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Facial hair is adaptable and versatile and can match any man’s face and accent their hair style. Just a bit of hair growth can make particularly youthful-looking men appear more mature and it can take the focus away from any hair issues they might have such as thinning hair or pattern baldness. With more and more men around the world sporting facial hair, let’s take a look at some styles you should consider when growing a beard of your own. Latest hairstyle and beard style.

10 Best Beard Styles For Men

Stubble- properly maintained stubble can give you an uber-cool style statement look. Among the many different styles of beard, stubble is the easiest to have and maintain.

Goatee- the goatee is big on style and small on effort. It has long been a type of beard used by movie stars, musicians and intellectuals. Goatees are any beard style with facial hair only on the chin and above the lip.

Beardstache- a beardstache is somewhere between a full beard and stubble. Unlike stubble, a moustache is kept fuller and longer than the surrounding hair.

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Short Beard- a neater version of full beard, the short beard is more versatile and acceptable in most workplaces. If you have a short beard, make sure that it’s not overly trimmed. It suits most face shapes and emphasises your best features.

Full Beard- a full beard gives a stronger statement than most beard styles. It works best for men with oval faces, but for people with other face shapes, they will need to trim their full beard more often.

Corporate Beard- the corporate beard is a beard style that matches your professional environment. You need to keep a tight trim and make sure that you keep a consistent beard line. This type of beard is more ideal for people with a longer face.

Balbo- the Balbo features an isolated, trimmed moustache and no sideburns. The Balbo is a beard style that’s easy to pull off and it matches all face shapes and can be customized easily. Men with a round face should choose a tighter trim and those with longer faces should have a wider moustache.

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Van Dyke- with an old school flair suitable for anyone who prefers vintage vibes, the Van Dyke beard is a mix of goatee and moustache with no facial hair on the cheeks. It takes daily maintenance to have a perfect Van Dyke beard.

Garibaldi- the Garibaldi is the perfect beard to have if you don’t have enough time each day to keep it looking kempt. Shape and trim the lower part of the beard, so it will appear rounder.

Mutton Chops- Mutton chops are also known as side whiskers or sideburns. To have this type of beard, let your moustache and sideburn meet. Shave the chin clean and allow the sideburn to become fluffy.

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