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Your changing hairline and salt and pepper doesn't have to be a bad thing by any means. In fact, it might even play to your advantage with these 44 hairstyles that look best on older men. Beard short styles.

Slicked-Back Widow's Peak

Slicking your hair back can make you look more distinguished. It's also one way to manage medium-texture hair. Don't try to slick long pieces over shiny scalp. If you have a bald spot that isn't well covered by the hair you do have, go for a different hairstyle altogether. If your hair is too fine, slicking it back could make it look thinner. Men who don't like the feel of stiff gel can try using a pomade to create this wet look.

Messy Caesar

The Caesar haircut brings the front layers down over the forehead. However, those pieces are too short to be called bangs. Keep them from looking too blunt and straight across by mussing up your hair with some clay or putty. Having the ends cut with a razor or vertically with scissors will also prevent your hair from creating a line across your forehead.

Ivy League Alumnus

It's no mistake that we have another photo of George Clooney here. He demonstrates the ideal haircuts for middle aged men. The Ivy League is a hairstyle for clean-cut coeds. It's marked by a side part and little texture. That haircut grows up when you turn 40. Keep it a little longer, and brush it up a little bit at the top of the head to disguise any thinning areas if you can.

Mussy, Not Fussy

When in doubt, do less. Let your hair air dry after running your fingers through it a few times. You can add some texture spray for a little hold once your hair dries. This style looks better when it's more windblown. It allows your natural texture and color to dictate the style. That's what middle age is all about, isn't it?

Spiky, Short And Smoky

Let your color speak for itself, even if you're going a little gray. Have the top cut a little longer than the sides, and spike it up with a soft-hold product, such as a mousse. Direct the sides of the hair towards the front of the head to blend everything together.

Curly Windblown

Curly hair usually looks thicker even if you're losing some of it. Flip the front layers back, and gradually cut the sides and back shorter than the top. Keep the sideburns long to balance out the movement and texture above.

James Dean

If your hair has some wave to it, try going even longer than you're used to. This style still looks professional and definitely doesn't border on long hair, but there's some longer length to it. This is an ideal haircut to get if your busy lifestyle doesn't let you get back to the barbershop very often.

Man Bun With Fade And Full Beard

The hair on top is left long so that it can be pulled back into a high bun. The sides are faded into a very short crop. The beard is full, but it's tightly groomed by the cheekbones. You can let your hair out of the elastic for an even more rugged look.

The Brief

There's not much to this haircut. Have it trimmed with scissors so that the ends aren't too uniform. If you've already gone gray, this style will make the color stand out with confidence.

Frosty Temples

If you're going white at the hairline, comb your hair back at the sides. You'll exude wisdom and experience.

Silver Fox Facial Hair

Sometimes your facial hair betrays your age. Your head is the same solid color that it's been since you were born. You try to grow a beard, and it comes in like salt and pepper. This is not something to be afraid of.

Silver Fringe

Hair that goes in every direction looks great when it contains a tinge of every color, including white. If you leave it just a little long enough, you can pull the front forward, slick it back or get height with a brush up.

Short length beard styles

Surfer Cool

You don't have to ditch the favorite hairstyle from your heyday just because you're getting older. Just keep it a little shorter, and embrace the 5-o-clock shadow.

The Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper's hair always looks the same, and it always looks great. He keeps it short, with the front pushed up and to the side. This fills out a receding hairline without disguising it. Obviously, there's no disguising the fact that he has gone gray.

Stylish Texture

You have nothing to hide when you have silver hair and a receding hairline. Just get a short/medium-length cut, and bring out the texture with some hair clay.

Short And Curly

Keep super thick, curly hair shorn close to the head. A stubbly beard doesn't hurt this look at all.

The Vintage Wave

Patrick Dempsey's hairstyle hasn't changed much in the past few decades. That's ok, because it works for him at any age.

The Barber Cut

This is a play on the Ivy League haircut, with a longer top and faded side. Have the part shaved in for a style that stays even when you've just woken up. The beard adds a sense of ruggedness to this clean-cut style.

Funky Pompadour

Middle aged men can still be hip. A pompadour with short sides and a medium-length beard gives you some urban appeal.

Surfer Shag

Keep your hair long all around. You don't have to chop it off just because you've hit middle age. Lop it off just below the ears, and add some layers. Part it just off center.

Totally Buzzed With Short Beard

Dark hair is striking even if it's thinning when it's buzzed close to the head. Add a short beard for an intense look.

Long Top With Glasses

You'll ooze a mixture of hip and smart when you keep your hair floppy on top and set of the look with thick glasses. With a shaved face, you'll look boyish. With some stubble, you'll look like you've been around a bit.

Medium Waved Top

This haircut has some structure, with short hair at the nape and by the ears that grows into a modified wedge shape as it goes up. The long top flops over to highlight the eyes.

French Braid

Don't be afraid to braid your long hair. When everyone has it in a bun, you'll stand out. You're old enough to be secure with your hairstyle choices anyway.

How to trim a beard

Silver Bearded Fauxhawk

Grow a fauxhawk by keeping the top long and styled toward the center. Fade the sides down. If you have a beard, you'll need to blend it into the short sideburns.

The Mob

Can a man really have a bob? Sure, as long as you cut it correctly. Keep it layered and ragged at the edges, and have the shortest lengths hit just below the ear. A beard keeps this cut from looking too perfect.

The Brush Up

Emphasize the dark hair at the top of your head by brushing it up. Give it lots of movement by staying away from the sticky styling products.

Isolated Author

This is reminiscent of a writer who spends a lot of time alone in his loft. It's a gentlemanly style that's a little rough around the edges.

The Lumberjack

Show off your burliness by going long with the beard. You may want to stay away from this look if your head is very long and narrow.

Blond Bangs

You don't have to pull your hair away from your face, especially if your hairline is receding. Keep your hair long and choppy for a look that's somewhat adventurous.

Messy With A Goatee

A tousled look with a short goatee, like Robert Downey Jr's style, is charming at any age.

Short Crop

Cut hair shorter than an inch long to enhance its thickness and make it look like you're not trying to hide your bald spots.

Clean Style

This is the same hairstyle that you've probably had for a long time. It's a traditional men's haircut that looks good no matter how old you are.

Mohawk With Fade

Long on top and in the back, with a fade at the ears and temple, this Mohawk shows that you're not afraid to show off your style as you age.

Curly Mop

Lots of long curls on top create height and width on a narrow head. This relaxed look shows that you're not taking life too seriously.

Lots Of Hair

If are lucky enough to have a full head of thick hair, let it grow to a medium length. This classic style will take you through the next few decades.

Men's goatee styles

Long Top Wave

This classy haircut is longer on top. You can part it in the middle or to the side. Alternatively, just run your fingers through it for a casual look with no distinct part.

Well Groomed

You can be casual but clean cut with a thick, well-trimmed beard and a tidy haircut. Add a little edge by spiking up the top with some texture.

Throwback Vintage

A single-length long haircut and a full, '70s-style beard can look laid back in today's environment of overly styled hair. It won't look sloppy if your style of dress is pulled together.

Perked Up

A wide, masculine jawline is balanced out with thick hair on top of your head. Keep it about two inches long, and direct it upwards as it dries.

Pulled Back With Sunglasses

Hair that's pulled back into a bun can disguise thinning areas. Pop on some sunglasses to up your cool factor. A slightly unruly beard makes this look even more casual.

Wispy Ends

This is another look that's ideal for thinner hair. Keep the top and sides slightly long, and blow it all dry in one direction. Don't use a product that will weigh it down. Instead, work a texturizer into the scalp for volume.

Upward Curls

Keep your curly hair slightly long without making it floppy. If it's thick, a length of 1 to 2 inches will help it stand on end well. Taper the sides down to the ears.

Reach Great Heights

Dark hair can be parted on the side, with texturizer worked into the top. Dry hair upside down for maximum height, but don't use a gel that will make it spiky.

If you're not over the hill yet, why are you reading this article? Find out what are the best hairstyles for millennial men. If you're over 35, don't stress. Focus on Style claims that 50 is the new 30. When you've hit middle age, you don't need to concentrate so much on what's trendy. Instead, focus on what works with your hair type. As long as you have confidence, you can rock just about any hairstyle.

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