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Hairstyles are a way of changing the look of your character. You can change them by visiting a barber or stylist. In Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters , you can get special style cards to show a barber to change your look. In Fable II and Fable III , most hairstyles must be purchased directly from the stylist. Like tattoos, all hairstyles have effects on your personality. Short chin beard.

Personality Edit

Hairstyles have the ability to affect a number of aspects of your personality, including alignment, scariness and attractiveness. Depending on the hairstyle, some may change you more than others.

Fable and Fable TLC Edit

Quests Edit

3 different hairstyles are required to complete the Beardy Baldy quest in Bowerstone Quay. You can go to the barber shop around the corner in Bowerstone South to get them. (If you already have these styles, the "father" will request to see alternatives.)

Beards Edit

Moustaches Edit

Acquisition Edit

Most of these hairstyles can be purchased initially from wandering barbers, then taken to any barber to be applied. In addition, the following are sold in the barber shop in Bowerstone South:

The Trader Style Moustache can be found in the scarecrow at Windmill Hill.

The Working Moustache can be fished out of the river at Fisher Creek.

The Youngster Style can be stolen from a building in Oakvale.

The Regular Beard can be found in a house across from the tailor in Bowerstone South

The Short Hair Style can be found in the house to the left of the childhood home of the hero in the upstairs.

The Plaits Hair Style can be found in the tavern in Hook Coast

The Tramp Beard can be stolen from a house in the northern row of homes in Hook Coast.

The Big Beard can be purchased from wandering barbers, and the card can be found in the Necropolis in the Northern Wastes if you have The Lost Chapters or Anniversary edition of Fable. It lies in the snow by a skeleton sitting at the end of the central bridge that crosses the stream bisecting this area.

Trivia Edit

The Pudding Basin is the Fable version of a hairstyle commonly referred to as a "bowl cut".

New beard style for men

During the Bargate Prison quest the Hero grows Youngster Style hair, as well as a unique, stubby chin beard, which cannot be acquired otherwise. Once replaced, the beard is impossible to reacquire.

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Fable II Edit

Demon Door Edit

One of two Hairstyles is required to open the Brightwood Demon Door in Fable II. You must locate a stylist and get the hairstyle he requires:

In addition one of two Facial hair is required.

Mutton Chop Whiskers "The Chops"(can be bought at The Beautification Factory in Bowerstone Market or at Greta's Cosmetics on Knothole Island)

The Handlebar (also available in Bowerstone Market)

Similar to the Beardy Baldy quest in Fable, if you approach the door wearing any of these already, he will assign you a different hairstyle. Likewise, if you already are wearing any of the clothing items he typically requires, he will also request others.

Hairstyles Edit

Note: Once purchased from Murgo, the Cascading Hair and Braided Ponytail remain as Miscellaneous Items in your inventory and can be applied at any time.

Sold in Bowerstone Market Edit

Male Adventurer Hairstyle

Female Adventurer Hairstyle

Sold in Bloodstone Edit

Male Adventurer Hairstyle

Female Adventurer Hairstyle

Sold on Knothole Island Edit

These hairstyles are available at Greta's Cosmetics (Knothole Island DLC required)

Male beard model

Female Adventurer Hairstyle

Male Adventurer Hairstyle

This hairstyle is available at the Box of Secrets (Knothole Island DLC required)

Cascading Hair (traded for 2x Table Wine)

Sold by Murgo Edit

These hairstyles are available at Murgo's trailer in Bowerstone Market (See the Future DLC required)

Beards Edit

Moustaches Edit

Trivia Edit

The Cascading Hairstyle in Knothole Island is similar to the hairstyle of the resurrected Lady Grey in the side quest Love Hurts.

The Ponytail in Fable II can be used for both genders, and can be purchased in any Stylist shop in Albion. It is also the default hairstyle for female heroes in the young adult stage of life.

The Lip Bandit moustache and its description are references to American actor Tom Selleck.

Fable III Edit

Hairstyles Edit

Facial Hair Edit

Acquisition Edit

Sold in Brightwall Edit

Sold in Bowerstone Market Edit

Sold in Aurora Edit

Found Randomly in the world Edit

These are occasionally received as gifts from a villager or spouse, and may be found rarely in chests and dig spots

Included in Understone DLC Edit

These hairstyles can be bought at Soil Salon. The availability of this stylist and hence the hairstyles is dependent upon your decision at the end of the quest The Voice.

Downloadable Content Edit

Once the quest In Wolf's Clothing is active, the only items that appear in Moustache Mansions' inventory are the quest related items. The shop's inventory returns to normal after the quest is completed.

Dying the Short Ponytail Hairstyle highlights causes several streaks throughout the top of the head to become another colour, while dying the main body affects the rest

Best long beard styles

Trivia Edit

Despite the Mercenary Beard being a fairly standard goatee, because of its inexplicable association with bandits, it is considered unattractive by most of the citizens of Albion.

When putting on the beard in the sanctuary, Jasper will sometimes remark, "That beard should be a real boon if you're seeking a job in the technology sector." This is possibly a reference to Gordon Freeman's goatee in Valve's Half-Life series, or perhaps to the iconic scruffy goatee sported by the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

The Long Bun Hairstyle is very similar to the pouf hairstyle made popular in the 18th century by Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France.

The Short Fringe Hairstyle is the same hairstyle as Elliot.

The Hero has a Short Parted Hairstyle at the start of the game

All facial hairstyles in Fable III have a 20.0% transvestism rating for female Heroes.

The Long Thick Hairstyle can be used by male or female Heroes for the Dye Hippie, Dye achievement.

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