Chin beard. 40 Black Men Beard Styles - Live Long the Beard #Beardoxide!

To Be Happy Is To Have A Beard! Beard is a gift to all the men from God as it makes them look hot and special. When your haircut and beard harmonize with your face, your look will be fresh, sexy, hot, and stylish all wrapped in one bewitching her to keeping looking at you. Consider your face shape and pick the best one that complements your features and gives you an ineffable style. Black Men have naturally smart personality and what makes it smarter are these Black Men Beard Styles. Mens beard styles 2016.

Want to Jump from a mundane beard look to an eye-catching one? Then, this is the right style you should opt for. Hair on your chin with a moustache is what all you need for this perfect look. You need to shave your cheeks and can also keep litte hair under the nose and near the chin. Get it red or purple coloured for making it more attractive.

Shoutout to all the professional black men who cannot tolerate having the clean shave but can’t have a full beard either,short beard styles are surely the only way to go. To have this beard you need to grow a full beard then trim it in such a way that the hair is kept shorter and the lines are shaped tighter. Some hair is also left around the upper and lower lip for more well-defined appearance. It needs a high maintenance and you need to get your hair trimmed after every two days because uneven hair growing might not look attractive. This look is trendy as well as mature. Mostly, preferred by men between the age of 25-30.

If you already have beard then you might think of growing long beard. So here is the best style if you want to have long beard. This beard requires to be grown out of the facial hair long below the chin in the U shape letter. This style might just look completely out of control chin strap combined with a neck beard. It does require a layer of commitment. The closer you can get to the “U” shape, the better the overall look.

It is a norm that people think that beard is only for people who have a good looking hairstyle. Well, here’s a style to abate this kind of thinking. A man with bald head can also look good by sporting a beard that match their facial structure. Full beard is actually a counter to the bald head but can flawlessly rock the look whether you are a teenage or a professional man. This style requires very less maintenance compared to the other styles and is also the most popular beard style of all. This is one of the famous black men beard styles.

Goatee styles

It is the most simple and low maintenance style. What all you need to do is to grow a perfect moustache with a clean shave face. It doesn’t need much of the styling and will also make you look different. A perfect moustache with a perfect hair cut will go for any day. It will match most of the face shapes and is good enough for work as well as for social events.

Dreadlock is the new sexy for black men and with heavy well maintained dreadlock comes full beard. Long dreadlocks that are held up nicely with heavy protruding beard will give you a nice look. This option is mostly preferred by men having shorter or round faces but black men having long faces can also give it a try. Long beard needs a lot of maintenance.

Remember, with great beard comes great responsibilty! Therefore one must use beard oil or conditioner to keep it well moisturized. It will give shine to your beard which can give an attractive is another famous style from black men beard styles.

In this hot summer you really don’t need to maintain a beard. What all you need is to leave some hair below your lower lip and shape it as you want. This style will go with every face structure and will give you a cool and funky look.

Coarse beard

We all know what hipster is. This will give you a rough look that will give you an appearance of a member of Bohemian Counterculture. It comes with a vantage because this style comes with an appearance of bold and robust personality. It looks best with a particular hairstyle combination where you should grow a neck beard. You need to grow a handle bar moustache to make it look trendier.

We all know who wolverine is, he is really famous for his acting as well his cool beard style. It is a similitude of Hugh Jackman, a blend of mutton chops and full beard. A trendy look that will make you look different.

So, Go Ahead and experience the best style which will suit you. Get ready to grab lots of attention as most black men beard styles do provide a unique and fine looking appearance.
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