Beard styles for men with oval face. 2018 s Hottest Beard Styles You Can Still Sport In 2019

Many men pride themselves on their long, lustrous and perfectly manicured mane. Keeping up with the latest beard styles is more than a hobby and quite an obsession. With more to men’s grooming this year than ever before, even women haven’t failed to notice that the Balbo beard or even the Hipster beard style is very last season. The patchy scruff is out, as is the iconic Stubble. New trendy beard styles.

2018 has seen men gravitate toward sporting thicker and more natural manes. Here’s our list of the hottest beard styles that have been trending in 2018 as well as their origins!

1. Beard King Parmish Verma’s Mane

Pop culture always has a way of setting trends. be it with a retro look, or a more recent aping of beard styles. If you find yourself singing along Shada or Rondi, then you’re probably familiar with Parmish Verma.

With a beard so iconic, it was natural that fans created videos to achieve the Parmish look!

2. The Verdi Beard

The Verdi requires you to grow and neatly groom your moustache. This, of course, is in addition to your beard that is trimmed just below the jawline. This allows you to maintain a relatively clean neckline.

Here’s a picture Virat posted that lets you take a closer look at the Verdi beard.

A lot of men chose to go with the style showcased by the captain of the Indian Cricket team. Here’s an excellent example-

3. Ranveer Singh’s Mane-

Many have been aping Ranveer Singh, flaunting the look he had at his wedding.

In fact, the popularity of the trend he set meant people designed tutorials to get his mane!

4. The Yeard

Few celebrities endorse this style primarily because their shooting schedules and multifarious looks don’t allow them to grow a beard naturally all year. However, it requires you to keep it well-shaped and defined. Going by the pictures Indian men posted, celebs are missing out!

Full beard shapes

Here’s another picture of this beard style tweeted by one Indian beardo.

There's a lot of things, I don't understand

Why so many people lie, It's the hurt I hide that fuels, The fire inside me

Will I always feel this way

5. Terminal Beard

One trend, in particular, does not favour a shorter growth. The terminal beard showcases the maximum beard length for any gentleman. When your beard stops growing – length-wise – that’s a terminal beard, but no two beards are alike. So what’s “terminal” for you may be something else for the next guy. Among long beard styles, this is the final frontier, according to Beard Brand.

Styles of beards and how to trim them

You probably would end up looking like Ryan Hurst or even this gent!

6. The Amrit Maan Style

Amrit Maan is another Punjabi singer whose beard style has won even more hearts than his tunes. Take a look at his thick mane!

Then there are tutorials that help you style your beard like him! Here’s one for instance-

As we enter 2019, we simply had to encapsulate all the beard styles that slayed last year. Which was your favourite?
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