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Facial hair are something that are a symbol of manliness. In past, beards have been kept by the kings, soldiers, Spartans and other successors. Beard is something that looks sexy and also sets an impression of stiffness. Stylish shave style.

There are a lot of sizes and shapes of beard. There are hundreds of different beard styles that you can adopt. This post is going to share some of the popular ones that you can try this year for a hot look. Also have a look at beautiful and inspiring examples of beard styles at the end.

The Victorian Beard:

This style was first adopted from the Crimean soldiers in 1956 when they came home after war with fully grown beard. After that people started to adopt this beard as a symbol of bravery and honor. After that the trend of keeping a fully grown beard spread like fire.

Even today, the Victorian beard is equally respected and looks amazing.

Latest hairstyle and beard style

The Tight Beard:

As you can guess by its name, a tight beard keeps all the facial hair tidy and in the bounds of face shape. Let the trimmer loose on your face with a setting of 3 millimeter thickness.

Tony Stark:

This beard style was made popular by tony stark who is the marvel character of iron man. This style is usually good for the old people within the age of forties. If you want to get this perfect beard style, you jaw line should be accentuated and your chin should be strong just like Robert Downey Jr who is the official creator of this style.

The Spartan:

This is actually a variation of Victorian full beard. Instead of wild hair, the cheeks are trimmed a little where as the jaw and chin are left grown just like Spartans.

Popular beard styles

The Biker:

To get the look of a bad ass biker, have perfect walrus mustache and connect it down to a thick goatee. The only thing you are going to need more is the bike.

Van Dyke:

This is a very strange type of goatee in which the mustache do not connect with the chin hair. There are a lot of different styles for Van Dyke. You can spin your mustache outwards or even shape your goatee.

There are some of the beard styles that you can try this year for a masculine look. Following are some of the examples of other beard styles that you can adopt.

Different mens beard style
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