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So you’re ready to style or grow out your beard for the first time and are unsure where to begin. Sculpting a worthy beard doesn’t have to be a difficult process, so t here is no need to fret about all the trends, products, and styles out there. Shaping a long beard.

The first thing to remember is that there are no two beards alike. Your facial hair should be unique to who you are as a person, helping you stand out from the crowd. Finding the proper beard shape for your face or style will take time and patience though. Below are 3 quick tips to help get your beard started on right path.

1. Trim with Scissors

One of the biggest misconceptions when growing a beard is to let it all grow out and then to trim and shape it down. This may be ok for the first month but many guys don’t have the time or luxury of walking around looking homeless at work and such.

If you are wanting to grow facial hair long enough to shape, then we highly recommend steering away from the electric clippers and using 5-7 inch long scissors to help maintain your beard as it grows. As one wrong move with clippers then you may be back to square one having to shave it all off. Simply trim the longer hairs as they grow back down with scissors to help prevent yourself from making big mistakes. While you do this, it will also become easier over time to find the beard shape that fits your face the best!

Nice beard shapes

2. Use an All-Natural Styling Aid

So you’ve now achieved a bit of length and are looking to shape or sculpt it to perfection. Always stick to all-natural products and stay away from hairspray and styling gels that have harmful chemicals. Chemical based products like those can cause damage to both your facial hair and skin, and also lead to poor growth. Depending on the style or shape you are trying to achieve, we recommend the following products to aid you in the process:

Most gentlemen are not looking for any type of crazy shape to the beard. The biggest problem most guys have is simply getting those stray hairs to lay down. A good beard balm should help keep your beard soft and healthy as well as add a little weight to the facial hair, helping you comb it into your natural shape and lay down those fly-away hairs for a natural and tame look.

Looking for a particular shape or style with a more serious hold for your beard? While there are many shaping waxes and other products on the market, do you really want a pile of stuff on your bathroom sink? Simply use a quality Hair Pomade as an easy 2 in 1 solution to quickly get both your hair and beard styled and out the door for the day!

Cool hair and beard styles

A small tin of medium hold mustache wax in your grooming arsenal can do more than just tame a stache. Do you hate those stray hairs popping up on your head or in your beard even after styling it? Mustache wax is traditionally used to tame the hairs on your lip, so why not use it on other hairs? Simply rub and warm a little wax between your fingertips to touch and lay the stray hairs down on your beard, head and eyebrows.

3. Visit a Master Barber

Not sure how to style your beard or what looks good or not? Or maybe you are worried that your hands are too shaky… Factors such as genetics or face shape can play a huge role, so it can be hard to determine what beard style and shape looks best for you when first getting started. Don’t let that stop you though, it’s too easy to go visit a local master barber that specializes in beard trimming. If you are not sure where to start, then ask your friends or colleagues who they recommend in your community.

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