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Multi-awarded recording artist Zayn Malik is widely regarded as one of the hottest musical sensations of our generation. Not only are his singles topping the charts, even after he left boy band One Direction, but so are his admirable looks. He ranks as one of the “World’s Sexiest Men” by multiple media sources, and is appreciated for both his choice of wardrobe and grooming. Get inspired by a signature Zayn Malik haircut below to look and feel like a pop star. Beard and hairstyles 2016.

1. Zayn Malik Haircut Short Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Have thick hair? You’ve chosen the perfect celebrity for inspiration. Zayn Malik is admired not only for his vocals but also for his rich, thick, raven hair. If you’re looking for a short haircut to complement your generous locks, use this photo for inspiration.

2. Long Quiff Hairstyle

In his teens, Zayn had a trademark quiff hairstyle that you could not miss. Although he alternated between short and medium-length hair, he would style it up and to the side in an unruly fashion. It’s all part of the bad boy charm that escalated him to fame.

3. Zayn Malik Haircut with Undercut

The former One Direction band member is no stranger to the undercut hairstyle. Throughout his career, he has sported a variety of undercuts, spanning all shapes and sizes. In this shot, you can see how he combined a high fade undercut with a 2-inch top.

4. Asymmetrical Hairstyle

Hairstyles with longer bangs are part of Malik’s favorite looks. A few years back, he would boldly rock an asymmetrical haircut featuring shaved down sides and ear-length side bangs. With a haircut like this, you get to enjoy a wide range of styling opportunities.

5. Short Layered Zayn Malik Haircut

Are practical, low maintenance and evergreen keywords for you when researching new hairstyles? You could use a short and layered hairstyle, like Zayn in this picture. To get a dynamic outcome like Zayn, make sure that your stylist adds plenty of layers when cutting your hair.

6. Swept Back Zayn Malik Haircut

Oh, the loose strand – how can anyone resist? When he keeps his hair longer, Malik is known for casually sweeping it back. However, one detail that he never misses is allowing a stray lock to grace his forehead. It seems unintentional, but we know that it’s the magic touch for this handsome hairstyle.

7. Crew Cut

We’re going back to basics with this haircut, ideal for men who don’t want to waste time getting ready in the morning. The crew cut is arguably one of the most popular military haircuts to go beyond army men. Mix it with a short beard and you have a flawless look.

8. Long Hairstyle with Middle Part

Want more of a European heartthrob approach to your hairstyle? Go back a few years and analyze Zayn’s middle part hairstyles. His hair is longer in the back, covering his nape, and gradually gets shorter towards the front to properly frame his face.

9. Angular Fringe Zayn Malik Haircut

If you’re up to date with hair trends, you already know that the angular fringe is among favorites this year. It’s easy to pull off if your hair is relatively thick, and even more so if it’s wavy or curly. Cut your bangs at an angle, shaving down the sides and back.

10. Shoulder-length Haircut

Another way to wear a longer hairstyle inspired by Malik is to leave it shoulder-length. You can maintain the same length all around, or you can opt for layers to add definition and shape. From that point, you can style it in countless ways.

11. Brushed Up Zayn Malik Haircut

Want a young, wild and free vibe for your hairstyle? Brush your hair up! This hairstyle is basically the reverse angular fringe, as your bangs will be combed upwards instead of over your forehead. Like always, ensure that the hair on your sides and back is cleanly cut.

12. Buzz Cut

Although Zayn’s hair in this shot is a touch longer than a traditional buzz cut, it still falls under the same category. However, we want to use it as an example for two situations. Firstly, if you want something between a buzz cut and a crew cut. Secondly, if you want to see how your hair will grow out from a buzz cut.

13. Caesar Haircut

The Caesar cut is right up on the podium with the angular fringe this year. It’s pretty much like a buzz cut, just that it plays around with the hair length in different areas. The top part should be slightly longer than the sides and back.

14. Front Streak Zayn Malik Haircut

Remember when Zayn shocked the pop world with a single blonde streak in his hair in 2012? We sure do. In fact, we like the idea of a completely unconventional hairstyle so much that we recommend it for guys who have a sense of adventure.

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15. Textured Zayn Malik Haircut

One of the key ingredients for a truly impressive hairstyle is texture. If you’re not born with textured hair, you can step yours up by getting the right haircut. For this, you should have your hair cut in short, jagged and numerous layers.

16. Careless Hairstyle

A major part of Malik’s charm is that he never tries to come off as cool. He just is. One way that you get closer to achieving effortless style is by displaying a careless hairstyle. Let your hair grow a little longer and toss it as you please.

17. Mid Taper Fade Zayn Malik Haircut

Taper fade haircuts are to die for, no matter what your personal style is. They’re a simple yet effective way for obtaining a pleasing silhouette that won’t put your patience to the test. You can get a mid fade, like Zayn in this photo, or experiment with high or low alternatives.

18. Pomp Hairstyle

Just when you think that some hairstyles are decade-specific, you realize that they keep coming back in style time and time again. Even though the pompadour was a must half a century ago, it’s still as trendy as ever in our times.

19. Faux Hawk Zayn Malik Haircut

What do you do if your thick hair has grown a few inches more than you would normally wear it? You could a) cut it, or b) explore the abundance of styling possibilities you now have. Among them is the faux hawk – the hairstyle that looks like a mohawk without having spikes in the back.

20. Side Swept Bangs Hairstyle

Whether you want to cover up a larger forehead or receding hairline, side-swept bangs are just what you need. Naturally, you can choose this hairstyle detail even if you think it looks cool. Nevertheless, please note that it may be a bit difficult to maintain if you have notably thick hair.

21. Tousled Hairstyle

Messy is the new classy! Regardless of your hair length, a tousled hairstyle will bring out the best in your natural features. When you narrow it all down, it’s another tried and tested way to get that effortless style we were talking about earlier.

22. Top Knot Zayn Malik Haircut

While most guys wait a while for their hair to grow in order to rock a man bun, others like Zayn settle for a top knot. It’s significantly smaller than a man bun, but it can look nice on men who have prominent facial features. Try it out and see if it works for you.

23. Pink Zayn Malik Haircut

We can all understand why the media often calls Malik a “hairstyle chameleon”. Every few months, the artist surprises the world with a new haircut, almost always totally different than his last one. Take this pastel pink ombre, for example. It may inspire the creativity in you.

24. Burr Cut

See what we mean by radical changes? To be able to pull off a pastel ombre just as well as a burr cut is saying something, but it’s all in the way Zayn carries himself. Wear this fuzzy haircut with pride if it suits your style.

25. Side Part Hairstyle

All about dapper? You need a side part hairstyle in your life. If your hair is long enough, you can use some product and press it down to the side. Even if you can’t get a natural part, you can talk to your local barber about incorporating a hard part into your haircut.

26. Slicked Back Zayn Malik Haircut

Swept back, slicked back – same difference, right? Wrong. Even though the two hairstyles have the brushing technique in common, the specific styling is quite different. As opposed to swept back hairstyles, slicked back hair involves the (often liberal) use of hair product to get the sleek outcome.

27. Half Taper Zayn Malik Haircut

Take a walk on the wild side with this brave Zayn look. Not only is the hair colored, providing a strong contrast with the beard and eyebrows, but it’s also cut atypically. We could say it’s somewhere between a small undercut and a half taper haircut, with an arched line that adds dynamism.

28. Unconventional Haircut

Speaking of unconventional, what d’you say about this haircut? Sure, we’re used to seeing V-shaped undercuts, but you don’t see one that leads completely to one side every day. We think it’s an amazing choice for outgoing guys.

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29. Emo Hairstyle

Let’s set the record straight – we’re not calling Zayn emo, nor do we think he was ever associated with this lifestyle. However, we can state that one of his haircuts features the intensely side-swept bangs associated with the average emo hairstyle. Either way, we think it looks awesome.

30. Green Zayn Malik Haircut

After seeing Malik with pink hair, you probably think things can’t get any more out-of-the-box. Well, they can, as you can the star’s green-tinted locks in this shot. At this point, we’re 100% sure that he’ll look good with any hairstyle. Would you try this one out?

31. Undercut with Long Top

Undercuts are a fundamental detail for mastering a lot of Zayn’s hairstyles. In this photo, you can admire his ear-length top that subtly covers his high undercut. From this haircut, you can branch out to additional hairstyles, like the top knot.

32. Zayn Malik Haircut with Low Ponytail

Sporting longer hair can get exhausting even for the best of us. In these situations, we turn to the Pillowtalk singer for hands-on inspiration, this time with a low ponytail. If your hair is cut in layers, you can use a thin metal headband like his to keep it pulled back.

33. Disconnected Undercut

In case you were wondering how a full, high, disconnected undercut would look when fully revealed, here you go. It’s basically how the hairstyle from our 31

entry would look if you choose to wrap your hair up and allow your undercut to show.

34. Skin Fade Zayn Malik Haircut

If a disconnected undercut isn’t aligned to your style, you can have fun with faded haircuts. A skin fade – or bald fade, as some call it – is the perfect way to transition from a buzz cut to an undercut. You can get the best gradient by opting for a mid skin fade.

35. Bleached Buzz Cut

Alternatively, you can go over the top and bleach your buzz cut entirely. For one of his 2017 makeovers, Zayn decided to channel his inner Slim Shady and whiten the top a bit by going platinum. Men with a fierce gaze, like Malik, should consider this hairstyle for accentuating their eyes.

36. Skater Haircut

If you’re in your teens, why not make the most of it and play around with boyish hairstyles? A skater haircut can be one of your options. You need some patience for your hair to grow if it’s currently short, but the cool results will be worth it.

37. Ash Blonde Zayn Malik Haircut

Hair colors come and go in Malik’s life like casual girlfriends. All jokes aside, we’re really digging the ash blonde tone in this shot, and also the way it complements his dark beard. Think about this shade if you’re contemplating hair dyes.

38. Zayn Malik Haircut with Headband

In addition to the metallic headband Zayn uses when he has longer hair, he also rocks textile ones. A wide, fabric headband scores comfort points, making it the best choice for athletes, singers or other active individuals.

39. Shaggy Haircut

Retro hairstyles are super cool, especially if you know how to wear them. Here, Malik exhibits a shaggy, 60s-inspired haircut that flatters his features quite well. We love the modern twist he gave the look with side-swept bangs.

40. Shaved Side Zayn Malik Haircut

Not up for a full undercut? You can shave just one side, or even both but without the back. We believe it’s an excellent way of testing out an undercut before getting a complete one. Also, it’s nice for just adding some edge to your existing hairstyle.

41. Colored Tips

Often, guys get highlights to spice up their hairstyle. This isn’t the case for Zayn, who chose to splash some color only on his tips to brighten them. Although he chose blonde for his, you can use any color that fits your personality.

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42. Grey Zayn Malik Haircut

After playing with ash blonde, it was only normal that Malik would go to the next level with classic grey. We’re not sure if it’s among our top picks regarding the star’s looks, but we encourage experimentation with hair color all the same.

43. Combover Hairstyle

Need to prep for a formal event? The combover should be your go-to hairstyle for any fancy occasions. It doesn’t rely on a specific hair length; you can comb your hair to the side even if you have a crew cut.

44. Side Tossed Zayn Malik Haircut

There’s nothing as charmingly casual as tossing your hair to the side without a care. If your top is at least a few inches long, don’t think about it too much. Use your fingers to rake it to the side, but without making it seem intentionally styled.

45. Two Color Hairstyle

Blonde and black have always been a combo you could never go wrong with. If you’re in the mood to mix them, think about getting a crew cut or buzz cut as your base haircut. After that, make only the top part blonde and leave the sides dark.

46. Soft Spikes Hairstyles

Zayn is the perfect example of how you can still pull off spiky hair in the late 2000s. Instead of going old school and throwing on gel like there’s no tomorrow, try softening the look by using less product and twisting strands individually.

47. Line Up Zayn Malik Haircut

During his bleached buzz cut days, Malik showed off a haircut detail that made the whole difference in his appearance. The line up, also known as the temple fade, is a barbershop-specific technique that adds a touch of manliness to any haircut by creating a box-like hairline.

48. Zayn Malik Haircut with Shaved Line

If you have decided on going super short with your hairstyle, you’ll obviously be out of diverse styling options. Still, you can make your haircut more intriguing by getting creative with shaved designs. For a simple but noticeable effect, shave a small line on one side.

49. Low Fade Haircut

As you can probably tell by now, Zayn is a source of endless inspiration for fade haircuts. Even though we often see him with high or mid fades, he rocks a low fade just as spectacularly. Try it out if you want a subtle fade hairstyle.

50. High and Tight Haircut

We’ll wrap up our selection on the same tone we started it with – a practical one. The high and tight haircut has been a military staple for decades now, but it works fantastically for men seeking stress-free hairstyles.


In summary, there’s definitely a Zayn Malik haircut out there that’s suitable for you. Thanks to his ever-changing looks, Zayn is constantly inspiring boys and men around the world by setting the latest hairstyle trends. Whether you want to adopt one of his casual short haircuts or an eccentric one, don’t hesitate to use these images as references when meeting up with your stylist.

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