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Just like women’s different facial shapes are better suited to different hairstyles, the same goes for men and their facial hair. Of course, you can rock any beard you want, but here are some guidelines to help you find a style that is most flattering for your bone structure. Beard shape for oval face.

Because oval faces are the most well-balanced in terms of shape (and most artists consider them the most visually-pleasing, fyi!), you can pretty much go with any beard style of your choice – narrow, wide, tapered or square-edged. Enjoy all your styling freedom.

Growing a lengthy beard with short sides is a great way to add some extra inches to your face. Goatees are also a good choice, as round-faced men should focus their hair growth efforts on their chin as opposed to their cheeks. The latter will make your face look even wider.


“Why the long face?” That’s what people will ask if you go for a narrow beard that places emphasis on the vertical and/or your chin. To get around the bad puns, pick a beard style that starts high up your cheeks and features fuller sides, like the short boxed beard.

Beard design ideas


Guys with square faces have similar issues to their round-faced brothers. You want a beard style that adds some length, but also camouflages the sharper edges of your jaw. Go long and tapered with something like an extended goatee.

Inverted triangle / Heart face

Wide forehead, narrow chin – how do you balance that out? You could always experiment with mutton chops or a chin curtain. If you’re feeling a bit naked without anything on your upper lip, try a full beard.


With the cheekbones the widest part of your face, you want to bring a bit more width to your jaw. Avoid goatees and similar styles that will make your chin look more pointed. Long or short, it’s best if your chosen beard style has a rounded shape to smooth out the angles of your bone structure.

Good looking beards

If you’re still unsure about what beard shape to go with, speak to a professional. Hair stylists will have loads of ideas, advise on the best haircut to pair with your beard, and recommend salon-quality products to keep your chosen look in optimal condition. Find your nearest stylist here.

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Guys, it’s time to invest in the right facial hair products. Here are a few that will keep your facial fuzz soft, clean and tidy.

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