How to style a beard. Grow A Beard That ll Match Your Face Shape

Match up your facial fuzz with the shape of your noggin without freaking out in front of the mirror wondering if your 'head looks big in this.' Beard shape for long face.

Square Face

The old block head – reliable, frothing with masculinity and fairly covered on the beard front. You’re basically perfectly aligned like a freakish symmetrical android from the future. Go for whatever the hell you want.

You can do what you want so you might as well just test something weird out like this fella.


You have the head shape of an evil pantomime villain, but don’t worry, it’s all gravy baby, we can mask this with some strategically placed fuzz. Go Gosling, rugged but also avoid growing too much on the cheeks. It’ll pull your face in and make you look like some kind of conniving weasel. Defintely avoid mutton chops if you want to avoid ‘meth’ chic.

Beard fashion style

Diamond Face

Pretty much like the aforementioned square face only with a better chance of being snapped up and thrown onto a runway with your giant super sharp cheekbones, you’re in pretty good shape to have some fun with your facial follicles. Go for something big and bush or take your chance to experiment with a Jonny Depp simply because most people with other faces look like idiots with them.


The manly face of a gentleman that is half lumberjack, half steely gazed robot sent back from the future to tussle with mankind. Opt for a full beard and make the most of the current period of peak beard before it dwindles in a gust of bum-fluff.

Celeb Face: Jake Gyllenhaal

Men's mustache and beard styles


Styles like the “Mutton Chops”, will work to balance out the length of your face into an attractive and attracting attraction by stopping people from constantly shouting: “Oi! Mate, why the long face?”

The circular face of a man that people probably quite regularly describe as cuddly or pleasant. You want to break up your big football face by focusing your facial frontier on your chin. Stretch that bad boy out with a goatee – think, stubbly rather than pruned Ali G style. Some people will tell you that a ‘soul patch’ or a ‘chin strap’ could also work. These people are idiots.
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