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The exact definition of goatee styles has changed over the years, but at its heart, this is a style that utilizes facial hair on the chin and mustache areas of the face. Up until the 20th century, a goatee was simply hair that was on the chin exclusively like the hair on the chin of a goat (hence the name). Goatee styles 2016.

The Top Goatee Styles

Entering the 1990’s, the term became used to refer to any facial hair on the chin, but not the cheeks. People continue to debate whether this alteration is a goatee, or a Van Dyke. We’re not here to argue that, though, we’re here to show off some of the latest versions of this style as presented by our selection of hair and goatee icons. You will need a top stubble trimmer to maintain these stylish goatees.

In this example we see actor Brad Pitt sporting a rather cool goatee beard that is neatly trimmed and just the right length. The flecks of grey look subtle rather than overtly obvious. A very stylish and manly look.

Channing Tatum Chinstrap

Channing Tatum, A.K.A “Magic Mike” can sport just about any hair style look he wants. Here we have a light look goatee with a clean cut.

Channing looks very handsome and dashing in this picture. The goatee is neatly trimmed and matches the shape of his face and hair perfectly, a very cool goatee from Mr Tatum.

The Chin Stripe

Keeping it clean and simple except for the chin stripe down the middle is a sweet look with little to no effort. Less facial hair is better here on this kind of face.

This is a simple look but I am not sure it 100% works, perhaps as in the picture the guy just looks a little vacant, some might say his goatee looks more like a graze after slipping over, some might say that!

Different kinds of beard styles

The Full Goatee

This dude has gone the whole mile, sporting a thick and bushy but well groomed goatee with style and aplomb.

Growing your goatee nice and thick is always an option that gives you a full look without the need to maintain a beard. A solid goatee trimmer is perfect for maintaining this look.

Hugh Jackman’s Stubble Goatee

A rugged man like Hugh Jackman can sport a stubble goatee like this without too much effort. This guy is practically oozing testosterone. The grey flecks in the beard simply add to the allure of this goatee which probably only took a few days to grow.

Nick Cannon’s Stubble Goatee

This goatee is subtle and light, overall a decent look that suits the shape of his face.

Nick Cannon make not be making headlines anymore, but he’s still keeping his facial hair fresh. Here we have him rocking a light but apparent goatee.

Pierce Brosnan’s Classy Goatee

Ahh Mr Bond, you look like you have been undercover far too long, anything Pierce can do well and that includes growing a goatee.

Beard styles for men with long face

Anyone who knows Pierce knows him as James Bond first and foremost. With that kind of pedigree, the man can sport whatever goatee style he likes. Even with some greying Pierce Brosnan works the goatee style really well.

Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man Goatee

You have to imagine that Robert Downey Jr calls his facial hair “Iron Man” with the ladies. I imagine that works really well.

It could be me but I think RDJ’s face looks just a little too round in this picture to pull off the goatee look entirely well. However it is a neat and artful design.

That Dude From Twilight’s Goatee

When you double up as a werewolf you can sport whatever goatee you choose, nobody will try and stop you.

I know this guy has a name, but let’s be honest, he’s the guy from the Twilight movies. Here he has a nice goatee that is confined to the chin area in the traditional sense of this style.

Ryan Gosling’s Goatee/Mustache Combo

Ryan Gosling can go from smooth ladies man to certified badass at the flip of a coin. He’s rocking a connected goatee here with a mustache to fill out the look.

Modern beard styles

Ryan Gosling is rocking a connected and stylish goatee here with a mustache to fill out the look.

There are some pretty famous people on this list of goatee styles. If these guys can pull off the goatee then you can for sure and there are some pretty swish styles to choose from on this page. Just remember that you will need a decent goatee and stubble trimmer to take care of all those cute whiskers.

All of these trimmers will provide your goatee with the love and affection it surely deserves. It comes down to choice and price.

Some trimmers may offer a better edge around your goatee but low charge or less accessories, however these are the electric shavers and goatee trimmers that we recommend to take care of your new goatee every time and leave you looking handsome, confident and desirable.
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