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A lot of men are very choosy when it comes to growing beard but you should know what kind of beards suit your face shape. There are also styling guides for having an amazing beard. If you are going for a beard styling you need to first have a clear idea on your face shape. Go here to know more about beard styling methods. Once you identify the face shape you can then, start to grow your beard accordingly. Full beard shapes.

It may sound funny but it is true that if you beard does not match the face shape, then it may look disastrous. Go hereand check the face types and the suitable beards for those shapes.

If you havea square face then you may choose to keep your hair full on the chin and shorter on the sides, this will make your face look longer and the beard will look accentuated adding a dash of classiness in your appearance.

Hairstyle for beard face

if your face is rounder in shape then choose to grow your hair longer in the bottom and shorter on the sides because when you have a round face it is ideal to increase the length of the beard to maintain the balance of overall looks of your face and the beard. With shorter beards, round face becomes wider adding more volume to your cheeks and this may not be perfect.

If have an oblong rectangular face, you need to ensure that the chin is covered completelyby adding volume and you need to ensure that the bottoms of the beards are shorter to make your face look like an ideal one.

Latest shaving style for man

If you have an oval facealmost all kinds of beard styles work for you because oval face shape is considered to be an ideal one. Go here to know more about products that can help you style your beards based on your face shapes.
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