow your beard to grow to its full length. However, it is important that you shave yourself an accurate neckline. Hair in areas where your neck meets your head should be shaved off. Avoid shaving your neckline very high. Limit yourself to the corner of the head and the neck. Make use of scissors or tweezers for cutting unruly hair on your cheeks.

Maintaining the Short Boxed Beard Style

The short boxed beard style is a thicker version of the Rap Industry Standard beard type. This type of beard runs down the chin and the sideburns connecting with the moustache on the sides. You need to shave out a clean box out of your cheeks while leaving a kind of margin between an inch and a centimeter in length. Your neckline should leave approximately an inch of facial hair under the jaw line and the chin. The short boxed beard style is perfectly fine for weddings, professional settings, golf courses and formal parties.

Just like maintaining different beard types, you can cut your beard full down to a short boxed style by making the effective use of scissors. Next, you need to shape your neckline and box using a razor. Now use a very small trimmer for getting the fine details of the box. This will help you in looking classy and lined up with a short boxed beard style.

Maintaining the Soul Patch Beard Style

Are you looking to attend art shows and jazz clubs? Do you need to visit the coffee shop frequently? If this is the case then you must definitely go for the soul patch beard style. It is one style that suits the ones who are fond of subtlety and elegance in their regular lives. This hair style, when paired with a fresh hairstyle and some sharp guys can offer a classy and refined appearance and personality. It is great for poetry readings, coffee shops, art galleries and studios.

This is one beard style that is very close to a clean-shaven look except the fact that it features a rectangular patch of hair between the chin and the lower lip. You can shave the remaining part of your facial hair while allowing the part between your chin and the lower lip to grow thick. Once it has reached full length, shape it into a perfectly made soul patch. Try modifying the length of this patch to match your individual style. There are many men who like to go for short and simple soul patches.

Beard look for mens

Maintaining the Bandholz Beard Style

Named after Eric Bandholz- the modern beard prophet, this beard style features a thick and long beard that is perfectly combed out and blow-dried. It also features a thick moustache that is sculpted meticulously to rest atop the cheek line. At the moment, the Bandholz is one of the most popular beard styles considered perfect for bars, small businesses, lecture halls, auto shops and barber shops.

The Bandholz is one beard style that requires a lot of maintenance and care. It is not as easy as maintaining the other beard styles listed above. The procedure for maintaining different beard styles and the procedure for maintaining a Bandholz are a bit different. Majority of Bandholz care and maintenance generally deals with the way you are styling it, with this type of beard, you must always maintain a good neckline probably the one that you maintain with a full beard. You need to shave everything below the area where your neck meets your head. Your upper cheeks need to be clean. Always keep in mind that the perfect Bandholz beard style is one that is approximately four to five inches in length.

Styling the Bandholz

The Bandholz beard style can be maintained by combing, drying and applying beard oil. using a moisturizer on this beard type can help you in keeping it looking clean and nice. At the same time, it is also important for you to make use of a good quality beard oil for shaping your moustache and giving your beard some shine and softness. It is true that the Bandholz requires high upkeep but it is also true that this high upkeep is always worth the transformed looks that you get with this fresh beard style. You will surely have heads turning while having a walk on the streets by carrying this beard style. Try pairing up this beard style with a fade up top for getting a modern and sleek appearance.

Maintaining the Ducktail Beard Style

The Ducktail beard style is very similar to wearing a full beard with the only difference being that you will have a beard that is a bit cropped. Instead of allowing the natural growth of your facial hair to run wild, this is a beard style that gives you the option of taking a refined approach. You trim the side of your beard shortest and keep increasing the length gradually. Allow the bottom of the beard to run wild. The Ducktail beard style is suitable for sales floors, business casuals and artisanal workplaces.

Very similar to maintaining different beard types, with a Ducktail beard you need to let your beard grow fully and then trim its top to a point where it is thick enough and clings to the side of the face. You need to continue trimming downwards and trim less gradually so that the bottom center of the beard is the longest. Your beard will thus have a ducktail appearance with long chin hair serving as the centerpiece.

There are various other beard styles that can be tried out by men. However, the maintenance procedure for the different styles are more or less the same.

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