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I think a beard does the same thing as makeup. It hides weak features and accentuates good features occasionally but certain people look better with beards, just like certain girls look a lot better with makeup whereas some look worse. Good beard cuts. Goatee with short beard.

Generally, if you have a weak jaw, but strong brows a beard can help balance your face out. If you have acne however it can make it more apparent, hidden in the beard and is less hygienic because it’s harder to clean. So that’d be an issue. Another issue is beard wax. Most men today will grow beards without realizing hair needs to be cared for. The hair on your head as well as your face. A beard needs to be washed, conditioned, waxed and cleaned often because of all the bacteria it can collect. Most men don’t take great care in hygiene to begin with so that won’t really draw women in that much- you’ll smell and you won’t even know it most of the time.

However, if you grow hair weakly or thinly a beard is a terrible idea and will look like the little goat tuft most 14 year old boys develop right at the start of high school. If you cant grow the hair then don’t have a beard. Some girls have cut across bangs, others don’t. Some styles of hair look bad on certain people. Do not force it.

Another thing is some women like beards, others don’t. A girl won’t always like it because it insinuates you’re hairy or don’t groom elsewhere. If you don’t manscape so to speak in the lower areas girls will generally be turned off. It’s a two way street and I think if you really want a beard you need to groom it very well and cut it into a distinct style and keep it neat to an extent. It’s not the 70s and most women don’t go for full hair everywhere on a guy, they like it neat but a little hairy- masculine looking. But not like the man below.

A beard like this one above though- a little cleaner and more cared for will show more effort and girls respond better generally. Notice how the hair from his beard doesn’t trickle down his neck or the back of his ears unneatly.

As for gay men- I can’t help with that at all. I haven’t the slightest idea.

Why are beards in style

But, It depends upon face color, Impact of face, suiting of beard on your face too.

Close beard styles

But Unless 60–70% men look smart and Good.

Moreover Today is trend Of keeping Beard on face and keep maintaining it.

It really depends on many factors like your face shape, the features on your face, and the style of beard as we detail in our blog THE BEST BEARD STYLES FOR YOUR FACE SHAPE.

For example, if you have a small, round face with a large bushy beard and a lot of hair up top, you’ll overwhelm your face with hair.

Conversely, if you have a small, round face and keep your beard relatively close to the skin, you can frame your face in a flattering way.

It is often not well groomed or taken care of, just a scraggly mess of hair they are too lazy to deal with.

Beard grooming styles

It is often used to hide a feature or features the men don’t like about their face. Acne, weak chin or jawline, double chins, acne scars,

The texture is often more reminiscent of pubic hair than anything else. Course, wiry, steel wool.

It often catches and holds on to things the wearer doesn’t notice. Food, dirt, stuff blown around in the wind, lint, dandruff, etc.

And all of that is if they can even grow a full one instead of the scraggly, patchy mess often seen.

Granted, very few men can wear one and wear it well, but the are the exception, not the rule. They are often also the men that groom, wash, condition, and care for their beard daily.

In general it is an unkempt, lazy look that due to those I often see wearing them make me think “dirty, lazy, clumsy, poor hygiene” not “ohhh looking good!”

Different facial hair styles


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