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When considering any change to our appearance we often want to consider whether is fashionable or not. One of the questions we should always ask ourselves is who determines whether something is fashionable or not? Typically, we look to the fashion and textile houses to explore clothing and all apparel, but when it comes to hairstyles, cosmetics and overall appearance who do we look to? Are beards in style.

Many of us look to celebrity fashion and style for inspiration, but there lies the fly in the ointment. Celebrities have reached that status because they stand out as individuals with specific personalities and tastes and style of their own. If ever there are “fashion breakers”, you’ll find them among celebrities.

When stilettos are not fashionable (are they ever not, really?) some celebrity will wear them and send the sales skyrocketing. So, when we look at facial and ask, whether it is fashionable or not, the reply will depend on who you’re asking.

Use what you’ve got

While we can’t fundamentally change the natural features that come with our racial heritage, there is much we can do to alter our appearance, through hair coloring, facial makeup, hair styles, hair removal and the clothes we wear. For men, the decision to grow their facial hair or shave it is a fundamental choice that pairs with the development and maintenance of their image.

Considering that fashions and trends come and go, what always stays is the concept of how good you look. Wearing a beard may be trendy, but if it doesn’t look good on you, then all the grooming in the world may improve things a bit, but it won’t do your overall image a favor.

Beards like all other aspects of fashion come in different shapes, sizes, colors and styles. You may choose to have the scruffy look, a smart look, an impeccably groomed look or event that five o clock shadow look.

Types of facial hair styles

They will have a place at the top of the list of beard trends. It will be hard to find a facial hair trend that completely excludes beards.

Trends may come and go. We haven’t seen many goatees around for a while, but all we need is another movie with Captain Jack Sparrow and his famed pirates of the Caribbean to change that.

We also seem to have those that influence fashion in two ways. The permanently bearded and those that grow them at whim.

David Beckham, Idris Elba and Drake appear to be at the very least semi-permanently bearded with a well-trimmed, cleanly grimed beard. These men offer an air of distinction about them regardless of how we identify with them. Their beards ooze strong character and success.

Slightly longer beards look good too if the errant hairs are kept at bay and often provide a sense of hunky, sexy, strong and robust men. Jason Momoa, Rick Ross, and John Hamm come to mind when thinking about these types. Their beards add to their overall physical appearance but don’t give the effect that they’re more brawn than brains, in fact, they appear to be a perfect balance of the two.

Types of modern beards

Fashion writers all over have said that 2017-2018 will be the year of the tidy beard, and yet you will still see men walking down the high street with that scruffy look. Perhaps these individuals are more self-confident in their appearance or know that the way they wear it is better for them than taking dictation from the fashionistas that demand obedience.

When deciding whether to don a beard or not, the decision should be rounded. Do you look good with facial hair? How are you going to maintain the grooming? Does the color of your beard match your hair? Is it appropriate for your lifestyle?

Sure, fashion trends will influence your decision. Beards can be dyed as well, and this option to provide a uniform look is becoming more popular. You may need to speak to a stylist about this if you’ve never done it before though, as dyes can cause havoc for the inexperienced.

Newcomers to the world of beards may need some advice as well, grooming brings a whole lot of issues such as shaving along the beard line on not, or trimming wayward hairs while maintaining the bushy look.

The single most influential factor on beards is most likely to be the preferences of your significant other. Fashions may come and go, but the one person that spends most of their spare time with you also influences the happiness factor in your life, and that’s one aspect you’ll want to get right.

Facial hair beard

Whether the latest trends in beards and beard grooming will influence you is entirely up to you. There will always be men with beards. Latest fashion for Men will always be a balance of whether it looks good on you or not.
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