Short goatee styles. 9 Mustache Styles You Should Definitely Try

Popular vs. Famous Mustaches

One quick note before we start. In this article, I’m going to be talking about popular mustache styles, not famous ones. In other words, I’m going to stick to the mustache styles that most mustachioed men will actually consider sporting. Short mustache styles.

You already know about the Fu Manchu, but have you ever seen anyone wearing one except in a movie? You might also recognize Salvador Dali’s wild and upturned mustache, but that mustache was as bold and eccentric as the man who made it recognizable. And of course, the toothbrush mustache had its heyday when it was sported by Charlie Chaplin’s Tramp and by Oliver Hardy, but it hasn’t managed to get a foothold again since it became closely and indelibly associated with Adolf Hilter (so much so that the term “toothbrush mustache” is almost completely out of use and has been replaced with the term “Hitler mustache”).

Mustache Styles

If you’re thinking of growing a mustache, here are nine styles that you should consider.

Which one works for you will depend on a number of factors, from your personal style, the shape of your face, and whether you want to wear a beard with it (and what kind of beard you have or want to grow). But no matter what, the right style for you is probably in this list.

The Chevron

I can’t think of any better mustache style to start this list with. When people think of a mustache, they often think of the chevron.

The chevron is a mustache that covers the entire upper lip, but it’s kept trim so that it doesn’t get bushy or stick out the sides.

Tips for Perfecting Your Type of Mustache

Picking the style you want to try is the hard part. Shaping your mustache so it looks the way you want it to only takes a bit of careful work with the right tools.

Here are some tips and tools that might help you get your mustache just right.

Beard or No Beard

One of your biggest mustache decisions isn’t about the hair on your upper lip, but about the hair on the rest of your face.

Most mustaches can either go solo or be paired with a beard, and you have to decide which is the look you’re going for.

You’ll also need to know that not every mustache can go well with just any beard. The general rule of thumb is that big mustaches go well with big beards and small ones go well with small beards. That’s a rule that can be bent (you can rock a great English mustache with just a bit of scruff on the chin) but should never be broken (don’t even think of pairing the pencil mustache with a two-foot beard).

Types of beard cuts

Grow It with a Beard

Mustaches can help you look tough, cool, or sophisticated, but a half-grown mustache almost never achieves those results.

When you’re still growing your mustache, I recommend growing a beard at the same time. The beard will make the stubble or short whiskers on your upper lip look better, and you can just shave it off once you’ve grown a full mustache.

Make Sure You Have Good Lighting

Trimming your mustache is precision work. One wrong move and you might have to shave it off and start all over. To avoid any mistakes, make sure you have good lighting whenever you take scissors or razor to your upper lip.

Wash Your Mustache Before Trimming

Before trimming your mustache, wash and dry it.

If any mustache hairs clump together, you might not get even results when shaping your mustache. Washing your beard eliminates clumps and makes your facial hair easier to work with.

Use a Mustache Comb

Before trimming your mustache, be sure to comb it out. That way, you’ll get rid of any tangles that could give you trouble when you’re trying to get your mustache in the right shape.

Besides, combing your mustache will keep it looking its best.

Use Barber Scissors

Scissors are your best friend when it comes to shaping your mustache. No matter your style, the scissors will help you keep the length of the mustache under control. Even with a walrus mustache, you won’t want it to hang down too low, and you’ll want to keep your handlebar or English mustache from sprouting out too far past your lip.

For extra precision, hold the hair in place with your mustache comb and use the comb as a guide for your scissors.

And make sure you’re using proper barber scissors, not just any old pair of scissors you get your hands on. Barber scissors are more precise, ergonomically designed, and they’re sharper, too.

Top beard style 2016

Use a Trimmer to Thin

If you’re going for a bushy style, you can go without the trimmer. But any style you want to keep thin will require you to use a trimmer (preferably with a guard to avoid accidentally buzzing off part of your mustache).

Use a Razor to Shape

If you need to take some hair off your upper lip, a razor is usually your best tool.

If you’re going for a pencil mustache, your razor is going to be doing most of the work. The handlebar, since so much of it involves shaping your beard, will make heavy use of the razor, too.

Use Mustache Wax if Needed

Mustache wax will hold your mustache in shapes that defy gravity. Use it to twist and curl your handlebar mustache and to give keep your English mustache pointed to the sides.

Mustache wax comes in a solid form and needs to be softened before it’s applied. You can either scrape some off and rub it between your fingers until it’s melted, or you can blast it with a hairdryer until it’s soft enough to use.

Always Keep It Even

There are different styling techniques and approaches needed depending on the kind of mustache you want to have. But there is one cardinal rule that applies to every single style: always keep it even.

Mustaches are versatile, but they should always be symmetrical. When you’re trimming or styling it, it’s important that you get the same length, height, and shape on both sides or you’ll get more puzzled looks than admiring ones.


Whichever style you choose, remember to always take the time to re-evaluate your decision once you’ve grown it or are close to growing it. No mustache style looks terrible on its own, but none of them are well-suited for everyone. That’s why some people look amazing with a pencil mustache while it makes others look kind of creepy.

Once you’ve grown your mustache, it’s all about maintenance from there on out. Depending on the style, you’ll need to trim, thin, and shape it.

And that’s really all you need to know. Now that you know the most popular types of mustache you can try, all you need is a little bit of patience to grow it and the right tools to style it.

How to trim different beard styles

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