Beard styles for men with square face. Goatee Styles for Bald Men, Rugged Rebels Goatees

Looking for the best goatee styles for bald men? Check these out.

Have you been wondering which goatee styles for bald men look best? I hear you. I’m a totally bald guy, and lately I’ve been wondering the same thing. Not long ago I grew out a full beard, but wasn’t sold on the look and thought I might do better with a goatee. Goatee styles 2016.

I recently saw a bald actor on TV sporting a very hip goatee. It looked so good on him I decided to research the various goatee styles to see which ones look best for my kind of face and bald look. I narrowed it down to the following styles, and wanted to share them with any bald guys searching for a new look. Read on to see what I discovered.

Some top goatee styles for the bald man

The Classic Goatee

The Rock: Photo Credit –

This is the original goatee. As you can see, all the hair is focused on the chin, just like a real goat. (You did know that’s where the term “goatee” comes from, right?) This is an especially good choice if you have trouble growing a thick mustache or facial hair beyond your chin. And because it’s a clean look it goes well with a neat bald head.

Current beard styles

The Full Goatee

Mike Ehrmantraut – Breaking Bad Photo Credit: Breaking Bad Wikia

This is a great goatee for the bald guy who wants to add a little hip badass to his life. And nothing says ‘badass’ like Mike Ehrmantraut from Breaking Bad (played by Jonathan Banks ) who sports a world-class full goatee. Clearly, it’s a cool look that works well for all ages of bald guys going for a trendy vibe.

The Van Dyke Goatee

Hugh Jackman: Photo Credit – Good Housekeeping

Hair and beard styles for oval face

The Van Dyke, named after a 17

century Belgian painter who popularized the look, is a classic goatee style. Although his beard had nothing on the majestic Van Dyke sported here by Hugh Jackman. As you can see, this is a dramatic goatee that would look great on any bald guy.

There’s no doubt these goatee styles for bald men can add a big shot of cool to any bald guy’s look. Are there others that might work, too, you ask? Of course. if these don’t chime your gong, be sure to check out some of the other goatee styles you think might work for your own hip, bald look.

Beard options

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