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It isn’t long when thick long beards were trending all over the world and every second guy on the street carried it with devotion (inspired by the toyetic heroes). However, some are exoteric to this style as growing a full beard is not a child’s play! A full-grown beard needs tons of maintenance and grooming. Moreover, it is a fashion statement of last year and you got to set up new standards. Men with long beard look sexy but a well-groomed man is what any women would choose over any other. So if you feel like you are the only one who cannot grow a bushy long beard, rock the short beard look as if you never wished to have one of those long beard styles. A million things are there to experiment with that beard and if you are looking for inspiration keep reading about these Cool Short Beard Styles For Men that we have chosen selectively. moreover, we have got you answers to some frequently asked questions! Short beard cuts.

For men with Long and Oval face

Oval face type is versatile among all since it can carry any beard styles. On the other hand, a long face seems to be the elder sibling of oval in terms of shape.

at first glance, this beard style appears to be without grooming but instead it is trim closely to the surface of the skin. Let the hair on the neckline grow without trims and only trim areas near your cheekbones.

Hairstyle tip: a taper fade with waves would work best with this hairstyle.

This style suits flawlessly on your face type. It gives the feel or recent grown hair on a clean shaved face. You may keep more density of this but the length of the hair should not be too long.

Grooming Tip: the ideal setting to achieve this look is two for fades and three for the rest.

For Men with Heart and Inverted Triangle Face

These face shapes are like twins, they both tend to have broader forehead and narrow jawlines. The heart shapes have a gentle jawline than the inverted triangle.

You can always experiment with your beard by prominently defining line and giving some fade near it. You have to take care of the overall length of hair around your jawline and chin so that it does not make your face look too long or too wide.

Different styles of beards and mustaches

Hairstyle tip: The classic sleek back hairstyle would look awesome with this.

Do you Remember the time when you had just started growing a full beard? Having small irregular hair on the chin and jawline was the online thing you got then. Go old school and try this attractive style.

Styling Tip: Keeping a trimmed moustache would give you an otherwise manly look.

For Men with Square and Rectangle Face

Men with square type of face have broader jawlines and equally broad cheekbone and forehead. In rectangular face types the length of the face is less in terms of its broadness.

Since you have a broader jawline, you should try to keep away from the styles that attract attention to it. Moreover, try to have attention all over the face uniformly by keeping the length of hair short yet equal.

Hairstyle tip: Pompadour with a Low Fade works wonders with this style.

Another style for you is a full-fledged beard and moustache. Keep the length of your moustache and beard alike yet not too long. Keep the corners of the moustache longer than the otherwise length of the moustache.

Beard and facial hair styles

Styling Tip: For a sexy and masculine look, twist the side of your moustache to create a bullhorn type shape.

For Men with Round and Pear Face

People with round or pear face shape tend to have fuller cheeks with minimal jawline creating a non-angular face.

To achieve this look you need to let your hair grow in its natural state. Then create a “v” type look by roughly trimming them from the jawline and cheekbones towards the chin.

Hairstyle Tip: You can try a sweep back with texture and a medium fade hairstyle with it.

Goatee is the most appropriate style that reduces the chubbiness of your cheek by creating an illusion of a longer face. What more? Add some subtle fading to the jawline and let the goatee be denser.

Tip: Remember that your face does not have length so you should strive to add this less by the length of your facial hair near the chin.

How To Trim a Short Beard?

To trim a beard short you will need a comb, a pair of scissors, a good trimmer and optionally some clippers to cut it evenly. Set the clippers and cut your beard to more than half of your required beard length. then set your trimmer to four or five or according to the length, you wish and run it through your beard. Carefully trim the neckline and the sides of your mouth. Comb and set it and you are good to go.

Beard grooming styles

How to Treat Razor Burn

Razor burns are irritating and they look nasty. If razor burns happen often, reduce your shaving frequency. Mix 2 drops peppermint essential oil in 1-tablespoon organic coconut oil, and apply this mixture on your burn. This fill sooth your burn and reduce irritation.

How can I make my beard softer?

Use beard shampoo to wash you beard and then pat dry or blow-dry it. Then take some beard oil and massage it for 2 minute. Comb it and set it well. There are verities of beard oil and shampoos that you can use to make it softer.

How to grow a moustache?

Facial hairs grow with age and hormones play the vital part it its growth. If you want to grow a moustache, do not trim it, rather let it grow and give it a shape if needed. Comb and groom your moustaches as you do with your beard.

How long does it take for a Moustache to grow back?

The growth of a moustache differs from person to person. Some grow it within a week while some may need roughly around 1 to 3 months. It completely depends upon the person’s hair density, age and genetic formation.

Beards are an essential part of how you look and feel. They not only make you confident but also add up to your sex quotient. A well-groomed beard is an eye catcher for every one out there so get your ideas into life and set the world on fire!
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