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Optimal facial aesthetics are defined by the style of beard you are carrying. You can literally make or break your style with the type of beard you are trying to carry. Good beard shapes.

But here goes the prime question!

How do your determine what beard style is going to enhance your personality?

Your face determines that.

Yes! Different face shapes call for distinct styles of facial hair.

Good looking beard styles

Facial hair and hair on your head are totally different. Something that suits me might not suit you, and vice-versa! Moreover, if it goes completely wrong, it might make your personality unflattering.

If you are looking to be the next ultimate male figure around you, and if you are looking to win at the beard game, this one is for you! Here is how you can personalise your beard style according to your facial aesthetics.

Oval face shape is rounded at the top and the bottom. At the same time, it can appear somewhat long in shape. Due to the lack of jawline your overall face might sometimes appear too rounded. But, here is the plus point of this face shape! Almost all beard styles can suit the oval face shape. Since the shape is too common, it can be enhanced with a well-kept beard. However, be very careful, you might need to be pretty consistent with your beard. You would not want your facial hair poking out. Take good care of them with the help of a quality moustache wax.

Square face shape has a well-defined jawline along with a defined hairline. Square faces are, however, not very slim. They are defined by hard angular structures and overall broadness. This creates an illusion of a wider face. Therefore, people with square faces are required to comb their hair at the back, leaving not traces of hair in the front. But as far as the beard part for square faces is concerned, you need to bet on hair on chin. Hair on chin makes square faces appear to be enhanced and structured properly. At the same, make sure to keep less facial hair around the sides and your neck. A tidy neck is going to go a long way. Focus more on your chin and you are good to go!

How to shape a beard

A soft jawline along with a rounded forehead is what defines a round facial shape. There are not pointy ends on a rounded face and this is why round faced people need to focus more on having longer facial hair towards the bottom. At the same time, these people should be focussing less on the hair on the side. In other words, focussing more on the chin is going to help you go a long way. For the same, you can opt for a Van Dyke style of a beard or even go for a goatee beard and you are good. However, maintenance becomes very important for this shape type. Beard lotion is going to help you with the same.

As a man with a diamond shaped face, you might seem to be loved by most women. Your narrow forehead and your wider cheekbones are what sets you apart from other facial shapes. Your facial aesthetics are somewhat symmetrical. Beards can enhance your face shape even more. You can better the prominence of your cheek bones by focussing more on your chin. Keeping hair on your chin works wonders. Along with this, you should try and go a bit wider around your cheeks and sides of your face to tone your facial wideness down. Balbo is a great facial hair style to opt for when you are gifted with a diamond shaped face. You could also try a safe-zoned goatee style if you are in a dilemma.

A long face shape, also called the oblong face or a rectangular face shape is pretty defined but long. Your cheekbones are longer in comparison to the other parts of your face. Moreover, around the cheeks this face shape tends to be thinner in comparison to the others. Along with a long and thin cheekbone, you get a pointed chin. For a rectangular or a longer face shape, the best beard styles to go with are the mutton chops. If you are not simply looking to add mutton chops to your face, you could opt for them with a goatee. If you are not looking forward to this style, you can also define your face with the help of simple moustache or a horseshoe moustache styled with some moustache wax! Basically, you are simply looking forward to breaking your face up vertically. Facial hair on a rectangular face type are important to soften up its longer appearance.

No matter what your face shape is and what style of beard you are opting for, never forget to invest in a quality beard grooming kit to keep your facial hair in the best state! Always remember, investing in your beard is going to take your personality a long way in life. You can succeed in life because of your beard.

Short trimmed beard styles

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