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Beards signify patience, vigour and virility. They form the essence of manhood. Beards are the talk of the town and rocking a cool beard has become more of a necessity for men to ascertain their manliness. This is apparent from the fact that an increasing number of corporate environments are okay with their male employees honing a well-maintained beard. The main concern with growing a beard in any corporate setting is to ensure that it isn’t too unclean, long and messed up to scare away potential clients or customers. Since growing a beard that complements the professional within you is such a daunting task, we have decided to tackle the issue and provided some Professional Beard Styles For Men to flaunt your manhood. Beard styles for businessmen.

The stubble is easy to grow and maintain. At the same time, it is clean and can be honed at the workplace without any second thoughts. The stubble can be styled easily by varying the length and by changing the area covered by it. A simple beard oil can provide nourishment and shine, which enhances the stubble. The stubble works well Professional Beard Styles For Men.

This beard is very appropriate for Professional Beard Styles For Men. This stylish beard can help you hide that short chin and lengthen the round face. It consists of a thick moustache and facial hair which covers the chin area. The cheeks should be clean shaven and the sideburns must be short to accentuate this beard style. Vandyke is appropriate for people with a square or a round face.

The workplace goatee consists of a thin strap of beard on the chin along with a thin strip of beard along the jaws to bring out the sharp jawline. It is easy to maintain and works wonderfully for people with angular and oval shaped faces. This is because a sharp chin places more emphasis on the goatee. Make sure that isn’t too long so as to play by the rules of the corporate world.

Another classic Professional Beard Styles For Men, this style is particularly suitable for people working in senior positions. It commands certain respect and indicates authority. The beard around the lips should be grown out to medium size and the rest of the face should be cleanly shaven. The French beard can be varied by changing the width, thickness and the length of the beard. A wide face can have a wider coverage to fit the beard appropriately. Patchy disconnects can also be incorporated to separate the chin beard from the moustache and create the illusion of having two separate components.

Stylish beard styles

Soul patch can be kept or removed depending upon the chin width. A smaller chin can make do without a soul patch. A wider chin would essentially require a soul patch to prevent a large patch of the skin below the lips from being uncovered. All face shapes can employ this beard style in their groom kit, particularly people with a square face. Robert Downey Jr. is the perfect example of a man capable of carrying this beard style effortlessly.

Finally a beard style for men with a round face. The Balbo style has to be perfectly executed to make it look on point. It is composed of 2 or 3 different sections within the face. These sections are the chin, the soul patch and the moustache. The important thing to keep in mind is to ensure a little spacing between the three components to separate them and place them into more focus in an individual capacity.

These Professional Beard Styles For Men is for the men who have extremely bushy hair. Fret not gentlemen, for this beard is easy to pull off. The beard should be grown along the bottom part of the face. This style suits men having a round or a square face, since it provides more area at the bottom. The downside of this beard is that since it is bushy, it has to be cleaned regularly.

Full Beard And Handlebar Moustache

Mens beard designs 2016

The professional who wants to up his game can go for this Professional Beard Styles For Men. This includes growing out the beard to a medium length and growing out the moustache as well. Continues grooming and oiling has to be done to maintain the cleanliness of the beard. Clippers must be used regularly to shape the moustache. This style is perfect for men having an angular, oblong or an oval face. Make sure that you have a good rapport with your boss before going for this style.

Some tips to take care of Professional Beard Styles For Men in the corporate environment

Make sure that the beard is oiled regularly to keep the skin beneath the beard moisturized and provide nourishment to the beard.

Use clippers and scissors to groom the beard. Grooming becomes even more important at the workplace.

Use an SLS-free shampoo to wash the beard if you have a thick and a long beard, to get rid of itchiness.

Goatee styles for oval face

The decorum of the workplace must also be kept in mind, making sure that your boss is on board with your beard.
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