Types of men's facial hair. The 10 beard styles trends in 2019, Season of Style

Discover the trendiest styles in 2019. beard fashion accessory and symbol of virility, the beard is worn with elegance by many men. You too have decided to grow a beard but you do not know what style of beard to adopt? The latter depends on your personality, the morphology of your face and your implantation. To help you make your choice, we present the beard styles best suited to the shape of your face. New trendy beard styles.

The different styles of beard

Like hairstyles nowadays, there are a multitude of beard styles. To give you an idea, here is a non-exhaustive list:

In this article, we have selected for you the 10 most trendy beard styles of the moment.

The beard of 3 days

Elegant and versatile, the 3-day beard is probably the beard style most worn by men today. This falsely neglected look will bring you virility and charisma. Provided, of course, to maintain your beard regularly with a beard trimmer. Discover our selection of the best 3-day beard maintenance kits.

Short beard

This is the trendiest beard style of the moment! This look, which is both masculine, masculine and elegant, is more and more adopted by men. With this mature and protective side that gives you a 10-day beard, you are likely to please women. Indeed, a study conducted by the University of New South

showed that women preferred the 10-day-old beard. In addition, if you have a sparse beard, your beard will appear more uniform and less neglected.

The complete beard

The long beard is for men who have a naturally provided beard. Formerly reserved for seniors, the long beard is now modern and trendy. In particular, it has been updated by the Hipsters, a vintage love community. However, it is the beard style that requires the most maintenance and the most time. In fact, it usually takes several months to obtain a complete perfect beard. You can use a natural beard accelerator product to stimulate and accelerate the growth of the beard. In addition, the hipster beard is preferably associated with a very classy dress style, to avoid the neglected look.

The goat

The goat is a beard style that surrounds the mouth. It consists of a goatee and a mustache. Especially trendy in the 2000s, the goat is a timeless classic and goes everywhere. This style of beard is particularly suitable for men who have a round face, giving the impression of lengthening the face and reduce its roundness. The goat is simple to obtain, provided it is maintained regularly and carefully.

Beard styles for men with long hair

The goatee

The goatee is a small beard that covers the chin and can take many forms. It is usually worn with the fly, also called stamp, but it can also be worn without. The rest of the beard is shaved, including the mustache. If the goatee is short and thin, it is called a goatee. For a trendy and modern style, keep your goatee steady so that it dresses the bottom of your face without disrupting the overall look of your style.

The Van Dyke

Van Dyke beard style is named after a famous painter of the 17

century Flemish portrait artist Anthony van Dyck. It consists of a full goat with a separate mustache. Although several variants exist, the authentic Van Dyke is composed of a pointed goatee and a well carved and supplied fly. To keep a modern look, make sure your mustache is no longer than your goatee. This style, called imperial beard, is outdated and is no longer worn today.


This style of beard owes its name to its shape. It consists of a mustache and a goatee that extends on the jaw giving the impression of forming an anchor on the face. The anchor, also called Balbo, refers to Italo Balbo. This Italian politician and military man was one of the first to wear it. Balbo is thinner than goat. Its shape is not rounded but slightly triangular on the sides. This style of beard seduced many personalities like the actor of Iron Man, Robert Downey.

Beard fly or stamp

Particularly popular with Latin, Italian or Spanish men, the fly designates the hairs located below the lower lip. The patch is actually a fly whose hairs are elongated to form a vertical line in the center of the chin. This is the simplest beard style to achieve. However, not everyone can carry the fly. Indeed, it must be dense enough to be able to display it.

The pointed beard

The pointed beard, also called Ducktail, is a very structured beard with a length effect down. This style of beard, both wild and controlled, will give you a distinguished and original look. The principle of the Ducktail is to ensure that the hairs are longer and longer, that is to say, short at the cheekbones and long at the chin. To do this, we will play on the lengths using several heights of hooves to create a progressive gradient print. However, to wear it with elegance, this style of beard requires a lot of patience and maintenance.

The wild beard

The wild beard is the most natural beard style. To get this style of beard, you just have to let it grow for several months, even years. The maintenance of this type of beard is essential and the application of a beard oil daily is essential to avoid knots and facilitate the cap. To contrast with the neglected appearance of your beard, you will need to pay close attention to your dress style, which will have to go to

Facial goatee

and look after your haircut.

Choose your beard style according to the shape of your face

Beard styles for a square face

The square faces usually have a beautiful jaw marked, which refers to a strong image of masculinity.

To soften the expression of your face, opt instead for a style of beard that attenuates the right angles of your jaw to refine your features. Therefore, avoid full beard and prefer short beard styles with clear cheeks. For example, you can opt for a mustache, a goatee, a goatee or a goatee.

Conversely, if you want to emphasize the angles of your jaw to assert your masculinity, turn to a beard of 3 days or a beard of 10 days, making sure that it is perfectly cut and of suitable length. Too long beard will further thicken your face and accentuate the square effect.

Beard styles for a round face

Men with a round face incarnate, without wanting it, gentleness and kindness. We will try to bring more virility by breaking the roundness of the face.

A beard style with a certain length of hair under the chin will allow to lengthen the face and rebalance the proportions. For these reasons, avoid too thick beards in the cheeks that will give even more volume to your face and accentuate the effect of roundness.

For example, you can choose a beard of 10 days, a goat, a goatee, a Van Dyke or a Balbo. Leave the length at the chin by performing a gradual gradient from the cheeks to the jaw.

Beard and hairstyles 2016

Beard styles for an oval face

If your face is oval, almost any beard style is right for you. Take advantage of this versatile form to try several!

You can, for example, opt for a classic and elegant style like the beard of 3 days or for a more daring style with a beard of 10 days, even a complete beard. This will allow you to stand out with a manly and masculine look. On the other hand, be careful not to unbalance your face and adapt your beard style to your haircut.

Beard styles for a long face

If you have a long face, the idea is to reduce the impression of length. For this, avoid beard styles with hair on the chin like the goatee or goatee that stretch the face down. Opt for a mustache and a beard with a certain thickness in the cheeks by playing on the volumes.

Adapt your haircut to your beard style

To create a contrast between the length of your beard and your hair, you can opt for a degraded cut. Very trendy these last years, the gradient is a haircut at the same time simple and elegant, which will emphasize your beard. The principle of the gradient is to cut very short hair on the side and back, while keeping the length on the top of the skull. If you lack inspiration for your haircut, I invite you to visit this site to discover the trend haircuts in 2019: American gradient, gradual gradient or degraded with stroke!

Feel free to try several styles of beards and to ask the opinion of your entourage. You can also go to a barber for advice from a professional. This will help you determine which beard style is best for the shape of your face.

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