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No longer the realm of hipsters and tree-huggers, the beard is a mainstream must-have for 2017. And there is no better way to complement a happening hairstyle than with one. Mens beard styles 2016.

If yesterday’s metrosexual hints at over-grooming, today’s beard shouts innate style and masculinity. And it seems that genetics is not the only determinant of beard style, but geographical region. While scouring the globe for subjects for his book 100 Beards, fashion photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce noticed New Yorkers favour a rugged lumberjack beard, while the Milanese wear theirs neatly styled to match their impeccable Italian tailoring. And in Paris, it is de rigueur to accessorise with scruffy facial hair.

Distinct face shapes are a great determiner of different beard styles.

Beard ideas 2016

As an easy rule of thumb, your beard and jaw should work together to achieve an oval face. With a round or square shaped jaw, the beard should be grown to achieve more depth under the chin with less growth on the sides of the face, to create a flattering elongation. Conversely, if you have an oblong or rectangular face, you will want more hair on the sides and less beneath the chin.

Growing your beard takes time and you must commit to a couple of months of unease, if you want the full beard experience. Trimming the lower neck will keep it looking clean and also make it less itchy. Being mindful not to trim too high up or you will forgo the opportunity of having the fullest, bushiest beard to complement your medium to longer hairstyle.

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If a shorter beard style is the ‘accessory’ you wish to rock, investing in a set of quality clippers is key. The ease of cordless clippers is appealing, but plug-in clippers are more powerful and precise, making trimming easier. Using beard oil is also a necessary part of the grooming process. Not only will it freshen your beard, but it will add extra moisture to your beard and skin, reducing itching and creating conditions for healthy growth and smoother beard trimming. Don’t be tempted to use a moisturiser though, the formulation is different and will encourage the growth of bacteria. The best time to apply beard oil is after the beard is washed and still damp, hydrating the hair down to the follicle and leaving it smelling fresh.

Making an elegant beard statement is as easy as choosing between long or short and wild or refined and… enhancing it with an effortless look from TONI&GUY! Don’t forget you can show off that beard and become the Face of TONI&GUY.

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