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Just like you go for matching outfits to look stylish, matching up your beard with your hairstyle has become a style statement. That too for a good reason! Beard styles haircut.

If you place importance on how you look while stepping out of the home, you are naturally going to make a style statement. Anyone serious about their facial hair must also be conscious of having a perfect hairstyle with a dashing beard perfectly paired up as their matching outfits.

Finding the perfect hairstyle to your Beard Style.

Beards play an important role in maintaining the balance with amazing haircuts. They not only add dimension to men’s hairstyle but also provide an outlook of self-expression as well as creativity.

When most men hear the word ‘hairstyle’, they usually think of the hair of the head. They don’t consider the hair on their faces. Thus, by not paying attention to how your facial hair looks with your hair cut, you’re really missing out a great opportunity to take your beard style to the next level.

Top men's beard styles

There are several things to keep in mind while pairing up haircut with the beard, like hair type, beard growth ability, comparative beard & hair length, and many other factors that can make or break a haircut-beard pairing.

Don’t worry! Whether you grow fine mustaches or bushy beard, you’ll always find a rocking haircut for your beard.

Which Beard style is best for your hairstyle?

Long or short hair? Beard or mustache? Full beard or half? There are a lot of options here. So it’s worth thinking about which hair and beard styles are going to bring out the best features of you, and which are going to hide those areas you don’t like. For example:

Different beards

• Balance the shape of your face

A full beard can help bulk out a narrow chin, while a textured fringe can disguise a high forehead. Try not to overdo it. You can use long hair or a stiletto beard to add length to a round face, but probably not both.

• Keep Things in Proportion

While refined features may call for refined facial hair, larger features can be counter-balanced or even paired up by more dominant hair and beard styles. For example, a large nose works prominently with a thick beard and tousled hair. This may add to your charm.

• Just Show Off

If you had the square jaw like an old-school adventure hero, you can pair it out with a style that only you can pull off, like the chin strap or soul patch.

• Become the Center of Attraction

At the same time, a more elaborate structured style like that of Van Dyke can help pull round faces into focus.

Long hair beard style

These tips aren’t hard-and-fast rules. Yes, these can help to take the shape of your face when deciding about which beard and hairstyles to go for.

After all, it’s not just about clothing that needs a combination!
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