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After months of growth, you have a glorious full beard. If you want to add some pizzazz, revitalize your look, or looking for a change, these 5 points will help you get there. Beard cuts 2016.

Lets face it, some of us began growing a beard so we didn’t have to dedicate any time on our facial hair. Unless your beard style is full on mountain man, every beard grower should be doing some sort of weekly or daily maintenance.

We cannot stress this simple maintenance routine enough. Not only will this “clean up” your look removing the dirty hippy stigma, your beard shape and style will be a lot more prominent. This is a quick fix that will drastically improve your appearance. If you have an electric razor, it should take about 5 minutes.

You will look more put together and those around you will immediately notice the extra effort. This routine can be done in the morning when you get ready, or at night before bed. As a bonus, if you have a friend who can trim the back of your neckline once a week, do it!

Try trimming the hairs that grow over the top of your lip or curl into your mouth. This will clean up the areas around your mouth and your partner will get a great view of those lips they love kissing. Try trimming any irregular curled or extra long hairs under your bottom lip for an overall smoother cleaner look.

Beard grooming products assist with growing and maintaining a healthier beard. Your beard will be revitalized and your skin will look increasingly better.

New model beard style

A solid all natural beard oil or beard butter will soften up those beard hairs and moisturize that dry flaky skin on your face. Loaded with vitamins and nutrients, your beard and face will smell great, feel smooth and look completely renewed.

An added benefit to using beard oil, the aromas will improve your health and mood. Essential oils have been used for centuries in a variety of cultures, praising their advantages. Hippocrates, also known as the "The Father of Modern Medicine" documented the effects of around 300 plants. One drop of essential oils contains hundreds of unique compounds for fighting many diseases. Keep some in your car or at your desk at work for an all day, restored finish. Your coworkers and significant other will surely notice.

Your personal style may reflect your beard style. If you are going for a full on mountain man look, you could already be dressing the part. Boots, a white shirt and jean overalls. Maybe a red flannel, work boots, and blue jeans.

What about sandals, shorts, and a graphic tee?

Others may have a shorter beard with casual or dressy attire. Try wearing chukkas, with dark jeans, and a fitted plain shirt.

Types of beards and facial hair

Try switching it up, rock your full beard with a dressed up dapper look. If you have a short beard try a flannel, boots, and blue jeans. Of course, your hairy style is going to play a role in this.

Have you been sporting the same hairdo since high school? Does your hair look the same as it did in your yearbook picture? Yah, it’s time for a change.

For those of us with short hair, try growing it out a bit. At first it may feel and look a bit awkward, this is only because you are not used to it! If you already have longer hair try trimming it a bit and slicking it back. A daily all natural pomade will maintain this look while providing nutrients to your scalp and hair follicles.

Summer is right around the corner. Cut that long hair and let the summer breeze graze your scalp. It'll grow back! There are numerous hairstyles you could try. Heck, you could do a different one every week!

Like hairdo’s, you could easily change up your beard style and look different. Whether you have a classic full beard, a simple mustache with a goatee, or sideburns with a soul patch, there are many varieties for you to try or grow.

Clean beard styles

If you have a full-grown beard this is where you can get very creative. We have seen some unique styles, cuts, and shapes. How many of you dyed your beards green for St. Patrick’s Day? Have you tried curling your mustache? What about mutton chaps?

Looking for a change? Ask your barber to trim the sides with a size 3 or 4 keeping the length at the bottom. You can also try trimming the bottom and sides for a shorter trimmed can easily cut or trim away for that perfected look. Have fun, be patient, and try something new!

Whats your favorite beard and hairstyle? What are you wearing with it? If you have any questions feel free to leave us a comment or send us a message!

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