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Choose the right beard for Man depends on the shape of the Face. There is more to wearing a beard style than just picking up what you like. Chiyaan Vikram known for is versatility of acting have gone numerous transformations with his looks. Learn each beard style in Vikram style of grooming. Little beard style.

Full Beard

Most preferred by men in recent times. Full beard gives you manliness and most attractive as it emphasizes your features better.


The Imperial is not actually a beard style but a mustache. Its got its popularity during the second empire. The has to be clean shaved or closely trimmed so that Mustache is elegantly visible.

Van Dyke

Van Dyke beard style was a combination of the goatee and a mustache.

This beard style was derived from a popular Flemish painter from the 17th century, Anthony Van Dyke, as it was his signature look.

Men shaving style

Johnny depp, know for this lead role in Pirates of Caribbean is maintaining this style since years.

Circle Beard

Its a combination of Goatee and mustache, it looks tidy. Its make a good option of those who want to look presentable without letting go off their facial hair

Extended Goatee

The extended goatee is a combination of a Circle Beards and sideburns. The style is different from the full beard as you are taking off the hair on the sideburns.

Balbo Beard

Balbo is one of the most charming beard styles. Robert Downey, Jr., Known for superhero character IRON MAN is maintaining the Balbo styles for ages now.

Full beard shapes

Clean Shaven

Clean Shave is preferred by most of them, as it looks clean and tidy. It will never be out of trend. We often see corporates having a clean shave as it gives you the best first impression.

Did I mention, studies say women prefer men with a clean shave.

Short Stubble

Easily achieved and No special methods are needed to achieve it. If you are lazy in facial hair grooming, and still wanted to have a beard. Short stubble beard should be the best choice.

Medium Stubble

If you want to have grown your beard little longer than short stubble, go for Medium stubble. Let your beard grow 3 to 5 mm long and make sure the beard look neat and tidy.

Beard styles for round face

Long Stubble

Planning for longer stubble, the beards should be at least 6mm. Its need some extra attention as its tricky to maintain compared to short and medium stubble beards. You have put extra efforts to get rid of stray hairs on cheeks and below your chin.
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