Cool facial hair styles. Perfect Shadow Beard Styles for Men 2016, Men s Hairstyles and Haircuts for 2017

Have you ever heard of the stunning shadow beard or the so called designer stubble? This is a popular beard style for men and it is the favorite style for many Hollywood stars. Many beard styles are back but the lovely shadow beard was always in style and continues to be super masculine beard look for the majority of stylish men. Here you will see some perfect shadow beard styles for 2016. Being a favorite beard style in Hollywood shadow beard is not that easy to maintain and style. It requires special care and is sometimes considered as an edgy style. It is short crop and need every-dare care. It tends to highlight your cheekbones and gives you a more handsome look. Beard and hairstyles 2016.

Shadow beards are perfect ways to slim the lower part of the face. Nowadays stylist offer smarter ideas and solutions on how to style stubble or 5 o’clock shadow beards. It is classy and quite well-groomed style that attracts many people.

You may find it easy to maintain on the first two days but after this you are expected to take more care and avoid the use of razor for about 48 hours especially if your hair grows fast. Then you can create a gorgeous lower border by the help of shaving along that line where your neck and chin hair are connected.

Best beard cuts

Here you are supposed to remove all hair below it. Try to get a kind of design or shape for your beard so that it can be eye-catching and clean-looking. Those who have short haircut can connect their shadow beard with it. Actually shadow beards go with many haircuts and hairstyles but they are incredible particularly with short haircuts. The effect that these two styles create for your face is very hot and seductive.

Have a look at these excellent examples of shadow beards for 2016 and be inspired. Change your look by simple tricks and grab more attention. If you want to be stylish and attractive do your best to create trendy haircut and beard matching. It is more than important for amen to be in such boyish styles which highlight your own way of thinking, style and masculinity.

Kinds of beards

You can always take examples from fashionable famous men and models who rock the latest trends. Their stylist provide them with the most suitable haircuts and beard styles for their face shapes and facial features.


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Beard styles for men with short hair
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