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Here are the some New Beard style which will be ruling a long period of time and where to buy the Beard oil locally for these styles: Beard options.

All the Way Favorite: Heavy Beard with standing Mustaches:

This Style is Favorite too But suits to less people:

This is Evergreen which suits to everyone who ever keeps the Beard:

All these styles are counted as the best styles and many of people Follow this styles:

Facial beard designs

There is a lot to consider when growing a beard to suit your face and lifestyle. Below we go through the best beard styles of 2016 that will keep you ahead of the curve in 2017.

Who said that beards don’t look smart? It is becoming increasingly common to see short beards in an office workplace and that’s because short, well-groomed and maintained beards can look perfectly smart. Check out Chris Pine looking super sharp below.

Make sure you regularly trim your beard down to a couple of inches, keep the cheek and jaw lines shaped, and you’ll be good to go!

With winter fast approaching, the full winter warmer beard is sure to defend your face from the frost and cold. This style of beard saw a massive resurgence in 2015/16 that is set to continue in 2017. The full beard and long moustache has been adopted by hipsters around the world and is great way of hiding a small or double chins, or even elongating a round face. Not only for hipsters though, this beard has long been adopted by the manliest of men.

How to shave different beard styles

It’s difficult to go wrong with a medium length beard. The medium beard is the most preferred beard amongst men in 2016. This type of beard is fantastic for emphasising features and adding shape and definition to your face. This type of beard is ideal for those with an inverted triangle shaped face.

This beard takes some dedication to grow. Ideally you should leave your beard to grow for around 3 months before you begin to trim it into shape. When shaping, try leaving the hair around the front of your jaw and chin slightly longer to create a cool pointed shape that will further accentuate your jaw.

This is the easiest style to achieve and maintain. Just make sure you regularly trim the hair to between 2-5mm long. Check out a few stubble-style beards below for inspiration. Notice how slightly different lengths and definition create completely unique looks.

Regardless of how you grow your beard, you will always need to maintain and care for your facial hair. Visit the Ernest Oakley shop for the finest grooming products to help you keep your facial hair on top form -

Different beard trims
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