Beard cut 2016. 40 High and Tight Haircut Ideas for The Right Attitude OBSiGeN

A good, well-chosen, high and tight haircut can change everything. If you love it, it will give you confidence. Confidence gives you the right attitude. The right attitude will take you places. Beard and mustache designs.

Assuming we have your attention, we give you 40 high and tight haircut ideas that can change everything. Choose yours, wear it like you own it, and feel confident.

1. High and Tight Shortest Haircut

Nothing states discipline like the high and tight shortest haircut. Make no mistake. It takes courage to do it. You may think that it doesn’t need too much attention. Once you cut your hair short, that short, you must look neat and fresh. All. The. Time.

2. The Traditional High and Tight

Army style never gets old. It breathes confidence. Some may find this high and tight haircut a bit extreme. We assure you that only the brave ones embrace it. U.S Marines say that this type of hairstyle is handled only by the “hard charger.” We say that it’s one of a kind. Why? Well, you don’t get it for the confidence. You get it if you already have it.

3. High and Tight Caesar Inspired

It’s official: Caesar is a trendsetter. The high and tight Caesar inspired haircut is one of the most appreciated high and tight haircuts among the military styles. It’s made to suit every face shape and very easy to maintain As for the right attitude, we are sure that it comes with it.

Unleash your inner Emperor

4. Spiky High and Tight

Women call it smart, attractive and that it goes absolutely fab with black hair. It seems like the dark spikes with the shaved both sides, is a very appreciated look. If your hair is black and you need a confidence boost, look no further than the spiky high and tight haircut.

5. Recon High and Tight

Two words: minimalism and low maintenance. Suitable for all types of hair. You will probably ask: where is the right attitude here? Well, if it’s not there already, don’t do it. Recon is derived from reconnaissance teams. Yeah, the recon high and tight haircut doesn’t come with an attitude. It comes with a mission.

6. Sleek High and Tight

A smart combination between a soldier and a rock star. Add some sea salt hairspray, and you’ll get to look like a good boy gone bad. A strong statement that will give attitude and a mysterious look. If you want to just pop out from the crowd, this is high and tight haircut is your chance.

7. High and Tight Pompadour

If you want to leave all the military vibe behind and step into the fashion world, this is the haircut you are looking for. Keeping the sides and the back completely faded, the top is the one you really need to focus on. You will definitely work with hair products for this type of haircut. Make sure you choose the best and start playing around. The attitude comes from the uniqueness of your creativity.

8. Wavy High and Tight Cut

It’s not a nor a flat top. It is a one of a kind high and tight haircut style. It’s ok if you don’t have curly hair, you can make it wavy yourself. You must know, it’s going to be some time involved and some products, but it’s totally worth it.

9. Quiff High and Tight

It’s not a comeback. The quiff has been popular since the 1950s and still going strong. This is actually a style that survived a big test. So, if you are looking for that attitude that will only grow stronger as the time goes by, this is it, the quiff high and tight haircut.

10. High and Tight with Bangs

Some say is masculine and great while others say it’s a teenager look. You know what? Who doesn’t want to look young and macho, right? If it makes you look like 10 years younger, go for it. The bangs can be long, short, or asymmetrical. Your choice.

Trendy beard styles 2016

11. Asymmetrical High and Tight

Military vibes with a little bit of fashion on the side. Not too much, though. It’s clean, no hassle, with the top hair having various lengths. Nothing out of the ordinary but very daring. You know what that means? Yes, attitude.

12. Comb Forward High and Tight

Add some wet effect. Really. Go with the edges and add a beard. It’s a style with a twist, and it’s perfect for a statement. Go for the elegant look when it comes to clothing. Stay serious. Act cool and move slowly. This smells like a mysterious breeze. Who doesn’t go with mysterious guy?

13. High and Tight for Receding Hairline

There are ways to hide the receding hairline. This haircut is just about that. Military but trendy. Don’t go for fake hair, go for “I know I will be bald soon, but I don’t care, I am still sexy” attitude. Work around your receding hairline. Don’t be bother by it, as there are plenty of hairstyles that will make you look even better than before.

Having a receding hairline is normal, it’s

14. Side Parted Comb Over High and Tight

Do you know what is called a combo between the slickness of the ’60s and a modern edge? Attitude. With shaved both sides and, this is the important part, a deep parting. Leather jacket, vest, or a hoodie, with the side parted comb over high and tight you will definitely bring some extra attitude.

15. High and Tight with Long Messy Top

As clean and simple as it gets. Leave it messy or make it messy, the thing is that you need pretty long hair on the top. This is one that will never go out of style because, if you have the skills you can turn it into a pompadour, or you could turn it into a bun, but that is a different story. Read on.

16. High and Tight with a Bun

The man bun or the mun is a controversial hairstyle. Celebs wear it proudly so why shouldn’t you do it? Stylists say that the muns are the new beards and this hairstyle is not going away. Make your choice wisely because this is for those who want to stand out a bit more from the crowd.

17. The Prohibition High and Tight

If you want to thank someone for this comeback, make sure you send your Thank You Notes to Tom Hardy. It’s perfect for straight hair and looks great with medium and thick hair. Stylish and masculine, make sure your barber leaves the hair on top at about an inch high. We don’t even mention the attitude because it’s definitely there.

18. The Flair High and Tight

One hairstyle that is a little bit more dramatic than the pompadour. This high and tight haircut style still succeeds to give you both stylish and modern appearance, kind of the perfect mainstream hipster look. The shaved sides and the 3 inches top hair, at least, will give you the boldness to step out of your comfort zone.

19. The BedHead High and Tight

To perfectly wear this hairstyle, your barber should go for one goal: imperfection. Shave both sides and keep the top hair messy and choppy. The bedhead is not authentic, otherwise. The whole point of this hairstyle is to look like you just don’t care. But you secretly do. It must look natural, so don’t get carried away with the hair products.

20. Blonde High and Tight

It’s innovative and goes perfectly with the eyes. It should be called blonde high and tight with blue eyes. Other benefits, it never goes out of style, is very easy to maintain and it provides the right attitude. If you are a natural blonde, go for it. If you are not, you can always bleach your hair.

21. Summer Crop High and Tight with a Little Surgical Part

You need a really prepared barber for this one. The surgical part is not easy to do, and it doesn’t look good if you don’t do it properly. It is best suited for the summer. If you really like it and looks good on you why not keep it and make it an all seasons high and tight haircut?

Nice beard designs

22. Jack High and Tight

Simple, nothing out of the ordinary. It is perfect if you want to mingle and not step out of the crowd. Jack high and tight is like a John Doe. It says nothing. Where is the attitude? That’s the thing. If you choose this haircut, you were born with it.

23. Faded High and Tight

If you want to go easy on the razors, this is it. The shaved sides fade completely until it gets to the top hair. It remains high and tight but is less aggressive and more suited for a civil male. For a more polished look, you can add some hair styling product.

24. Punk High and Tight

We all have a rebellious nature. Why not get it out there with a punk high and tight? Why not use some colors? Yellow, turquoise or something metallic. With or without the leather jacket, if you will wear this haircut walking tall, that rebellious side will enjoy the fresh air.

25. High and tight on One Side

Shaved on one side and medium length on the other side. Most of the men wear a big ear piece on the shaved side just to make it pop out more. Some say it’s redundant, audacious while others see it as a strong statement. Whatever it is, it’s one courageous high and tight haircut.

26. Cliff High and Tight

You will get one brave hairstyle leaving three layers on the top and, of course, shaved sides. The cliff high and tight is very popular among men who don’t want to leave unused any of their good looks. Match it with a well-trimmed beard and maybe with a pair of fashion sunglasses.

27. High and Tight Curls

Rock those curls! Don’t shave your head just because you don’t look like Jon Snow. Make it pop out right in the front. Stick to shaving only your sides and let your curly hair rock on the top. Wear it proudly. Now that is all about confidence. Natural curls are totally worth this haircut.

28. High and Tight with Highlights

Want to look younger? Highlight. Blonde, metallic anything will make you look younger and really trendy. Make sure you go to a professional hairdresser to do that, you don’t want it to look amateur-ish. Highlights are pretty tricky and pretentious. Make sure you are really convinced when you go for this look.

29. Artistic High and Tight

An artistic touch is sometimes all you need to turn a classic high and tight into a masterpiece haircut. Don’t over do it. Choose both simple and mind blowing patterns. Keep in mind that less is more. We know. It’s a pretty hard choice, but figure something that goes with your personality.

30. The Redhead High and Tight

Red hair can be sexy on men, too. You just have to wear it with style. The perfect haircut for the redhead is clearly the High and Tight. Leave some hair on the top, make it a crown to give it some height. Don’t overuse the product. It will fade the red.

31. High and tight with Side Sweeping

The high and tight haircut never looked so elegant. Needless to say that this is one haircut will make you look magnificent. Whatever your style is, the High and tight with Side sweeping haircut is one of the 40 High and Tight Haircut ideas that will always be a smart and stylish choice.

32. The High and Tight with Majestic Waves

For this High and Tight haircut, the waves must be higher than the Wavy High and Tight Cut. You can call it Majestic Waves. It looks like an exaggerated quiff. We can assure you, it still looks stylish and impressive. Also, you need the skills to keep it awesome every day. Thankfully there are plenty of hair tutorials that can help.

33. Retro High and Tight

It’s Retro due to the beard. If you are into the beard look why not opt for one style that has passed the test of time? This haircut is simple, and the beard completes it. Don’t skip it if don’t have the beard. You’ll look fab and shows a lot of attitude.

Mens thadi style

34. High and Tight Hipster Style

Get outside the social mainstream. There is nothing wrong with being different. To complete your hipster look, you will not go wrong with this hairstyle. It’s amazing how a high and tight, military haircut has evolved to complete the hipster subculture. It’s a massive influence, and you better embrace it.

35. High and Tight with Flat Top

A neat military haircut, hardly seen in juniors. Very popular with the seniors of the military. A more daring version of this high and tight is the horse shoe flat top. Chosen, probably, by someone who lost a bet. The high and tight flat top is made a great comeback, and we assure you it screams confidence.

36. High and tight with a Moustache

With growing popularity, the ‘stache is now a must have accessory. The high and tight haircut and the mustache make an epic combination. There is nothing as confident as letting your facial hair grow and wear it content. The ironic thing is, the hair doesn’t need any attention. The ‘stache maintenance, takes time and effort.

37. High and Tight Granny Style

Silver hair is a hot, confident hairstyle. Add that to a high and tight haircut, and you’ll have a lethal combination. Young or old, granny hair is a must have nowadays. It’s bold, it’s sexy, it’s for all ages, and it has all the confidence you need. High and tight granny style rocks.

38. High and tight with Braids

The long version of the bun, the high and tight with braids version is more like the Viking style. Men usually add the beard to this hairstyle. The tattoos have their own part in this. If you want to blame someone for this trend, blame Ragnar or don’t. Unquestionably, this is one confident, bold high and tight haircut.

39. High and Tight with Voluminous Top Hair

Curly, black, blonde, highlighted. There are many ways to rock this hairstyle. The catch is that you need a lot of hair. And hair product. And time. Make the most of this style, and the confidence will come naturally. Remember, this is high maintenance hairstyle, but with advantages.

40. High and Tight Haircut with Round Top

This couldn’t miss from our list of high and tight haircut ideas. It’s sexy, bold and the attitude is there. Wear it with the blings or the shirt. It has the same effect with both. The curly round top is easy to maintain, no hassle here. It’s a timeless, beautiful high and tight haircut.

July 2019: We updated the styles in this article.

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