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Beard is mainly a sign of puberty in male which grows on chin and cheeks. It is a journey of the boy to grow as a man. So, all boys who just watch the hair on cheeks, soon you are going to be the man and ready to make different beard styles. New short beard style.

It is a time to be responsible like your father whether you want or not. And even if you do not want to be responsible, they also look like a mature man for the reason that girls like a mature man. But it depends on a girl that she likes a man in a beard or clean shaven.

Now today trend is to have different beard styles according to your shape of the face. If it not so, then there would not be a huge market for electric shavers/trimmers. Electric shavers today are used as grooming merchandise among men.

Growing fashion trends and desired to look better among men, the use of electric shavers is growing.

It helps to make different beard styles and give every man their unique style. So all guys out there just chill, do not just concentrate on your androgenic hair, and grow a beard of your own type.

Growing a beard and maintain it lies in the category of personal care and being a man we must know beard is something we must have it.

Many men are using beard growth oils for nourishing their beard and it helps in real.

Want to know the best part?

Cool, we have compiled list of top 10 beard styles in India (2018)


Circle Beard

Full Beard

Short Stubble

Medium Stubble

Long Stubble

Van Dyke

Garibaldi Beard

Goatee Beard Style

Top 10 beard styles in India (2018)

1. Balbo

In 2018 Balbo became one of the most famous beard style, Hollywood actor Tony Stark had this style for many years. For this style firstly you have to grow a decent full beard and when you have grown sufficient hairs for this beard style and you are and you are ready to shave this style, remember give at least 4 weeks before shaving.

Go t beard styles

Grow a mustache too, you need very fine razors and blades to give fine detailing for shaping the Balbo beard style properly.

2. Bandholz

The name Bandholz came majorly from the face of Eric Bandholz, he was a businessman and owner of some Beard brand.

This style requires a lot of patience to grow but this style looks so cool. When you are growing this style so let me tell you for the first four months you gonna face various problems like itchiness and you look patchy sometimes.

So main key to have this style is patience, just keep calm and wait until it grows.

Wait until 7-8 months for maximum length and then you can start to trim it and gets in shape as per your personal choices

3. Circle Beard

This style became the most common style in 2018 for Indians, it’s a combo of mustache and beard, this beard style is very famous style in short beard styles

You must grow sufficient hairs and after that you should go to a saloon and barber will give the right shape and make it happen for you.

If you try this style with your own, then it might be risky and tricky for you

4. Full Beard

This Beard is considered most manliest beard, you can not miss to try this beard in 2018, not only it makes you attractive also it explore your features better.

Beard styles for men

If your ancestors gave you this blessing and if you grow full hair on your face then this style is really easy to grow.

5. Short Stubble

This is the simplest and cool beard style. It can be grown easily just do not shave your beard for 4-5 weeks and trim it to very short hair. Maintain it on weekly basis, use some trimmer for this purpose.

If hair grows on neck side area you can shave them if you want.

6. Medium Stubble

In case short stubble does not suits you or you don’t like it, you can try medium stubble. It’s also easy to grow if you are having full beard on your face

Keep you hairs trimmed when it gets 3 to 5 mm of length and don’t let the hair grow longer than 5mm use some good trimmer.

You will definitely gonna like this style as It will reflect your manliness.

7. Long Stubble

Size for this stubble beard is 6mm, this beard is hard to maintain as compared with short and medium beard, because you have to trim it regularly so that no uneven hair remains on your cheek,

If this beard not maintained properly then you may look ugly, grow this beard for one week when it’s size gets 5 mm, and trim it properly

8. Van Dyke

Van Dyke named is famous from a well known painter named Anthony van Dyke,

Best beard types

You have to wait for beard to grow until some good strength, this style is combination of beard and mustache.

After getting good length use some good trimmer to shave it precisely.

9. Garibaldi Beard

This Beard is suitable for them who do not have sufficient time for their beard but still passionate to have a good beard.

Occasionally trimming is required for this style, for having this style simply stop trimming or shaving for at least 7-8 months

Trim the beard from the bottom to give it round shape.

10. Goatee Beard Style

This Beard style is most common Style in India in youngsters, this is a form of circle beard but quite different from circle beard,

For this beard grow full beard once and go to barber and ask him for goatee cut and they are perfect for doing these kind of shapes.
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