Beard trim styles 2016. A STARTER GUIDE TO GROWING AND STYLING YOUR BEARD The Beard Struggle

Happy Friday everybody! I hope your day will be short, sweet and exciting all in preparation for jam packed fun filled weekend. Today let us discuss not only how to grow out your face gruff, but how best to style your beard too. Styling your beard.

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A mans beard is a rather unique part of his image. No two beards will grow identically the same, where one fellow may grow the perfectly straightened beard and another might grow out another that is wild and curly, of which both are perfectly acceptable and one of a kind.

How we choose to style our beard heavily depends on how it grows. One guy might only need minimal care and attention and another, much like mine, may require a little more time and care to acquire optimal results.

Depending on your desired style, from stubble to the full lumberjack beard, the style choices you have are a plenty. The rule of thumb is the shorter the beard, the easier the maintenance. If you are growing a full, thick beard this may take a little more time to care for each day, but here's how I find it best to shape up and style a full beard.

Best simple beard styles

First up, I wash my face and fuzz through with lukewarm water, then using a trusted 'TBS' V comb I begin to gently comb through my gruff detangling any knots and tangles I might find in the process, making sure to take extra care not to pull out large clumps of tangled knots, but instead gently resolve them as I go.

Once I have my beard tangle free I apply a little balm or oil, depending on my choice preferences then work a large pea sized amount in the palm of my hands. Some folks try to apply the product directly their face without evenly distributing it on their hands first. Whereas I find if you take time to 'activate'the product before application you'll discover that your product will go much further and you may even require to use a little less as well.

Once I've massaged in the balm and/or oils I begin to comb once more, evening out the oil throughout my facial hair from tip to toe, following a neat and tidy style in the process. Here's where you'll need a beard brush to help buff out any troublesome straying hairs, as a boar bristle brush will snap any 'bumps in your beard' right back into alignment, distributing a sharp, dapper appearance for you to behold.

The same form of process would be recommended to most beard styles, be it long or short, your face fuzz is never too young to benefit from the use of a balanced beard oil. And using these each and every day will help train your facial hair to sit right and follow its growing pattern.

Different types of facial hair styles

Here are just a small handful of examples of the three most common facial hair styles you'll spot on the faces of many men today.

The stubble beard remains one of the most popular beard trends to date, possibly because it is by far the simplest to grow and maintain.

Much like the 'goatee', the balbo varies in design, usually trimmed and shaped in various styles based upon the beholders request. With Iron Man's Robert Downey Jr. revamping its popularity.

By far the most popular beard style to ever grace a mans face. The full beard has many names, but most know it as 'the lumberjack'. They grow in a wide variation of shades, shapes and sizes and can make a man out of any face that they grow upon.

Beard styles for boys

So, whatever your beard goals are, be sure to stick with it, don't forget to care for your fuzz correctly, and combing your face will become second natural in no time.

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