Short length beard styles. 5 Long Beard Styles that are Actually Cool

Some men love them, while other men hate them. Whatever side you’re on, there’s no denying that long beards are a style of their own. Men who wear them are on a whole different level of cool. Because many have tried, and so many have also failed. For those of you who are planning on an epic beard growing journey, here are five of the coolest long beard styles that will inspire you even more. Different long beard styles.

Long Beard Styles Inspiration # 1

They can say all the mean things they want to say about long beards and how they’ll soon go out of style. People have been saying that for years, but still the beards still continue to be worn, and they continue to evolve to different styles with different twists.

A beard like this is off the charts when it comes to coolness and style, but to achieve this beard length requires patience and commitment. Tons of it. This beard alone can take about a year to grow, so if you still have the beard even after a year, you are the real deal.

This a full beard with just the right shape and just the right texture. It complements the hipster hair quite nicely and gives the face a good balance. It’s cool in our books because it gives the wearer plenty of character, even without the curious tattoo or the spunky coat.

Long Beard Styles Inspiration # 2

Even without the full body tattoo on this guy, we still think this is a cool long beard style. It’s full and thick and long, but it doesn’t overwhelm the face. There’s plenty of style and elegance from the beard itself and from the slick pompadour on his head. This guy is all about style from head to toe.

What makes this beard so cool is the nice and perfectly trimmed shape that extends even to the mustache. It may be thick and long, but it definitely looks soft and smooth to touch. Definitely a beard that the lady love won’t mind cuddling, or stroking, or rubbing her cheeks against until she falls asleep.

Beard shaving patterns

Good beards don’t just happen. You have to make them happen. To get the best kind of smoothness and softness, invest in some really good beard shampoo and conditioner. Throw in some beard oil and beard balm for some really good beard TLC.

Long Beard Styles Inspiration # 3

When it’s cold outside, long beard styles can be your very best friend. Even on particularly hot days, your beard can give you an extra layer of protection from the scorching heat of the sun. Not to mention they can also give you an added boost to your sex appeal.

This beard may not be as long as the previous ones, but it makes up for the shortness in length with the thickness of the beard. It’s also a nicely shaped beard that frames the face in the most flattering way. It’s very bushy and thick, which even adds to its appeal.

However, even if you dig the bushy and scraggly beard, there’s still upkeep involved. Like trimming, shaping, washing, and conditioning. Just like the hair on your head, bushy beards like this also need to be combed and brushed to get rid of dirt and dead skin cells. Remember, a beard can look messy or scraggly, but it should never be greasy, filthy, or stinky.

Long Beard Styles Inspiration # 4

Raise your hands if you think this long beard is a cool and kickass beard. Yes, we think so, too. The shaved head provides a stark contrast to the long, full, and bushy beard. There may be no trace of hair on the head, but we think they found a new home on the cheeks and along the jawlines.

Beard styles for different face types

How does one even begin to grow such a kickass and badass beard? Of course, you start with a stubble like any normal guy. You also have to have a lot of patience, because the actual beard growing itself can take up to a year. Even longer.

When you reach the point where you have a decent length and thickness going, you can start giving your beard some shape. You can get this kind of scraggly and bushy beard with matching mustache, or you can also keep it nicely trimmed close to the skin. To get the fanned out look of the beard, you can use a comb and apply some beard balm so that the style will be held in place.

Long Beard Styles Inspiration # 5

This is another example of a long beard style that’s bushy and scraggly, but oh so sexy. It may not be the beard that gets the woman to kiss you, but it’s certainly the beard that can get any woman to notice you. And in our books, that’s almost as good.

You can call this a hipster beard, because of the hipster hair and the hipster mustache. However, even if you hate all things hipster, we don’t see anything wrong with wearing this kind of long beard. So go ahead and grow that beard.

Just looking at the sheer length and thickness of this beard can intimidate you and scare you off for good. But remember that beards don’t start out this way. They grow out inch by slow inch every month, and you will have to devote up to a year to even get a good beard length going.

Beard design for boys

So relax. Nobody has beard growing super powers. All these guys had to go through all those painstaking and itchy days before they could finally wear a beard this beautiful and impressive.

The most important thing that you must have in the entire beard growing process is patience. Patience to stick it out even if shaving it all off will be the best thing ever. Patience to wash, shampoo, condition, trim, shave, and shape the growing beard. Patience to not scratch the itch and do damage to your skin. And patience to wait and see the fruit of your labor. It’s a long, scratchy, and itchy road ahead, but all will be worth it in the end.
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