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Distinct face shapes require varied beard styles. There are rules that can help you in achieving what is called optimal beard. When it comes to different facial hair types, there are certain guiding principles that need to be kept in mind. So, how do you find the best beard style for your face shape? It is important for your jaw line and your beard to work in coordination for achieving a nicely graduated and perfect oval shape. On the contrary, if you have a round or square jaw then it is important for you to grow a beard that is fuller at the bottom for elongating your face. However, in case you have a rectangular or oblong face then you must have more hair on your sides and avoid extra length underneath the chin.

What Goes Into Choosing the Best Beard Style for Your Face?

Beards are perfect rubbing tools when engrossed in deep thinking. They also help in blocking the harmful rays of the sun from burning the face. Beards help in hiding the neck flab and they stand as symbols of a life that is free from razor burns. While facial hair might be a product of different natural procedures, beards might not be able to take the healthiest of shapes without some kind of help going into their growth and maintenance.

Shaping, trimming, fading, combing, conditioning and cleaning are procedures that are a part of the beard maintenance and growth game. Beard styles as per face shapes keep changing on the style desired by the wearer and the kind of facial hair that the wearer is born with. There is not just one right method of having a beard. There are a number of factors that need to be considered when it comes to choosing the best beard style for your face shape.

When Does a Particular Beard Style Look Amazing?

Generally speaking, men should only try to grow a beard if they think that they have thick facial hair. Wherever you have patchy and thin facial hair, it is suggested to shave it completely off. There are men who will have thick facial hair only around their goatee while ht others will be able to wear sideburns connected to the chin by way of a chin strap. However, there are even men with a grizzly face filled with fur. Such men can make the choice of almost any beard style that suits their face shape or the one that they prefer. Men with peach fuzz, thin and patchy faces are out of luck when it comes to growing a beard.

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How Does Beard Growth Work?

Like all other things such as hair loss and height, even beard growth is generally determined by the genetics of an individual. To be out in simple words, it is pretty much your genes that can help you in deciding on the best beard style for your face shape. This is because if proper facial hair is not in your genes you will never be able to grow a beard of your choice.

You might have to settle down with styles that call for less facial hair or the ones that you do not seem to like much. It is also important to understand that if you keep shaving your facial hair frequently it would not help you in growing a thick beard. Men generally start growing beards between ages 16 and 20. However, some men might be able to manage only peach fuzz until they are 24 years of age. It is at the age of 40 that such men attain full beard growth.

How to Make the Choice of the Best Beard Style?

Your ultimate objective when trying to choose the best beard style for your face shape should be getting a beard that adds dimension and contrast to your face and its features. Varied face shapes must highlight specific facial features. However, it is important to note that not every beard style works great for every man. Similar to the way how specific hairstyles complement specific face shapes and not the others, different beard styles can either be flattering or unflattering based on the shape of your face. There are some important rules that need to be followed when deciding on the best beard style for your face shape. The rules are as follows:

Square Face

Shave and trim with precise and sharp lines close to the cheekbones. The beard should be kept short on its sides and full on the chin for taking the advantage of the square shape.

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Round Face

Men with such face shapes can create the illusion of having an angular chin by going for a beard that lays emphasis on the chin. Beard styles with short hair on the cheeks and long hair in the chin area are perfect for men with round faces. A goatee or the Van Dyke beard style works for round faced-men.

Rectangular or Oblong Face

Beards that make the face look fuller are the best beard styles for men with oblong or rectangle-shaped faces. The sideburns should be fuller and the bottom should be shorter. Mutton chops and chin strap beards are the best styles for rectangular or oblong faces. Circle beards with horseshoe moustaches also work great for these face shapes. Such beard styles add volume to the lower part of the face.

Oval Face

Such face shapes are middle-ground between the other face shapes. Thus majority of the beard styles work well on men with oval faces. Oval-faced men have even proportions and for making the best use of these proportions, they can go for short beard styles featuring clean lines that add more definition.


Choosing the best beard style for your face shape would not be a very difficult thing to do if you are fully aware of the type of face you actually possess.

Different types of beard styles for men
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