All facial hair styles. Grooming Tips: Achieving Your Best Beard, Boardroom Salon for Men

Not every guy can pull off a beard. This bold fashion statement is exclusive to confident men with fine grooming skills. Whether you’re sporting a classic goatee or a full garibaldi, you’ll want to go through the steps to maintain it. To master the look, follow these beard grooming tips to keep your beard properly styled and groomed. New beard style 2016.

Top Beard Styles

There are dozens of beard styles, ranging from distinguished stubble to terminal beards grown over many years. If you work in a formal setting, you’ll want a corporate-style beard grown over two weeks to two months, no longer. To achieve a professional look, you will need to trim the neck and cheek line and tidy it with scissors or a razor.

In contrast, a longer beard can give you a more rugged appearance. Styles like the whaler, beardstache, and Verdi are some of the most classic styles. If you prefer a happy medium, try a partial beard like a goatee or Van Dyke. With these styles, the hair is concentrated to the mustache and chin, not the cheeks.

Nice beard styles

Beard Trends

Beards remained a popular “accessory” this year, with more and more men growing out their facial hair. Stubble reigns supreme in terms of most popular beard styles, especially among younger men. The Balbo board has also gained momentum and can be easily maintained.

Next on our list of top beard styles is the circle beard. It’s simple, professional, and the perfect style for masculine businessmen. While not for everyone, the iconic Bandholz has become symbolic in the beard community. Made popular by Eric Bandolz, this epic beard style is full, lustrous, and overall impressive.

Mustache and goatee styles

Beard Maintenance

Just like your hair, your beard requires routine maintenance to keep it soft, healthy, and manageable. Wash your beard regularly and be sure to rinse thoroughly to prevent flaking. Apply a conditioner to soften the hairs. Comb your beard and mustache with a wide-toothed comb. Beard oils and balms can be used for styling purposes.

If you’re new to beard care, it’s best to trust your facial hair to a barber. If you’re going to trim your beard yourself, you’ll need scissors or a beard trimmer. Most beard trimmers have adjustable trimming guides that can be removed to define the neck line for a more refined look.

Beard styles and their names
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