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What Color Eyeglasses Look Good with Gray Hair?

Eyeglasses, reading glasses and prescribed glasses, all of them are eyed with dubious and sad looks. No one is ever happy to hear that they are getting glasses. They feel like a huge hindrance in fashion, beauty and latest trends. There is so much you can’t do any more with glasses on. There are many times you feel left out because you can’t see well without glasses. There is also the case of bullying; people get bullied due to their spectacles a lot. These are the actual facts, but things have changed, and they have changed for good. Small hair beard style.

In the last couple of years, the trends and fashion have changed the perspective towards prescribed glasses, many celebrities have also added to the frenzy of having stylish eye-wear. When to come to getting the best eye wear that will suit your face you need to keep a lot of thing in mind. The list includes:

These are the main things to consider before getting a branded pair of prescription eye-wear that will cost you some major bucks.


Round, square or oblong, every face shape is different; hence, you need different shaped frames. It’s not necessary that what suits your friend or some celebrity, it will suit you as well. You need to consider your face shape before getting an expensive frame.

Skin Color:

Every person has an undertone to their skin, its either warm or cold. You need to consider the undertone of your skin to get the best-colored frame. You can’t have a warm-colored frame over a skin has a warm undertone. This helps to get the best color frame that will make your skin tone glow.


Your personality matters a lot; whether you are an outgoing person or a sober, serious type, you glasses convey that with their shape design and color. So, choose wisely if you want to portray your personality through your glasses.

Eye Color:

The right combination of frame color and eye color helps you either blend in or stand out. So, before you decide on a frame, know whether you want to blend in or stand out. Contrasting frames regarding eye color will help you stand out. Whereas, frame color matching eye color will help you blend in and look professional.

Gray Hair:

Now, the most crucial factor of all your hair color, if you have blonde, black or red hair life is easy for you, but if you have lighter hair like silver, gray or platinum blonde, Many people perceive that they are in trouble as they feel nothing would suit their face. People find it very hard to get frames and shape that will suit gray hair. Gray hair ranges from salt and pepper to pure shiny silver. It’s imperative to choose the right color with gray hair if you go for lighter frame your face and color tone might look washed out, but if you go with real dark colors, your frame will take over which isn’t good.

Here are some great tips that will help you get the right color and style that will suit your gray hair.

First off having gray hair gives you an immaculate and clear palette to work on, it’s like having a blank canvas to paint on. Which means you can use as much color as you want and have great fun while doing it.

Men's beard shaving styles

So you silver strand have just become a huge reason to celebrate, haven’t they? There is a silver lining to everything.

Warm Tones For Gray Hair:

Like all other hair color, gray hair also add an either warm or cool tone to your skin color Salt and pepper is mostly warm, so if you have salt and pepper gray hair, you should opt for warmer tones. It will make you appear tanned and glowing. Earthy tones like deep browns and tortoiseshell patterns will work great. These are bold, and the dark hues will balance the lightness of the hair as well. Another great thing is the contrasting of the salt and paper hair with the pattern of the tortoiseshell. The contrast of these two combinations makes the look work more than anything. So, if you have always preferred bold styles, this is your thing, but if you have never tried going bold, this should be a new start.


For Women: We would suggest for you to go with round frames is you are over 40, and you are naturally going gray as they tend to soften the frame. However, if you are young and your gray hair is fashion color, then, by all means, choose the funkiest shape you can find to enhance your features and your fun personality more.

For Men: Men with salt and pepper hair will look more decent and mature with a rectangle frame; one that is medium or large size. Avoid getting small frames as they will make you look older than your actual age. With the right shaped frame, you can take years off your age.

Gray Hues in Warm Tones:

Like we have mentioned before, adding more gray to your face will only make you look older than your years. Your objective is to reduce years from your age, not add them. Stay at arm’s length from rimless glasses, as they are gray toned. Also, stay clear off from frames that are patterned with gray or have gray color in any tone. These do nothing but make matters worse for you. Thick-rimmed glasses frame is the ideal style you should go for, as they help you look younger and add a defined and refined personality to your face.

Earthy Hues in Warm Tones:

Pure silver hair or platinum blonde hair needs a bit of warm tones to bring a deep tone to the cool skin tone. If you have pure silver hair, it will reflect in your skin giving it a cold touch. Getting frames with warm and deep shades will bring a healthy glow to your face. The frames work hard enough to make your face look welcoming and soft. Mustard and amber hues should be your first choice of your going for warm-toned glasses. These tones will make a great contrast with your light gray hair. You will see the instant change within minutes of adorning these colors.

Guys with a gray beard and equally gray hair will fall in love with the youthful aesthetic that the frame will add to your face. Who said old age couldn’t be appealing, all you need is to find the stuff that works for you. Adding grace, youth and vibrant personality to an aged face with gray hair isn’t hard, if you know the colors to add regarding your frame.

Working with Warm Tones if you Have a Pale Complexion:

You should go with frames that are darker shades of brown or amber.

Working with Warm Tones if you Have a Deep Complexion:

For skin that has deep hues, you should stick to light colors to balance the deep tone of your skin. Frames with sandy color hues will work great with the dark undertone of your skin.

Different short beard styles

Warm Tone and Short Gray Hair:

If you have gray hair, but they are short, should the frame size change? Well, of course, yes, it all needs to work together to make an impressive picture. A warm reddish frame in medium size will work wonders with your short gray hair. Moreover, as your hair grows, the frame’s look will mature with them. If like to wear neutral colors or monochrome beige outfits, the red frame will be a striking addition; one that will get you noticed for sure. What does it matter if your hair is turning gray, life is still young and so are you, show your fun side with a deep-set red frame and impress the ladies with your youthful charm?

All in all, earthy tone, tortoiseshell and amber hues are the kind of warm glasses that look great with gray hair; also, they add the softness to your face. Go for cat eye if you have a round face, and if you have a defined jawline, you should opt for round frames. Moreover, earthy tones are very much in fashion now, and they are also timeless, which mines wherever the fashion wind blows these will never be out of fashion.

All Kinds OF Blue Frames and Gray Hair:

Electric blue, midnight blue, deep blue, there are many shades of blue but there is a very small group of people who would go for such a bold color. People hardly want to stand out when it comes to spectacles. They keep getting self-conscious about their choice of bold frames, especially when they have gray hair. To all those who have never tried blue with gray, you guys are missing out on a lot. Blue creates a striking combination with gray, so much so that no matter what your attire is or what your eye color is; you will stand out from the crowd and that too in a good way.

It’s Bold:

Now there are many choices if you are thinking of getting a blue frame for yourself, or your family member. The first and foremost benefit of getting a blue frame is that you can match it with your clothes pretty easily. A blue frock, a blue summer dress, a blue jumper or a dark blue trouser, not to mention blue jeans, there are countless options of matching the blue frame with your attire. This matching bit also blends in the frame well. So, if you are worried about standing out too much or being prominent, just wear your frame with a matching shirt or blazer and the effect will tone down instantly.

Create a Break With Blue:

Gray hair accompanied with gray beard creates a monopoly of gray and that too much. To create a break between the two and discontinue the monotony of all that gray, blue works like a charm. Adding any other color will create a boring appearance, and it will make you look old, whereas blue will add a youthful touch to your overall appearance. Quirky blue glasses should be your go-to style of you are looking for a dapper gentleman kind of look. It will undoubtedly give you a refreshing change.

Don’t Be Cautious:

Blue might seem like a very vibrant and bold move, but thanks to your silver-white hair, it creates a great contrast. From all serious colors, switching to blue seems like a big leap, so if you don’t want to make a mistake, do check out frame according to your complexion as well as your face shape. If you think that you can deduce the shape of your face, there are many applications available that will help you understand your face shape under a minute. Understand face shape will help you get the perfect shape and trendy blue frame.

Blue Goes With All Personalities:

Whether you have an outgoing personality or a quiet one, blue goes with all. If you want to be the center of attention, you will need electric blue glasses with a funky shape like cat-eye or hipster. These will not only look striking with your gray hair but also give you a youthful touch. So a more formal touch you will need a bit darker shade of blue. Blue frames are great for adding definition to your thing hair on the front; they also bring forward the light and fun-loving character of your personality. For people who want to take attention away from their baldness, blue frames are perfect. Their vibrant color keeps all attention to your face.

Blue IS Creativity:

Many people complain that it’s hard for them to take their eyewear to parties as they feel like a black mark over their otherwise perfect attire. Well, blue frames can change that for you. You can match your frame to your accessories, such as your earrings, chokers and bangles to give your attire a funky yet chic touch. It won’t matter whether you are going to a party, to the club or to a date, your blue glasses will convey your fun personality through and through. Who would have thought that having blue glasses can do so much for your personality looks and general aura?

Avoid Monochrome:

Having gray air, maturing age and wrinkles isn’t a stopper to life, and you can treat it as a new beginning. Going gray can be a wonderful thing when you think about all the possibilities that life has for you. Most people opt for gray, black and brown when they mature; this creates a monochromic look which can make you look even older. If you are worried about that, try creating colorful breaks and the most subtle way of doing that is to add color little by little. You can get minimally embellished frames, or frames that have a pop of color on its hinges or bridge. Don’t fall in the trap of going monochrome with your looks and your outfit. Always try and get some color in to give you look a bit of character and personality.

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Marrying Black Frames with Gray Hair:

Not all can take patterns and blue, so for them, we do have a simple and neutral option of going black. However, it’s not your average black; it’s bold and beautiful. You need to make an appearance that will impress people and let them see your personality beyond the gray hair. Even if you don’t wear spectacles, you can get a pair just for the sake of fashion. Big chunky frames are pretty much in fashion, and they do add personality to one’s simple looks. Take Johnny Depp for instance, have you ever seen him with his usual glasses, that man has made prescription glasses more famous than even Harry Potter. Take a leaf out of his book and get yourself a pair of chunky Ray Bans in different shades of black.


Once you have all the colors jotted down, you need to understand the shapes of trending eyewear. Things have changed in the past few years, with celebrity influencer and Instagram full of various bloggers and influencers, people now realize the true potential of high-end and trendy eyewear and how they help to enhance their looks. The major trends of 2019 that will suit gray hair are:

Vintage Nude Frames (earthy brown, caramel and beige tones)

To cap it all, going gray isn’t a bad choice, especially when you can have so much fun with all these brilliant and trendy frames. So, before you log on to buy the next set of frames, keep all these tips in mind and get yourself the most fashionable pair out there.
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