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Everyone recognizes Chris Evans from his iconic role as Captain America of the Marvel Comics films, as well as his role as the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four and its sequel. The beard look.

But what some readers may not know which is actually probably outnumbered by the readers who do know is that Chris Evans’ beard is nearly as recognizable as his face.

The Legend of Chris Evans’ Beard

To say that Chris Evans’ beard has a following is almost an understatement. There are endless gifs that showcase Evans laughing, while bearded, the entire purpose of which seems to be to provide ogling fans the opportunity to see Chris Evans and his beard in action.

Google “Chris Evans beard” and you’ll come up with 11,500,000 results.

His beard even has its own Twitter account, Chris Evans’ Beard @EvansBeard (no actual relation to the actor or his beard), and BuzzFeed included him on their list of 17 bearded celebrity men.

When Evans had to shave to begin filming Captain America: Civil War, it’s hard to say whether or not he could have predicted that his farewell tweet to his beard would nearly break the internet.

The Many Bearded Looks of Chris Evans

So, what is it about Chris Evans’ beard that gets fans, men and women alike, so hyped? The first answer that comes to mind is that Evans has become in the public view something of a trendsetter in men’s fashion.

Goatee beard

His All-American good looks and his role as Captain America certainly has something to do with that; but off-screen, his beard has also contributed to his rise in fashion stardom.

As the bearded-faced of Gucci Guilty, Evans (whether he wanted to or not) has become a style icon.

His style ranges from the sleek look that combines a tailored suit with a classy full-trimmed beard, to his intellectual glasses and beard look, to his most accessible look as a lumbersexual in flannel, jeans, and of course, a beard.

Evans and his beard are at the forefront of a new generation of celebrity men who effortlessly embody the elegant and the rugged, the casual-guy- next-door type with the elite-powerhouse- superhero type.

Another reason his beard has garnered such a mass following may have to do with the versatility of beard styles that he sports.

While the “trimmed short beard” seems to be his preferred beard style, he has even been known to experiment with the “neat mustache and short chin-beard” look.

Stylish beard

Other short beard styles have included everything from the “simple yet short” and “little effort” to the “classic shorter length.”

With such a variety in his beard repertoire, Evans is a living testimony to the fact that all beards are not the same.

How to be Captain of Your Own Beard

So, how to pull off Chris Evans’ beard look and grow your own following of an entire nation of people who will be thrown into despair should you ever threaten to shave off the beard?

Well, first off, it helps to know how to grow and care for the beard.

Despite Evans’ claim that shaving his head and letting his beard go “requires the least amount of anything,” fans of his beard will notice that Evans does not simply let his beard grow wild.

The longest he ever seems to grow it out to is a full beard, and his beard never makes an appearance without its favorite sidekick, the mustache.

Different beard styles and how to trim them

According to at least one fan source, Evans grew out his beard for a full five months, which explains how his beard was able to attain such an even, consistent thickness.

Of course, in that time, Evans didn’t let the growth of his beard go completely unchecked a quick glance through the album of his bearded looks available online will show that he knows how to trim and shape his beard to best suit his face shape, and he clearly knows how to care for his beard so he doesn’t get beard dandruff.

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