How to maintain a beard. 10 Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles Men Should Try In 2019,

We have seen bold and stylish haircuts and styles for men in 2018. This year, we will continue on our exploration for the best cuts every man should try. Fortunately, celebrities around the world are as creative and adventurous as we want to be with our hairstyles and that makes their looks worth imitating. Men's short hair and beard styles.

With men's cuts and styles abound, we've only rounded off the 10 best celebrity-inspired haircuts and styles for men this 2019:

1. Crew Cut

If you want to go classic but stylish, the crew cut is a very good choice. Back in the day, the crew cut was mainly donned by those in the military service. However, this short military hairstyle has also become a hit among civilians because it adds a masculine and athletic flair and is practical, versatile, and overly easy to maintain.

Watch as the Pillowtalk singer Zayn Malik sports this classic style.

2. Undercut

The result of adventurous undertakings in recent years: the undercut hairstyle. It has quickly become a very popular short hairstyle for men due to its cool but classy touch. It works well with any type of hair, whether it's straight, wavy, or curly, and can be paired with various looks so you can go anywhere from classic to street style.

Football star Cristiano Ronaldo looks like a winner here with an undercut style.

3. Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is perhaps one of the most low-maintenance hairstyles to ever exist. This hairstyle involves having all of your hair shaved to an identical length. For men with receding hairlines, the buzz cut is also a good option to consider. It isn't difficult to style and it matches with any outfit.

How to select beard style

Channing Tatum looks hot with a buzz cut hairstyle.

4. Caesar Cut

Who would be a better hairstyle inspiration other than the popular Roman general Julius Caesar himself? Dating back to circa 60 BC, the Caesar cut hasn't become outdated with a lot of 21st-century celebrities sporting this iconic and powerful style.

Justin Bieber is sure to make Julius Caesar proud with this look.

5. Pompadour

The famous music icon Elvis Presley popularized the pompadour hairstyle in the 1950s. In 2019, we're still a fan of this retro style and want to see more of it with a modern twist. The pompadour style is versatile and suitable for men with any hair type and face shape.

David Beckham with a pompadour style seems like he never aged at all.

6. Quiff

Quite similar to the pompadour, the quiff involves having bulged hair on the top of the head. However, it isn't slicked to the back but to the side. Along with the pompadour, quiff cuts look the best for company meetings or date nights as it adds a formal but stylish flair to the modern man.

Medium beard styles 2016

Chris Hemsworth looks like he's ready to make another Thor movie with this stylish quiff.

7. Blowout

Literally speaking, the blowout hairstyle looks like your hair is being blown by a gust of wind. This unique and voluminous hairstyle is cool and trendy and is surely bound to receive more fame and attention that it deserves.

Zac Efron's blowout hairstyle is sure to blow our mind.

8. Faux Hawk

Faux hawk, or fake hawk, is as edgy as the traditional Mohawk minus the intensity. It still looks a little bit messy but can be acceptable in a professional office setting. It is trendy, versatile, and makes the wearer look more masculine and cool.

Adam Levine proves that he isn't only a world-renowned vocalist but also a hipster with a faux hawk.

9. Loose Waves or Curls

For men who prefer long hairstyles, loose waves is also a style worth considering. It's incredibly low-maintenance and natural but still looks fashionable. If you want to look rugged and masculine despite having long hair, this style is a good choice.

Men's beard styles names

Aquaman star Jason Momoa looks heroic with his iconic loose waves in the movie.

10. Man Bun

If you like to keep your hair long and looking edgy and stylish, you might want to consider having a man bun. The man bun style involves having all of your hair tied into a bun. There are a lot of variations for this look and it can be easily paired with a beard or other hairstyles.

Suicide Squad's Joker Jared Leto's visuals are no joke. Pun intended.

Are you ready to look like your favorite celebrity? Which one is the best hairstyle suited for your hair type?
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