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If you have a beard or are trying to grow one chances are you've heard of beard oil. It seems to be everywhere these days. However as popular as it's become a lot of beardsmen, aspiring and accomplished, actually don't know how to use it. If you fall into this category don't feel bad about it; you've come to the right place. The truth of the matter is there are a ton of companies selling it and yet very few take the time to explain how to apply it properly. So here's how you do it: Beard cut 2016.

1. The best time to apply beard oil is after a hot shower. Of course you can use it any time, but after a hot shower your pores are more open and ready to absorb nutrients and minerals. (Note: Make sure you towel dry your beard before using. If your beard is too wet it will act as a repellent because water and oil don't mix.)

2. Drop a dime sized amount of beard oil into your palm and rub your hands together focusing on the finger tips - not too much, but just enough to spread the oil around. The amount used varies depending on beard size and personal preference. Start with less because you can always add more, and a little goes a long way.

3. After the oil is dispersed a bit, use your finger tips and massage the skin beneath your beard. A common mistake is neglecting the skin and just focusing on the beard itself. The skin is where the majority of nutrients are absorbed and is the foundation you build on. Look at it this way: If your beard were a plant, your skin would be the soil.

4. Now rub the remaining oil into the beard directly - starting at the base and moving outward to the end of your beard. Make sure you spread it evenly throughout. Spend a little more time on the trouble areas if any exist.

5. Once your beard has been thoroughly oiled you are done and can rinse your hands. You're good to go!

This whole process is super quick and doesn't need to take more than 60 seconds. These are five fast and easy steps to ensure you're getting everything possible from your beard oil. Good luck, gentlemen; for greatness awaits you.

A wise man once said, "life is better with a beard." He was right. Beards aren't a fad either, and if history has taught us anything it's that they're here to stay. Ancient Egyptians, the 300 Spartans, Abe Lincoln, and Mr. T all had one thing in common - Beards!

So if beards are the key to a happy life, then knowing how to grown one is crucial! Now that we agree on that, here are 5 tips to growing an amazing beard:

1. Patience. Too often people throw in the towel prematurely; before they've given themselves a chance be successful. It's a process, and you need to treat it as such. Unless your related to Sasquatch you won't be able to grow a beard overnight. Let it happen, and remember you can't rush greatness.

2. Upkeep. There is no question that taking proper care of your beard will help it grow. The problem is there are so many beard care products on the market that are harmful. Many companies use ingredients and chemicals that are way too harsh and will actually prevent healthy growth. The longer the ingredient list, the more careful you need too be.

3. Shape. There are so many different styles when it comes to growing a beard, and although you can always change your mind or start over it's good to pick which direction you're going in right off the bat. Many people cut the beard too close to the jaw line and then realize it was a mistake. In general, the beard line should be slightly above the Adam's apple.

4. Trim. Regardless of what kind of beard you have, cutting the split and dead end hairs is necessary. Although you may initially "lose" a little bit of beard length, it promotes healthy growth and you will absolutely see the results.

5. Diet. Believe it or not the types of foods you eat drastically affect beard growth. You've heard the expression "you get out of something what you put into it." Beards are very much like that. Some of the best foods for beard growth are salmon, green vegetables, berries, avocado, and almonds just to name a few. Eat well, grow well - it's science actually.

There you have it. 5 tips to growing an amazing beard. Implement each of these and may your beard never be the same. Good luck, gentlemen.

Should you be using beard oil or beard conditioner? A very common question among the bearded. The truth is you should probably be using both. Let me explain.

Beard oil and conditioner are pretty similar, but too often they're confused to be one in the same and they aren't. Think of Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro - similar but not the same.

Latest hair and beard styles 2016

Beard oil moisturizes and hydrates. If your beard is dry and dull, a good beard oil could be just the pick me up it needs. Beard Conditioner on the other hand more so softens and repairs damaged hairs as well as eliminates a lot of the skin conditions that come along with having a beard - beardruff, itchiness, redness, etc.

I like to look at beard oil as the quick fixer when you've got a hot date and you're running a few minutes behind. If your beard is looking extra luxurious when you pick her up she won't care that you're 10 minutes late. Beard conditioner is more long term. It's like eating healthy - kind of a pain in the ass but the more consistent you are with it the more success you'll have. It's actually a lot easier than eating healthy because you don't have to force feed yourself broccoli and spinach all day. Instead, a little Beard Conditioner 3 to 4 times a week in the shower and your beard will be magnificent.

So you see, which one you choose to use comes down to what you're looking for. A fully equipped beardsmen should have both nearby. Bearding is your craft, and these are a couple of your most valuable weapons. Pick wisely my friends...

A few years ago my brother and I were both growing beards - 'twas a glorious time. Now, anyone who has grown a beard knows that it can be a real pain in the ass. Itching, flaking, and a plethora of other skin conditions can haunt even the best of men.

That's exactly what happened to me. Apparently my Irish skin is a bit sensitive, and so I began looking for products that could assist me on this beard journey. I found a ton of beard oils, but that's about it. I couldn't find any beard conditioner - not one. I tried a bunch of the oils, but none seemed to do the trick.

After several months of scouring the earth for anything that could help I had a vision. An ancient medicine man emerged from the fog while I walked my dogs on that fateful morning. "If you build it they will come," he said. I knew then what I needed to do - make my own beard products!

We decided to start with a conditioner being that there was such a void in that area, and so began a new journey - researching ingredients, talking to cosmetic biologists, testing out different formulas, etc. We wanted to start with our Grizzly Beard Conditioner and just focus on that as opposed to immediately releasing a bunch of products. For us, it wasn't and isn't about the money - sure money is good, but our primary concern from the very beginning was to give people the best product possible. Customer satisfaction above all else.

Fast forward to present day, we are working on releasing our second product which is an unscented beard oil. That will be coming very soon so stay tuned. In the meantime make sure you grab a bottle of Grizzly Beard Conditioner: 8 ounces of the best shit on earth!

Thank you for your continued support. Beard Necessities is family owned and operated and everyone who rocks with us is a part of that family as well. We appreciate you more than you know.

Quick announcement that I think you (and your beard) will appreciate! We are having a 24 Hour Flash Deal! All you have to do is apply "FLSHDL30" at checkout and you'll receive 30% off a bottle of Grizzly Beard Conditioner ! I know what you're thinking... "Today was a good day" - yes, yes it was.

With a great beard comes great responsibility, and for that reason we must continue to spread the knowledge we acquire on this path to glorious beardom.

Today I'm giving you a piece of wisdom as told to me by the Ghost of Aristotle. I was hiking through the rugged terrain of the Mont Blanc Mountains in Italy when he emerged from the camp fire suddenly. He took a couple marshmallows and gave me this gem before he vanished. Learn it, live it, share it.

If you've had a beard for while it may seem like this goes without saying, but if you're new to the beard journey there's a pretty simple question that a lot of people have and that is: How do I grow one?

The easy answer is to stop shaving, but there is a little more to it than that. So here's what you must do:

STEP 1. You must envision greatness. You have to see greatness before you can become it. Michael Jordan saw the ball go through the net before he ever shot it. Treat your beard like a game winner.

STEP 2. You must have the proper tools. If you are to grow a beard it must become your craft - the proper weaponry is vital.

World best beard style

STEP 3. Fight through the struggle. This is where most people fall down. Do not let the fact that your beard itches or is growing in patchy deter you. Persist my friend; for on the other side of that struggle is glory.

STEP 4. Time to pick a shape. Be swift and precise - or better yet go to a barber who specializes in beards and tell him how you want your beard to look.

STEP 5. Maintenance. One does not simply grow a beard and then abandon it - he must maintain it. Using the proper products, keeping it neat, etc. Take care of your beard, and your beard will take care of you.

STEP 6. Be patient and do a lot of manly shit. Chop wood, break bricks with your bare hands, climb mountains - do it all. Beardliness is next to manliness.

STEP 7. Continue! Growing a beard is an ongoing process. Make sure you enjoy it, and remember you are the master of your fate. Good luck, beardsmen.

With a great beard comes great responsibility, and for that reason we must continue to spread the knowledge we acquire on this path to glorious beardom.

A couple weeks ago I gave you Beard Fact #26 . I hope you have been planting that seed and have seen the fruits of your labor. Today I present you with another gem given to me by a seasoned pirate I met while sailing the Mediterranean Sea several years ago. So take this piece of information: learn it, live it, share it.

Most people have heard of conditioner, but what does it really do and why the hell do you need it for your beard? A valid question. Here's the reason - well, here's 5 of them actually:

Nobody likes a super rough beard. In fact, it's the number one complaint from girlfriends of bearded men around the world. Don't be that guy walking around with a Brillo Pad on your face unless your primary objective is to scrub pans or start fires with your beard.

A huge issue for men with beards is itch and irritation. It's the reason so many guys actually don't want beards. I mean who wants a face that feels like it's been doused in Tabasco Sauce? The right conditioner will alleviate all of that irritation and allow your beard to flourish.

A beard that is all tangled up is a pain in the ass to say the least. If you can't run a comb smoothly through your beard you have a problem on your hands - or face, actually. A beard like Medusa is never a good look, always remember that.

Bobby "The Waterboy" Boucher put his life on the line in the name of staying hydrated because he knew its importance. Without hydration beards become dull and dry - two adjectives that should never be put in front of the word beard.

Your beard is a temple, and you must treat it as such. Seriously, it's no different than the food you eat or the gas you put in your car. Nutrients are what allow your beard to be healthy and ensure it reaches its full potential.

And there you have it - 5 benefits to conditioning. Take heed my friends, for your beard is counting on you.

We have some awesome news! Grizzly Beard Conditioner is now officially on shelves at Lapstone & Hammer , a premier lifestyle boutique in Philadelphia. They carry everything from sneakers to men's grooming products, and now Beard Necessities is in that mix.

Before this point Grizzly Beard Conditioner was only available to purchase online, so we're excited about bringing it to some local shops whose visions we believe in.

Big beard styles

If you're in the Philadelphia area be sure to stop in and grab a bottle. Their address is:

Thank you for your continued support. We can't wait to see what the future holds!

It was 11 o'clock and my sister was down for the count. 30 minutes later my youngest brother bit the dust too. We were dropping like flies. When would Santa even show up? My guess was 3:45am which seemed like an eternity considering it was barely midnight. I looked over and now they were all asleep - I was the last man standing. Fitting being that I was the oldest. My family was counting on me so I stayed the course.

1 o'clock, 2 o'clock... Minutes began to drag, my eyes were heavy. Trading punches with Mike Tyson would've been easier than fighting this sleep that was now breathing down my neck like a fire spewing dragon.

Was he here on the roof already? Was he waiting till I fell asleep? I surely would've been able to hear the reindeer though, right? I mean those things weigh hundreds of pounds, and doesn't Santa have bells on his sled? Maybe he wasn't coming due to the fact that I had so many fights at school, or maybe it was the pack of baseball cards my brother stole a month earlier. I pondered.

As I went deeper into thought I looked at the gleaming lights on the Christmas tree - yeah I forgot to mention we all slept in the living room on a pullout couch, but that's a funny story for another time. I looked at the tree, and thought about how great Christmas was to me. Pancakes in the morning, board games, spending time with family - good times, indeed.

I decided then that seeing Santa really didn't matter. It would've been cool, but I could respect his anonymity. The presents he had in his bag for us didn't matter either. Christmas isn't about how many gifts you get it's about all the other stuff that many times we take for granted. It's about the perfect butter to syrup ratio on your pancakes. It's about putting hotels on Park Place and completely dominating in Monopoly, even though you may or may not have stolen a few thousand from the bank to fund said hotel. It's about so many things, but the gifts you get aren't any of them.

The Christmas lights got blurry. A warmness swept over my body. This was the final descent. The last thing I remember was my parents' door opening. Maybe they would be able to see Santa...

It's almost Christmas time so you know what that means - 'Tis the season to giveth! Sometimes that's easier said than done though. Getting gifts for people is a tricky endeavor; whether it be your significant other, your best friend or the weird guy in the last cubicle who you drew out of the hat for Secret Santa this year.

Do you get them a gift card? Too impersonal. A pair of jeans? They'll return them because they won't fit properly. Food? Everyone likes food, right? Yeah, but not under the tree. What, then?

Don't panic. We have the answer for you: Grizzly Beard Conditioner! That's right - 8 ounces of the best shit on earth. If you know someone with a beard or anyone who is thinking of growing one, this is the perfect gift... and as for the weird guy in the last cubicle, buy him a bottle regardless.
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