Men's beard styles names. 10 Beard Styles for Oval Face

If you are a beard lover and have an oval face then you need to thank your stars for that chiseled face cut of yours. You truly are the chosen one. An oval face is good enough to carry almost any shape or size of the facial hair. And this being the age when beards have returned to rule men’s faces again, now’s as good a time as any for the beard aficionados. People with oval shapes can experiment with as many styles of beard as they want and then see what suits them most. The only thing to remember is, an unkempt and ungroomed beard has still got no takers. Beard styles for men with oval face.

Here is a compiled list of ten of the best styles of beard which adorn the oval shapes of men’s faces, further upping your style quotient.

It is the latest hot property in the bearding world. Bandholz is named after Eric Bandholz; a blogger-health enthusiast turned entrepreneur. This style is all about allowing your hair to grow freely for about 6 months. The initial 3-month phase can be a tangled mess. It may look wild and unkempt but soldier along and do not cut it. You can trim and shape the beard as per your liking but only when the hair have reached their growth limit.

This beard is named so because it gives quite a sharp look when sported with fades on the sides. The style comprises of trimmed or faded sideburns combined with a full beard on the sides and front. The sides are not trimmed, so as to create a contrast with the faded sideburns and the focus is kept more on the beard. Hair at the chin is maintained to give a wide curved shape. The mustache is grown big and then made to curve a turn up a bit at the edges.

The most effective method to develop this style is an extremely straightforward shorter facial hairstyle that can overwhelm minds when done right. First of all, your hair should be short and trim into characterized lines. Sideburns should be almost imperceptible until the point that they blur into the facial hair at mid-cheek. Give your mustache a chance to mix into your facial hair, and remember to keep the meeting point at constant length. Trim the beard near the chin so as to form a rounded shape.

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This beard arrived at its name due to the faded sided being required for it to be sported. You can get this one by giving your sideburns a chance to blur into the fundamental facial hair, which must have a square trim when taken a gander at from the front. Give the facial hair a chance to become down right under the chin to around 3 inches, at that point trim it in a straight horizontal line near the edge. To include some completing touches, you can combine this with a handlebar-like mustache for included pizzazz.

It is one of the most popular beard styles of today. This look is a slightly shorter form of the Bandholz style. It is for those people who find keeping a long beard groomed and kempt difficult. Garibaldi has no particular shape from the front. The beard is generally allowed to take the face of the shape and then it is trimmed from below, giving it a rounded shape. Only the mustache requires timely trims in this style.

This style is pretty self-explanatory. The beard is trimmed regularly, keeping it short in the near-abouts of the jawline. The mustache is maintained short and in the shape of an inverted U. The beard takes the shape of the chin and is not allowed an extended growth.

This is quite a celebrated style of today. The striking and thick radiates an extremely dashing appearance if done correctly. Let your sideburns a chance to mix into the facial hair with about a similar length all through. Point the best edge down askew over your cheek, bending upwards at your lower lip to meet a trimmed soul fix. Beneath the chin area, let it become down an inch and decrease it to an adjusted end. Trim the mustache, and let a thin line of hair meet whatever remains of the whiskers, going down at the edges of your mouth.

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This has been followed by the Dutch people since earlier times. As the Dutch were not allowed to keep mustaches they sported this look. The style comprises of a big beard similar to the Garibaldi but minus the mustache. This style is also named as the Lumberjack look. There are thick sideburns which have wild hair growth and the beard is allowed to grow from all areas.

This style is intended towards those men who have a strong desire to keep a beard but cannot grow a proper one. It is a combination of a handlebar mustache, curled from sides along with a short beard with visible patches and is slightly unkempt. The beard is a bit thick in the chin area. The hair on the head is to be kept long for a contrasting look.

A stubble is a very short crop of hair which is trimmed very close to the skin without giving it any particular shape. The sideburns should be thin and meet the beard gradually. The stubble brings out the masculine features. This is the reason why it is highly sought after by some women. A stubble can be sported by a person of any face cut but looks particularly good on an oval-shaped man having symmetrical features.

Nowadays a mid-length stubble is also quite popular.

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