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Fight Unruly Facial Hair With These Powerful Trimmers

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Facial hair has become an all-season trend embraced by men of every age and background. Sporting anything from substantial stubble to a bushy beard to fit in with the pseudo-millennial (a.k.a. urban lumberjack) or mature crowd seems standard these days. And when entering the roughest stretch of the winter, the style is proving to be more fixture than fad. Protect sensitive skin with any number of beard styles, cut time in the morning by having that hair on your face prepped and ready to go by allowing for a little length in between shaving. Still want to get close, but leave the slightest stubble? No worries there either — check out our best electric razors.

Most guys seem to think growing a beard is difficult. Not at all. That's the easy part. Controlling that unruly facial hair is a whole different beast. Ideally, you want to keep it neat and trimmed — much like that hair atop your head. And the only true way of accomplishing this is by practicing proper beard maintenance, which requires commitment and the right grooming tool: a beard trimmer.

The relationship a traditional shaver has with his shaving routine is the same one a beard wearer should have with his beard trimming routine. And even if you’re one who favors a clean shave from time to time, never look at it as cheating on your grooming tools. Every season does call for a new look. Right? Seriously though, there really isn’t any other grooming tool capable of taming unattractive scruff and stray hairs. These are the absolute best beard trimmers out there right now.

What to Look for

Build quality: The goal is to own a trimmer designed for longevity. Any model made from stainless steel from the body to the blades will get you there, plus one with solid grip control. Most important? It cuts your hair well.

Cord or cordless: How does it charge? Some traditionalists prefer the extra horsepower and infinite juice that comes from the classic electric trimmer, while others enjoy the portability and convenience of a wireless model.

Dry vs. wet trimming: Each offers it own benefits. Nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt having the luxury of tinkering between methods.

Length settings: Short, medium, or long? Duck dynasty or stubble? A trimmer with different length options can help you achieve the look you want.

Versatility: Pop-up ear trimmer. Turbo-trimming modes. Vacuum system. Extra features only add value to your trimming experience.

Attachments and Accessories: You may have a long beard now, but who knows what the future might bring. Look at the number and length of the possible attachments so that you can get the most out of your purchase.

Blades: Not all blades are created equal. Edging. Adjustable. Replaceable. A lot goes into those swift moving sharp blades so you want to make sure you find what best suits your needs.

Convenience and Travel-Friendly: If you're not one to travel a lot for business, something that lives in your bathroom may be fine. If you're on the road a lot, opting for something that packs nicely into your carry-on may be a better bet.

Stumbling on the right trimmer best equipped for your facial profile takes a bit of research, and it’s generally a matter of mixing and matching the features you want most at the price you’re willing to pay. And, like every great grooming product that comes along, several deciding factors — pros and cons — do come into play when settling on a trimmer to care for or style your beard.

So if you’re ready to toss that crumb dumpster, and get your next good beard trimmer charging, then it's time to line up your best beard oils as we break down the best beard trimmers available now.

The Best Beard Trimmers for Men

1. Best Overall Beard Trimmer - Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7200

Battery life: 80 minutes lithium-ion battery

Standout features: Integrated vacuum system, "maintenance-ready" blades, and 20 built-in length settings

Super stylish, super powerful, the Norelco 7200 vacuum beard trimmer remains a grooming staple, and the AskMen Editor's Pick for Best Overall Beard Trimmer. A specially designed built-in vacuum system captures recently liberated hairs in the handle of the unit for quick and easy disposal, keeping your floor and wardrobe looking fresh. The contour head attachment works flawlessly in personalizing beard styles, gliding gently across the face to reach every area and preventing the trimmer from tugging to avoid inflammation. We also love that it protects the self-sharpening blades to keep the base working efficiently without any oil tune-ups. Adding to its finesse is the turbo button feature, speeding up the blades and fan to cut through thicker hair with faster precision. Up to 18 full-length settings are afforded to you, starting at 1mm and going up to 18mm for modern day Vikings. Great battery power from its advanced lithium-ion battery charging system is another virtue of this electric trimmer, with a single charge generating up to an hour of wireless use.

2. Best Beard Trimmer for Long Beards - Braun MGK3045 Trimmer Multi-Grooming Kit

Type: Corded trimmer and cordless trimmer

Battery life: 60 minutes lithium-ion battery

Beard styles for less hair

Standout features: 13 precision length settings, multiple precision combs for styling, and a free Gillette razor

Facial hair contouring (aka beardtouring) is now a thing, and in order to keep up with beard guides showing off bespoke grooming trends, a multi-performance electric trimmer is essential for blending in with scruffy males. This Braun beard trimmer is AskMen's Runner Up in the overall beard trimmer category. It ensures you’ll keep up appearances by bundling its well-received MGK3045 trimmer with several accessories to service every beard-styling job in existence: stubble, short, medium and long beards, sideburns, hair clipping, contouring and clean shaving. Utilize any of the 13 precision length settings or clip on the accompanying detail trimmer blade to master your current signature look comfortably with it's rubberized grip. You’ll find the bonus Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor to be a sweet bonus for cleaning up the cheek and neck areas.

3. Best Travel Beard Trimmer - TRYM II

Battery life: 40 minutes (est.) lithium-ion battery

Standout features: 4 trim attachments, portable design and charging base,

For the frequent flyer needing to tidy up his moneymaker in between connecting flights or Skype conference calls, this wireless trimmer with stainless steel details packs enough power in a compact design to command hair trimming anywhere. The TRYM II electric trimmer is the AskMen winner for Best Value. It comes operational straight out of the box, though users can get it fully charged in eight hours, with one charge lasting several weeks. A dynamic motor combined with professional-grade blades ensures smooth pass-throughs across rough patches, creating a more comfortable and safe trim. One can’t help but admire the modern design that borrows inspiration from past iPhones, with a streamlined appearance highlighted by a black and silver colorway. Many of the attachments are well built and easily lock into place. No wiggle present. TRYM's great customer service is another factor worth noting, with several buyers raving over the immediate assistance they’ve received from the company, be it for part replacements or technical support.

4. Best Beard and Body Trimmer - Philips Norelco OneBlade Face + Body

Type: Corded trimmer and cordless trimmer

Battery life: 60 minutes lithium-ion battery

Standout features: Click-on skin guard, dual-side blade system, and multiple combs for face and body trimming

A multi-directional blade system with both shaving and trimming properties, the original OneBlade was built to meet every facial styling need and quickly proved it was one of the better cordless beard trimmers out there. The latest model launched, the OneBlade Face + Blade, ups the ante and is now designed to be used as a complete men's body groomer (aka manscaping). It’s through the use of comb attachments (1mm, 3mm or 5mm) that the machine effectively tackles stubble length and body hair. Philips shaving technology excels at a superior level, with a moving cutter that moves at a rate of 200x per second. Translation: It cuts quickly through long beard hair and close enough to the face, without hair dipping below the skin, which has made it a favorite among men with thick, course curly facial hair of any length who are prone to ingrowns. A dual-protection system guarantees sleek execution, preventing any hairs from being caught in the blade and giving the close shave you would expect with and electric shaver. Shorten your extended goatee for the imperial look or use the electric trimmer option itself to enjoy a comfortable shave. Be it this one or the standalone (and less expensive ) model, you, and your hair, can't go wrong.

5. Best Beard Trimmer for Battery Life - Wahl Lithium Ion All-In-One Trimmer

Type: Corded trimmer and cordless trimmer

Battery life: 3 hours lithium-ion battery

Standout features: 17 trimmer lengths, adjustable guide comb and phenomenal battery performance

For the groomist who constantly forgets to charge his electronics, this Wahl beard trimmer is in strong, durable stainless steel and offers enough battery life — four hours of run time at that — to get you through several shaves without being attached to a power cord. Yet despite carrying a lower MSRP than the competition, the precision factor of this Wahl trimmer is proof the trimmer can compete with some of the higher-priced electric trimmer models on the market. The lightweight profile has enough girth to maintain good grip for passing through coarse hair, whereas the smaller cutter gives leeway to attack tight corners. Reviewers claim the blades work remarkably well on both beards and mustaches. Much of the accessories that come bundled with the Lithium Ion aid in providing the trim you need; these include four options: a detail shaver, ear and nose detailer, and T-blade heads. Clip-on trimmer guides supply even more options, for up to 17 different trimmer lengths.

6. Best Professional Beard Trimmer - Bevel Trimmer

Type: Corded trimmer and cordless trimmer

Battery life: 4 hours lithium-ion battery

Standout features: 360º non-slip handle, cooling feature to prevent overheating, and ultramodern design

Want to up your grooming game? This might be the trimmer you’ve been looking for. The award-winning Bevel trimmer features a simple snap-on blade meant to deter impurities, such as oil and dirt that can cause irritation. With or without the cord, the trimmer delivers the same power and precision, holds up for over 4 hours on a single charge and can last up to 60 days on stand-by mode. The Bevel Dial is what makes this electric trimmer an absolute stand out, allowing for quick zero-gap adjustment. The company recommends removing the blade to adjust the space between the cutting blade and the guide blade a couple of times until you find your desired length. The sleek and elegant design features a soft-touch grip and cooling proprieties to prevent overheating and allow for more comfortable movement across your beard. Finally, its custom-faceted body provides 360-degree non-slip handling to keep you looking and feeling fresh.

7. Best Beard Trimmer for Styling - The Remington The Crafter Kit

Type: Corded trimmer and cordless trimmer

Various beard styles

Battery life: 3 hours lithium-ion battery

Standout features: 5-minute quick charge feature,

Mustache and beard, even goatee — Remington’s latest mechanical buzzer gives forth powerful trimming with a host of unique features to appease the style-conscious gent, including an adjustable comb with 10 lock-in settings to work on various hair lengths, and an extended neck that easily glides across the face and neck. The special Turbo Mode is engineered for precision and speed, mowing through the thickest strands without any tugging, minimizing skin irritation, while a foil shover provides for effortless touch-ups around the cheek area. The Crafter also comes bundled with a wide range of accessories for adaptability, including five combs, an adjustable comb, nose/ear/eye trimmer, and a storage pouch. Every component of this electric trimmer is easily cleanable for quick use and its complete waterproof design makes it easy to rinse off and well suited for shaving in the shower. This has quickly become a beard and mustache trimmer for guys on the go. Get up to 180 minutes of run time on a full charge, with a 5-minute quick charge mechanism to speed things up.

8. Best Corded Beard Trimmer - Andis T-Outliner Trimmer

Standout features: High-speed motor, indestructible design, and signature T-Blade for practical trimming

A mainstay at barbershops and saloons, Andis applies its iconic shaving pedigree to the T-Outliner, which — like the company’s heritage in grooming — is hard to match. Anyone who’s ever owned this t-blade trimmer knows it’s manufactured to last, with a reinforced shell built like a tank to take the abuse you’ll put it through over the years. Premium carbon-steel blades are specially hardened to provide a longer shelf life for cutting. Adjusting the blades will create more room to personalize shaves, with a handful of consumer reviews indicating that an up-close trim leaves a "5-o'clock shadow." The high-speed magnetic motor operates quietly and smoothly, resulting in a comfortable trim along your jawline or behind the ear. Oiling the blades before putting it to use might sound like an inconvenience; still, it’s a trivial compromise most avid groomers are willing to live with once they witness the gains in performance.

9. Best Cheap Beard Trimmer - Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit

Type: Corded trimmer and Cordless trimmer

Battery life: 65 minutes lithium-ion battery

Standout features: Head-to-toe grooming attachments, self-sharpening steel blades and waterproof design

Remington's no-frills electric trimmer is a steal that's capable of spoiling any beardsman on a budget with premium. It sits at the top of the Amazon’s Best Seller list at the moment, and for all the right reasons. The self-sharpening blades are very durable and sharp, guaranteeing a smooth trim and long-term use. Also, the combination of 8 length settings and 3 beard combs is more than enough to upkeep your bristles and stubble. All the extra attachments are washable and easily rinse off under any faucet or sink. If you're worried about battery life, don't be because the PG6025 earns you 65 minutes of cordless use on a full charge.

10. Best Stubble Trimmer - Panasonic ER-GB40-S Milano

Type: Corded trimmer and cordless trimmer

Battery life: 50 minutes lithium-ion battery

Standout features: 19 precision settings, 45° angle stainless-steel blades and ergonomic design

Showering and shaving can become an ordinary aggravation unless you’re clutching onto the ER-GB40-S. A specialized water drainage system makes facial maintenance simpler, letting this stubble trimmer be fully submersible in water. The blade system comes precision-honed to an acute 45-degree angle that simplifies the trimming routine with easier navigation and beard care. Grip control remains an underrated feature for all grooming tools. And the rubberized grip on Panasonic’s beard and stubble trimmer is conveniently fit for the hand, with a balanced weight and maximum control to move across your facial hair. Motor strength is ranked lower than the competition, yet it generates enough power to evenly shape-up or stubble down the beard. You’ll discover 19 different length settings programmed to handle short and long fluff. The classic nickel-metal hybrid battery lives for about 50 minutes on a 15-hour charge, but given the available settings, it shouldn’t make for any problems.


Your beard trimmer is only as good as the company it keeps, and by that we mean accessories. Owning an assortment of add-ons won't just preserve the quality of your trimmer, but also prep your facial fur for a smoother trimming experience that won't clog or damage the blades. So consider adding these to your collection.

Herschel 'Chapter' Toiletry Case

Every beard trimmer needs a home. Store your favorite grooming tool, along with all other beard care essentials in Herschel’s stylishly portable dopp kit, which is designed from ruggedly durable materials and has an exterior zip pocket that accommodates extra storage. Choose from an array of sleek minimalist designs.

American Crew Beard Serum

Finding a superb beard oil at a killer price tag is like finding a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, for you, American Crew has a fuzz follicle serum worth every penny spent. The brand’s popular Beard Serum is a potent elixir designed to keep the Abe Lincoln feeling soft and looking shiny in the roughest conditions. A fast-absorbing formula ensures every strand receives instant hydration, while a special blend of oils work to nourish the skin hidden underneath the bush. A non-greasy formula means sleeker application as well. One or two pumps should have you all set before walking out the door.

The Art of Shaving Beard Wash

It’s amazing how much debris your beard collects on a daily basis. Washing it is mandatory, although, must guys make the mistake using standard body wash to get the job done. That be that dude. Spend the extra chips on a premium beard wash. The Art of Shaving offers a great option formulated to eliminate dirt, oil, and all other impurities from your facial hair. Jojoba seed oil smoothens out strands, while leaving the tingling, effervescent scent of peppermint on your mug. Pairing it with the brand’s Beard Condition gives your beard that one-two cleansing punch it deserves.

Beard Bro Facial Hair Shaping Tool

Unless you have a professional barber on call who won’t overcharge you for lining up your beard, ‘stache or sideburns, you’ll want to keep this little piece of plastic around to execute shape-ups. The Beard Bro lets you shape any beard style with a curve angle and different leveling measurements to guide you along the way. Accurately draw lines and remove unwanted hairs in hard-to-reach spots to maintain a uniform look. The product works great with both beard trimmers and razors. Anyone who needs help working the tool can follow the company’s how-to videos online.

Beard shapes and names

Huntsman Beard Dual-Action Beard Comb

Untangling your face blanket is all part of the beard care process. In fact, the best time to do so is after applying some beard oil, and once that’s done, use this dual-sided facial comb for good measure. The Huntsman demonstrates maximum grooming with wider and closely spaced teeth on both ends to take care of any beard length. The immaculate 5-star Amazon rating (based on over 2,000+ reviews) is a testament to the brand’s quality control, which is clearly present the moment you clutch onto the comb's durable sandalwood construction. Even more surprising is the woodsy aroma it emits that lasts months on end.

Beard Paw Premium Beard Wipes

Dandruff and debris are two common struggles beard owners live with on the regular. Beard wipes are a smart investment that won’t just keep your beard looking and smelling fresh on the go, but they can also prevent any gunk from damaging the blades on your trimmer. Each wipe possesses a variety of carrier oils to nourish hair follicles and skin, plus leaves behind a eucalyptus scent to boost confidence when socializing in close circles.

Some Basic Beard Maintenance Tips

What does that mean? Simple. Clean it every 2-3 days; not daily. The reason for that is the chemicals in a beard wash can cause hairs to turn brittle and coarse, which will completely destroy the blades on your trimmer, let alone the skin on your face.

Most men are guilty of trimming their neckline too high. I’ve done it quite often as well. Then I learned trimming it one inch above the Adam’s apple was the perfect length.

With all that hair beneath your chin, it’s common for guys to forget about that strip of fur above their upper lip. Moustaches should be groomed, while matching both the length and look of a beard. You can use moustache scissors to help even things out.

Beard trimmers can be a pricey investment for some. That means you’ll want to get the most out of it before tossing it in the trash. Establish a cleaning routine, let’s say once every two weeks, to keep the machine performing at peak levels.

Even if curiosity has you wondering how long your beard can grow, restrain from the temptation and keep it properly trimmed, so you can maintain a well-groomed appearance. I’m not saying cut off the entire thing, but I am saying that you don’t want to resemble lost member of the Duck Dynasty cast.

Growing one of these suckers out takes time. Even if you’re not happy with the results in the first two to three weeks, stick with it. After a month or so, you’ll notice all facial hair naturally shaping into a full, healthy beard.

Know Its Purpose

Body hair is closely linked with your image and, to some extent, reflects your personality. But maintaining the shape and look of your beard is more than just pretension. And before even considering a beard trimmer, you need to determine what its main purpose(s) will be. Is it for perfecting the 5 o’clock shadow or transforming yourself into a real-life Rick Grimes? Preserving skin? Manscaping? Every man should know the importance of trimming facial hair, for while most of the benefits are complementary to one’s appearance, the hindrances can ruin one’s image. Examples:

Facial hair is prone to creating flaky skin and can make it more visible, sticking to your beard over time

More hair = more skin irritation

Microbiologists determined in tests that beards “contained a lot of normal bacteria, but some were comparable to toilets” Skin underneath the beard can build oil and lead to acne, along with other skin conditions.

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