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Getting a stylish haircut but also wanting to come off as a thorough professional can be tricky. Besides, you want a haircut that reflects your sense of fashion. Over the last couple of years, the lines between snazzy haircuts and traditional styles are constantly being blurred. Most men can effortlessly rock a top knot or a man bun, but when you are in the office, you need to be a lot careful about the hairstyle that you choose. The Business Hairstyles for Men are part of strict dress code. But you don’t need to go boring just because there are strict rules. Beard styles for businessmen.

Business Hairstyles for Men

You need a style that is versatile, classy and functional but does not look too regular. The perfect hairstyle will be something that looks appropriate at the office and fits perfectly with the party or the bar you hit after office. Your age might also be a deciding factor for your hairstyle. There are some hairstyles that look great on men of any age while some are particularly suited for a certain age bracket. Here is a list of seventeen hairstyles that will catch the eye of both young and seasoned businessmen. So, take your pick and carry it off with élan.

Vintage Side Part Hairstyle

This is the style that will make you look really suave and handsome. Make a parting on the right side of your hair and neatly brush the hair on both sides. This look has found favors in men since a long time as it creates a really dapper style that has always been well appreciated. You can carry this one off with all your suits and coats, and it will look just amazing.

Slick Back Short Hair

It is the hairstyle to go for if you have thin hair and are looking for a style that is safe for office. Cut the length of your hair to make it short and sweep it backward. There should be a parting on the left side of your hair. The hair is puffed up, so it looks more voluminous than it actually is. It will only work if you have straight hair and not wavy or curly.

Medium Back Swept Haircut

This one is for the men who have a medium length of hair. You do not need to make a prominent parting in this hairstyle as you did in the previous ones. The hair just needs to be combed backward to complete the look. It can be tried by both the straight haired and curly haired men, and it will look equally well on both kinds of hair.

Blonde Short Side Part Hairstyle

This popular hairstyle has been tried by the famous Holly actor and the heartthrob of millions- Ryan Gosling. So, whether or not you are a fan of the star, this style is a must try for how cool it looks. It is tailor-made for all the blonde hair men out there. Here the parting is near the center but not exactly in the middle of the head. The length of hair should be short for this one.

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Side Part Slick Back

Take a look at this one if you are thinking about what hairstyle will look perfect with the solid colored formal shirts that you have got. Create a parting on any one side that you prefer and brush back the hair to get the look. This hairstyle suits all kinds of facial shapes, but it is especially recommended for the round-faced men as it brings an elongated effect to the face.

Pompadour Short Hair

Pompadour has more than one advantages which makes it so popular among men. First, it is the hairstyle that can be effortlessly carried from office to the parties after office. Second, it looks great no matter what your age is. You need to keep it simple with this pompadour as it is for the office. So, no Fade or undercut should accompany this hairstyle; just go for the simple puffed up look.

Medium Slick Back Hair With Small Beard

Chris Hemsworth has sported this look on several occasions, and there is no reason why you should not too. This one gives such mature and sophisticated that you are bound to love it. It is ideal for the brunettes and the dark-haired men. You need to apply some hair gel and slick back your hair, and you are ready to take on the world. Complete this look by keeping a small stubble to go with it.

Undercut Medium Hairstyle With Thick Hair

This one is made for you if you are a fan of the trendy undercut hairstyle but are not sure whether to try it for the office restrictions. Just do not cut the undercut portion of the sides and the back too short than the central longer portion of hair. The longer hair at the center must get cut in layers and combed backward. The look will only work if you are naturally blessed with a thick mane.

Receding Hairline Undercut

Receding hairline can be a natural outcome of all the stress and pressure that you have to handle daily. But you can intelligently cover that up with this hairstyle. The sides are kept in a low Fade style while the hair at the center of your head is long. Take the help of your hair stylist to pump up the hair and sweep it to one side.

Dadhi style for man

Dapper Side Part Slick Back

Looking for a hairstyle that is low in maintenance but high on the style quotient? Yes, your search ends at this look right here. To begin with, keep the hair on the sides really short to resemble a Fade haircut. Secondly, make a parting on the left side and puff up your hair before you comb it back. Make sure to use a fine-toothed comb for this one.

Short Grey Hair with Beard

Grey hair is no longer a mark of the age as the daily work pressure leads to premature greying of hair in many men. But you need not worry as the salt-and-pepper look is always in. So, cut your hair short and comb it well without making any parting. Grow a full beard to go with this look. This is the ultimate look for the man of experience and class.

Natural Loose Slick Back

Attempt this one for the next big party at the office and you will surely earn a lot of compliments from everyone. The biggest draw for this style is that it looks absolutely natural and effortless. All you need to do for this one sweep back your hair loosely. Do not apply too much pressure while combing and use a thick-toothed comb for this style.

Grey Short Haircut For Older Men

You are nothing short of a style veteran in your age and this hairstyle will fit perfectly with your carefully curated sense of fashion. The grey hair is the symbol of the years of wisdom that you have and that in itself is a style statement. Get your hair cut to shorten the length and then brush it sideways along the left parting. A full beard looks great with this style too.

Crew Cut Hair With Small Beard

Are you someone who is always on the rush to reach office? Do not have too much time to spend on setting your hair in the morning? Get this hairstyle that addresses all those problems while giving you a really fashionable look. Just simple combing sets the look for the day. This is the hairstyle that you can go for on a daily basis. All you need is a small beard to match with it.

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Casual Haircuts for Long Hair

This one is for the men who like to keep their hair long. Just comb it sideways without any parting to get this look. Though you can carry off this style with any kind of clothes, it looks best when paired with a button-down shirt. This look has a comforting and casual look about it that is perfect for the office parties.

Hard Slick Back Short Haircut

This is it if you need a special hairstyle for the big occasions at the office like a promotion announcement, award ceremonies or important business meetings. This looks like a variation of the classic undercut to make it more presentable for the office. The longer hair needs to be slicked back using hair stylist products and a fine-toothed comb.

Natural Medium Side Parting Hairstyle

It is the hairstyle for the men who have dark or brunette medium-length of hair. Get your hair cut in layers to add texture and volume to it. Make a parting on one side and brush it well. It looks really elegant and sophisticated which makes it just the style that you need for your office. Get ready to earn praises for your sense of style with this look.
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