Styles of beards and how to trim them. Goatee Styles: 11 Celebrities from Brad Pitt to G-Eazy Who Rock Chin Hair

When it comes to celebrity facial hair, one style seems to be the common go-to, or should we say goatee. That’s right, goatee styles are popular from actors like George Clooney and Brad Pitt to rappers like Post Malone and G-Eazy. It seems like every man in Hollywood is down with a little extra chin hair. Goatee styles 2016.

In the hot summer weather, goatee styles offer a cooler alternative to the traditional burly beard. Whether it comes in the form of a small patch or pointed position, goatees also add a unique flare to your facial hair.

Here at Zeus Beard, we picked out the top 11 celebrity goatee styles. Keep reading to find out how to recreate your favorite looks.

1 George Clooney

Among the ladies, George Clooney is the most adored and recognized silver fox. When it comes to his facial hair, Clooney chooses a traditional clean goatee and mustache combination. This keeps his beard appearing professional and put together without overwhelming his face.

So, what’s the key to his look? Allow your hair to keep its natural color and texture. After all, gray hair just shows the wear and tear of your life experiences and gained knowledge. Instead, focus on trimming and grooming to keep edges looking sharp and youthful.

2 Stone Cold Steve Austin

He may be retired from professional wrestling, but Stone Cold Steve Austin hasn’t retired his iconic beard. While he may lack hair on the top of his head, he definitely isn’t lacking any in his facial hair. However, with this guy’s moves in the ring, we wouldn’t recommend dissing his bald head or his pointed goatee style.

So, what’s the key to his look? When it comes to goatee styles, Stone Cold Steve Austin’s works because it elongates his jawline and balances out his wider forehead. This balances the symmetry of his face and gives it more dimension. Remember to consider your face shape when deciding on a beard, mustache or goatee style.

3 Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is another actor known for getting better with age. Keeping a barely there light-colored beard, offsets his bright blue eyes and keeps his face looking fresh. So, it’s no doubt why he scores timeless beauties like Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie.

So, what’s the key to his look? Choosing to maintain a square shape and avoiding hair on the sides of his jawline, emphasizes the square shape of Pitt’s chin while making it appear slightly smaller. Like Stone Cold Steve Austin, this makes his face appear more symmetrical. In addition, Pitt’s goatee works because of its color variance. For instance, the tuft of darker hair under his smile makes his lips look fuller.

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4 Post Malone

Rapper Post Malone’s beard isn’t about delivering a chiseled supermodel look. On the other hand, his beard mirrors the rest of his wild style. In addition, trimming the hair into a line under his lip creates an arrow effect pointing up to his smile.

So, what’s the key to his look? Post Malone’s goatee style works because it creates angles. When you have a round face shape, adding hair to your jaw and cheek area slims the face. To perfect your line work, using a trimming stencil offers an effective tool.

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5 Chris Pratt

When he’s not guarding the galaxy or an island of dinosaurs in his movies, Chris Pratt is obviously paying close attention to his beard care. The lines are steady and fit the proportions of his face perfectly. Stopping just under his cheeks, Pratt’s beard draws the eye upward and emphasizes his high cheekbones.

So, what’s the key to his look? Unlike Post Malone’s beard, Pratt doesn’t need hair on the sides of his face for a slimming effect. Instead, he marks the sides with a narrower style to emphasize the existing sharp angles of his face. Continuing his beard slightly under his jawline creates a natural shadow making his jawline ideally defined and better separates his face from his neck.

6 Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has taken on several looks during his roles as an infamous pirate, a tragically romantic soul with scissors for hands and a chocolate factory creator. However, in his personal life, one thing remains: his soul patch.

So, what’s the key to his look? A soul patch may not be a style everyone feels they can pull off. When it comes to goatee styles like Depp’s, your goal should be to create a solid shape under your lip. Carefully etching out a square, allows Depp’s style to look purposeful instead of patchy.

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7 Murder Nova

Driver Shawn Ellington, aka Murder Nova, is a beast when it comes to street racing, which is why his beastly beard makes sense. Ditching the mustache, Murder Nova puts all his focus on his epic goatee. We can’t help but wonder if the pointed style makes him more aerodynamic in his races.

So, what’s the key to his look? Murder Nova has an ideally sculpted beard. The key to forming a shape with your beard that stays in place is finding an effective waxy material. Zeus Beard Balm uses beeswax and candelilla wax to tame your mane, while sunflower and jojoba oils keep it moisturized.

8 David Spade

There’s nothing funny-looking about comedian David Spade’s beard. His mustache runs parallel to his goatee, drawing the right amount of attention to the center of his face. Admittedly, with his hilariously sarcastic jokes, it’s hard not to already look in his direction.

So, what’s the key to his look? Spade’s goatee works because he limits the areas with hair. Keeping the other parts of his face clean-shaven, highlights the evenness of both his mustache and chin hair. In addition, this style creates a more defined chin and works as another alternative to reduce roundness.

9 Robert Downey Jr.

We can’t forget good ol’ superhero goatee styles. Robert Downey Jr. gained 20 lbs. of muscle and a uniquely designed beard for his role as Iron Man. To further sell the role, the way his hair indents on the sides of his chin creates an angled effect that mimics a comic book character’s facial shape.

So, what’s the key to his look? If you’re searching for a fun summer style, trying a unique shape like Downey Jr.’s hourglass beard formation will draw more attention to your face. His look especially works because it incorporates a fitting mustache style that connects all aspects and completes the intended look.

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10 G-Eazy

In the wake of his breakup with singer Halsey, G-Eazy tried out a new bearded look. By looking at his Instagram, it seems he may have already moved on, at least when it comes to his new goatee styles. He’s once again sporting a clean-shaven face but we’re all in favor of him bringing his beard back in the near future.

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So, what’s the key to his look? G-Eazy’s goatee style offers a modern look where the facial hair is mostly concentrated to the chin but also slightly fades into his hairline. Along with his relaxed hair, the faded look offers a more rugged overall look without coming off messy. To recreate a similar pushed back hairstyle, Zeus Original Pomade couples jojoba wax and castor oil. In addition, the product contains keratin protein, which aids healthy hair growth.

11 Rick Harrison

All of the men on Pawn Stars sport enviable beards or goatee styles. However, our favorite goes to dad and boss Rick Harrison. Without his classic goatee look, we just don’t think we could take him as seriously when he lays down the law with his deals.

So, what’s the key to his look? Harrrison’s goatee says, “I’m a rich Vegas business man and you will take me seriously.” His beard especially works because he maintains a slight wave in his facial hair. Beard oil works wonders to maintain movement and make beard tresses especially soft.

While those may be our favorite celebrity goatees, we can’t help but admit the truly best-looking goatees aren’t in Hollywood. Turns out you’ll have to head to a farm to see the cutest goatees…
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