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Trimming your beard is essential for men of all facial hair lengths if you want to avoid looking scraggly and unkempt. Your beard is a dynamic part of your appearance — from sleek and professional styles to full-on lumberjack and everything in between. New beard cut.

Men have been growing beards forever, but over the last decade, a beard’s function has matured. Beards have become a man’s accessory instead of just hair that happened to grow on your face.

Knowing how to trim and groom your beard properly can literally change your life — I know that’s a tad dramatic, but it’s true.

Your appearance has a major impact on the way you feel and how you present yourself to the world. For example, no matter what your personal style is, you always feel more confident in a new outfit or after a new haircut.

Your beard is a major part of your appearance. Growing in a beard has a dramatic effect on your overall look and demeanor.

Since 2006, I’ve helped hundreds of men find the beard that works for them. I’ve had the opportunity to train and work with some of the best stylists in the world. In this article, I’m going to share some insights into proper beard trimming so you can start putting your best face forward too.

Sit back, get comfortable, and let’s begin your education.

Trimming Your Beard: The Basics

For starters, it’s important to understand that beard trimming really is something that you need to do for all lengths. A good trim isn’t just for us long-bearded gents.

Trimming your beard keeps the split and damaged ends snipped away so that your beard looks groomed and not scruffy. You can think of this the same way that you think of the hair on your head. When your hair is full of split ends, it looks rough and wild and is harder to brush through.

Latest short beard styles

You can use beard oils and balms in between trims to help control the damage, but you will need to have a regular trim.

Trimming in the Growth Phase

In days long past, growing a beard simply meant tossing away your razor and taking it easy. Now, times are more complicated for men. Beardsmen have to put more effort and care into maintaining their hair.

Modern beardsmen can equip themselves with the tools and knowledge needed to transform from wild ape-like growth into properly-groomed men worthy of attention.

As you’re heading down this journey, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Planning. Start by planning what you want your style to be. Make sure that you choose a style that compliments your facial features, personal style, and hair type.

Growing. Obviously, you can’t groom a beard if you don’t have one. You will need to begin a grooming regime within a few weeks of your last clean shave. If you have wild growth that goes up your cheek, you may need to shape up your chin line. You can use beard oils to reduce the itchiness during this phase as well.

The Stubble Phase. This phase is the most grueling to endure. You will look your most unkempt during this phase, and it will be tempting to grab the trimmers and try to clean it up. I urge you to maintain your resolve. Short beards are easy to mess up and you’ll set yourself back a month or more with a simple mistake. Follow my short style tips below to stay on track.

Trimming for Short Styles

Shorter beards are a versatile option for men that don’t want the upkeep of longer styles or when you work in a profession that prefers closer, neater, facial hair.

Mustache goatee styles

Even though shorter styles are easier to maintain, they still require upkeep. It’s more than just a trim and done. You will want to take advantage of oils or balms to keep your hair conditioned, soft, and smelling good.

Short styles also aren’t as good at hiding slip-ups from a poor trim job. Your chin and cheek lines will stand out even more if the symmetry is off or if you slip with the trimmers and cut a chunk out. If you are worried about getting this right, head to your local beard barber and get them to trim it up for you. Once you have a symmetrical neckline and naturally-shaped cheek line, it’s much easier for you to maintain between barbershop visits.

If you are on your growth journey, keep reading to learn what to do as you transition out of short styles and into longer, fuller, manes.

Trimming for Long Styles

A long beard requires more skill, thought, and consideration to trim correctly. The techniques needed to get it right are more complicated and the stakes are even higher.

You’ve probably spent at least 6 months — or longer — getting to this point. You’re probably very attached to your beard. One simple slip of the wrist or mental jumble confusing right and left as you stare in the mirror can set you back months.

Trimming for your ideal style will vary, but I will share some general tips.

Wash, and dry your beard before your trim — do not trim it wet.

Use beard oil like you normally would and wait an hour or longer to let it soak in.

Different men's facial hair styles

Avoid the temptation to fluff or pull your hair taught before trimming.

For a well-groomed beard, there are a few pointers that will hold true for any style. You want to shape your beard so that it follows your jaw shape while staying heavier in the front. This typically means that your hair will be longer in your chin area at the front and bottom and will shorten up as it reaches your sideburns.

You’ll want to pay close attention to your horizontal and vertical lines as well as your chin and cheek lines. If you want your style to look more natural, then you’ll want to avoid rigidly straight lines and instead follow the subtle curvature of your face.

Professional vs DIY Beard Trimming

To get the best result, I highly recommend visiting your barber. They will be able to shape your beard to your satisfaction and advise you on the right products to maintain your style in between visits.

To get ready for your trip to the barber, check out my other article that will give you the basic rundown on questions to ask: 5 Questions to Ask Your Beard Barber

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