Mens goatee styles 2016. 12 Facial Hairstyles that will Make You Look like a Boss

Facial hair styles have been around for ages. Kings, presidents, and the world’s movers and shakers have worn different facial hairstyles throughout history. It’s no wonder facial hair is so closely associated with power and authority. Facial styles 2016.

There’s a certain allure and magnetism that certain facial hair styles possess. They say a lot about the men who wear them. If you’re thinking of growing your facial hair anytime soon, start growing that beard, because here are twelve awesome facial hair styles that will truly impress you.

When you see facial hair styles like this, you instantly think handsome and confident ladies’ man. That’s not entirely inaccurate per se. Many a man have worn, and continue to wear, this facial hair style because of its timeless appeal and clean, sharp look.

It’s the kind of facial hair that is welcome in the corporate setting, and popular among creatives and intellectuals, too. A full beard is the instant boost you need to your sex appeal, and you don’t even have to spend thousands of dollars and go under the needle to achieve it. All you need is patience while waiting for the facial hair to grow, and commitment to not shave it when you get frustrated.

Facial Hair Style # 2

It’s an unspoken truth that men wear facial hair to demonstrate their dominance over other men, and to display their power over women. Men wear their beard like a badge of their masculinity and virility.

Just wearing a beard can instantly make you look mature, cultured, and intellectual. Just like our friend Mr. Clooney here.

Your look doesn’t get more distinguished than this, although it takes a certain kind of man to be able to pull this look off. One that owns companies or runs charities or star in summer blockbusters. But hey, if you have the right facial features and the right level of confidence, even facial hair styles like this will look natural on you!

Facial Hair Style # 3

When it comes to choosing facial hair styles, you want to pick the one that makes your face more interesting. It should add more character, and perhaps make you darker, more brooding, and more mysterious. You want people to look at you and wonder what you do for a living.

Men beard types

Is he a rock star? A model? A filmmaker? With facial hair styles like this, you can be just about anything. They may look old-fashioned but you can put a modern spin on them by growing your hair out to balance the whole look.

To achieve this kind of beard, devote a least two months to growing your facial hair. Once it reaches your desired length, you can trim it to the length and thickness that you prefer.

Facial Hair Style # 4

Facial hair styles like this awesome Van Dyke packs a lot of punch in the looks department, simply because of its badass shape. To achieve this style, all you need to do is bring the goatee and the chin beard together, and throw in a mustache in the mix. Don’t forget to keep the jawline and the cheeks hair-free.

If you want to switch from a bull beard to a Van Dyke beard, you have to create a circle beard first, and then cut the mustache from the beard. You will have to invest time and effort on the upkeep of this beard, but the looks and admiration you will receive from wearing it will be worth it.

Facial Hair Style # 5

A short stubble may not be as hairy as the other facial hair styles, but it’s one of the styles that can give you a commanding presence and a great first impression. People think stubbles just grow anyway, so they’re pretty basic. But like all facial hair, even a short stubble needs to be taken care of to keep the look consistent. Even if stubbles look effortless, they require a lot of effort, too!

You must shape your stubble every few days to remove stray hairs and keep the clean lines on your face. Maintain the length as often as necessary, depending on how fast your facial hairs grow.

Facial Hair Style # 6

For the more daring and adventurous, not to mention committed and patient, facial hair styles like this long and full beard are your best bet. If by merely looking at this image you start scratching your face, maybe you have to think long and hard if you’re ready to wear this on your face. You have to let your facial hair grow for more than two months, and shape and trim accordingly. But it definitely requires less upkeep than the long stubble. With this kind of beard, you can style and trim every two weeks or so.

Current beard styles

Facial Hair Style # 7

There’s nothing more badass than a Bandholz beard. Can you just imagine the dedication and commitment required to achieve a proper beard like this? If you’re up for a challenge, this can very well be the beard that you are destined to wear. Remember that with facial hair styles like this, you don’t need to shampoo every day. Only shampoo and condition it once a week, and always apply beard oil to your face and your beard after.

Facial Hair Style # 8

If you can’t commit to a full beard yet, maybe you can start off with a medium stubble first. But don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it. Research shows that women like men who have stubbles, because of the masculinity it gives without the mountain man look.

Let the stubble be your training beard that will prepare you for the fuller and thicker beard. Like any ordinary stubble, you have to take care of how it looks and shape and trim it regularly.

Facial Hair Style # 9

If you’re looking for facial hair styles that are on the quirky or the eccentric side, you can try sporting the Verdi beard. It’s dramatic and visually arresting. Guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go. With facial hair styles like this one, you have to put effort in shaping, styling, and curling the ends of your mustache.

Facial Hair Style # 10

For some guys, less is more. When it comes to facial hair styles like this short stubble, it succeeds in giving enough coverage without hiding your best physical features. It’s simple and understated, but still very elegant and stylish. In our books, this one is still a winner!

Facial Hair Style # 11

Aside from the precious minutes you can save each morning shaving, a stubble can make an already manly man even manlier. It can make a soft and gentle face a little bit tougher and rougher.

It can give you a natural face lift by strengthening the look of your jaw, adding more edges to it. Most important of all, it gives you more sex appeal to the ladies.

How to cut beard styles

Facial Hair Style # 12

Change your look often with the trusty and reliable stubble. It may not have a lot of hair, but it certainly does make your face more textured and a lot busier. A stubble can make you look distinguished and elegant as can a full-length beard.

Different facial hair styles can make you look and feel better. You have to own it, no matter what kind of style you’re wearing. You have to feel confident in it to rock it. Do not let all those months of growing all that hair just go to waste. Remember, you can look like a boss, and you will look like a boss.
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