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The artistically, humourously and creatively styled barber shop beard has been quite the hit with the ladies in recent years and has been evolving to contemporary tastes and fashions. Also, there are many more eccentric styles around and these are becoming the hottest trends in ‘gentlemansville’, (that’s near any of our shops in Fitzrovia, Westminster, Bishopsgate or Trafalger Square in case you are wondering!) Mens beard styles 2016.

Our barber shop staff compiled a list of our favourite bear trends for our Easter Beards 2016 collection.

November 2015 saw more men than ever take part in Movember Foundation, helping raise awareness for men’s health problems in phenomenally bold style, building on the existing trend of men growing out their facial hair, mixing sophistication and hipster in some stunning styles.

Christmas 2015 saw the festive frippery of bauble beard decorations, snowflake beards and glitter beards – You are probably still finding bits of rogue glitter over your clothes and carpets even now…

Good beard ideas

Ideas For Your Easter Beard Styling

The barber shop beard style recommendations for Easter 2016 are to keep playing more on the fun ways to customise your beard for truly creative beard art that gets people talking. Creative and seasonal beards not just a great ice breaker, they are a lot of fun and great source of getting sponsored whilst releasing your inner comedian for charitable causes. Beard style is also reminder to yourself and others of the kind of man who is confident enough to allow for a little seasonal style silliness, whilst also projecting personality with your beard grooming and getting people to egg you on with new ideas for Easter. (See what we did there!?)

We love the chocolate egg beard decorations for the longer beard wearer. Remember, there is a right way and a wrong way to play the good egg about the office at Easter. In terms of hygiene, opt for the wrapped Easter egg selection for the bird’s nest look… The ladies in your office may not appreciate an egg that’s been wrapped in your beard hair all day, but will love you for your edible beardy Easter bird’s nest treats.

This, hygienic, eye-catching and deliciously tempting facial hair creation of customising your Easter beard with the ever-popular Cadbury’s Crème egg is a sure winner amongst our lady barbers in particular… If she let’s you out of the barber’s chair without stealing one first before having nested yours nicely, we think your chocolate loving friends will appreciate your eggs-acting beard grooming. (Sorry! We just can’t resist the corny jokes!)

Latest moustache and beard styles

Our final favourite Easter beard art is this fun bunny creation by Saagar Shaikh, an American model and entrepreneur who is known for dressing his beard for every occasion. His Easter beard 2016 creation is rather quaint, if also truly eccentric with the confetti, or is it this the remains of former beard bunnies, we are not sure … What do our readers make of this bunny loving beard?

If you fancy grooming your beard with a little Easter inspiration, book a beard styling session online now at your local barber shop with your preferred stylist in one of our Men’s barbers in London’s Fitzrovia, Westminster, Bishopsgate or Trafalger Square. Pick your preferred barber shop in central London to get your Easter beard style here.

For even more barber shop convenience to book with Pall Mall Barbers, be sure to download our app. Choose your ideal time and stylist for professional barber shop cuts for hair or beard art in time for Easter events and learn more about the art of the wet shave on which to design your Easter beard creations. You can even pay for your appointment in advance using cashless transactions if preferred. Download the Pall Mall Barbers app here.

Different type of shaving style

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