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Face Shape

Choosing the right beard style really depends on preference but more importantly on the shape of your face. In reality, nothing is holding you back from growing any type of beard you want, but considering your face shape can bring you to the next level of beardsmanship. Here are some guidelines you should keep in mind when deciding on a beard style. Beard options.

Round Face: keep your beard hair longer around your chin, and shorter on the sides.

Square Face: keep your chin hair fuller, and your hair on the sides of your face shorter.

Rectangular Face: grow your beard fuller on the sides, and shorter at the bottom.

Stylish beard look

Oval Face: if you have an oval face, most beard styles will work well for you.

Effort is Required

Once you have a beard you’ll need to groom it regularly. There are no buts about it. Some beard types will require regular grooming, while others won't demand as much from you. Make sure to keep this in mind before you decide. Ask yourself “how much time do I want to spend on maintaining my beard?”

Full vs. Patchy Hair Growth

Some of us can grow facial hair like a chia pet, while others struggle to grow a moustache. Understanding your growth pattern can save you time and frustration by choosing a beard style you know you’ll be able to grow. If your hair is thick and even, go with a thicker beard. If it’s patchy go with a short and neater beard that you can totally rock.

Different full beard styles

Beard Styles

From the classic clean shave to the full beard, you have the option of growing so many different beard styles. We’ve described some of the more popular styles to give you a better idea of what style may best suit you and your face shape. But if you’re considering of growing a style that's not listed below, send it over to and let us know what you’re thinking.
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