Guys beard style. The 7 Best Beard Styles

The 7 Best Beard Styles

While choosing a beard style comes down to your own personal preference, there are a handful that are tried and true. Rather than talk about "hipster beards" or wacky fads, I'm going to show you beard shapes that will be around even when your grandson grows a beard. Good beard shapes.

Here are seven of the best beard styles to choose from (along with some of my bearded wisdom for each one).

The Goatee

Who It’s Best For: Guys who want to s how the world how strong their chin is.

How to Achieve It: Shave a line from the corner of your mouth to the bottom of your chin, then match that line on the other side. Once both sides are even, round out the bottom of your beard. If you have a rounder face or a double chin, trimming the bottom too much is a bad look. Avoid creating a hard line by blending the bottom into your neck.

The Van Dyke

Who It’s Best For: Guys who want to go retro.

How to Achieve It: Shape exactly as you would for a goatee, but pay your mustache some extra attention. Occasionally trim the hairs hanging over your lip or coming out of your nose with a small pair of grooming scissors.

The Rugged Beard

Who It’s Best For: Guys who want to look like a badass.

Best beard styles

How to Achieve It: As long as you have thick, even growth across your cheeks the rugged beard is incredibly easy to maintain. The key here is minimal maintenance. Lightly trim up your neckline, cheeklines and any wild strays every once in a while and you're good to go.


Who It’s Best For: Guys looking to attract the ladies.

How to Achieve It: If you have a lighter color facial hair, you want to use either a #1 clipper or #2 clipper every two to three days. Whereas guys with really thick, dark facial hair can simply use a clipper without the guard every other day to maintain their stubble.

The Chin Strap

Who It’s Best For: Guys who want to show off their perfect jawline.

How to Achieve It: Start by shaving both cheeks evenly. An easy way to do this is to apply shaving cream to your entire face, then remove the shaving cream along your jawline to create a guide for where not to shave. From there, simply shave your cheeks, leaving exposed hair alone.

To maintain this style, shave your cheeks and neck with a razor every other day to avoid losing the hard line the chin strap is known for. Simply use a clipper on the strap itself every few days to maintain your desired length.

Different styles of beard trimming

Long (but Shapely)

Who It’s Best For: Guys who want to quit their job and becoming a male model.

How to Achieve It: L et your beard grow for about six months before attempting this beard style. Once your facial hair is long enough, use a comb and a small pair of grooming scissors to trim the mustache hair out of your mouth and to shape the sides of your beard. To do this, place the comb just under your ear so that the teeth are facing away from your nose and just a small amount of hair is showing through the comb. T rim this hair off and repeat on the other side.

Once this is done, cut straight across the bottom of your beard, squaring it off and being careful not to cut too much length. Finally, use a trimmer to lightly hover over any stray hairs whenever you feel your beard is getting out of hand.

The Bushy Beard

Who It’s Best For: Guys who want to explore the great unknown.

How to Achieve It: The bushy beard requires the most time and patience, but the least maintenance out of all the beard styles. Although you won't be trimming it much, you should still trim your mustache more frequently than the rest of your beard. However, only trim the center of it so that you can curl the rest of your mustache using either a beard wax or a hair clay.

Now that I've shown you the best beard styles out there and how to achieve each one, which will you choose?

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