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What are the best beard styles for 2017? As the year starts drawing to a close, you can start dreaming about all the cool stuff you are going to do in the new year. Don’t know about you, but I enjoy reinventing my look to celebrate the switch over. It’s like a new me for the new year. Beard options.

I’ve been looking into the best beard styles and decided to create a list for you to choose from. Some of them might seem quite ordinary, but that’s the beauty of a beard – it’s classic and timeless. The hipster movement put beards back on the map and if you’re lucky enough to be able to grow an epic one, go for it! I have thrown in some more minimalistic options as well.

The starting point

Before you can start doing crazy stuff with your beard you first need, uhm, hair on your face. Yup, you need to first grow a full beard before you can start playing around with it. And it might be tempting to go straight into cultivating a goatee, for instance, but I wouldn’t advise it. First grow out your whole beard, so you have a better idea of what you’re working with when you start shaping it.

The first few styles will get you going in the right direction to investigate the best beard styles.

This one is the easiest to maintain, if you want to stick with it as your look. Otherwise you get to look all suave while you wait for your beard to grow a bit longer for you to start experimenting with different styles. The perk is you get to look all manly, but not untidy.

How to: simple, just don’t shave for a day or two days. If you want to keep this length, trim it when it gets too long. Keep your cheeks clean shaven at all times, the focus point should be on the lower area of your face. If your hair grows too wild in your neck, trim it away as well, an inch above your Adam’s apple is more than enough.

Suitable for all face shapes

The next level, this is about 3 to 5mm long. Again, you can keep this as your look, or just make sure it stays neat while your beard grows longer. If you don’t get the maintenance right, you might end up looking scruffy, but if you get it right, it will most definitely boost your macho image.

How to: your cheeks need to stay clean and make sure the neck area is also under control. The length should be no more than 5mm, so use a trimmer at least once every week.

Suitable for all face shapes

Well done, you’re getting closer to a full beard! Your beard should be about 6mm long by now. To maintain the long stubble is quite a bit trickier when compared to the short and medium. You have to be very diligent with your trimmer to make sure there aren’t any stray hairs. These usually make their appearance on your cheeks and just above the Adam’s apple.

How to: it will take you about a week or two to reach 6mm, depending on how fast your beard grows. Stay diligent with your trimming routine, it should only look like a “shadow” on your face. Remember to keep an eye on those stray hairs.

Best male beards

Suitable for all face shapes

On the list of best beard styles, this is one of the most sought-after looks. When you are endowed with the right genetics to pull off a luscious beard, wear it proudly! A beautiful beard will never go out of fashion and accentuates your features better. Well, unless you look horrible with one, then you should listen to your loved ones and rather get rid of the face fluff.

How to: unfortunately if your beard grows a bit patchy, you won’t be able to pull off a full beard. But you can experiment with other styles. After not shaving for about six weeks, your beard should be nice and long. Keep your trimming routine and you can then decide how long you want to grow it.

Suitable for triangle or inverted triangle and diamond face shapes

Getting more creative

Now that you have your full beard, you can decide what you want to do with it. Do you want to just keep it full and bushy or shape it into something more stylish?

I picked a few of my favorites out of the best beard style options that I feel has a timeless appeal to them.

Ever dream of joining the Avengers team, or fighting next to Iron man? Then this look is perfect for you. Made famous by Robert Downey Jr, it has become a very popular beard style. Easy to maintain and great for creating the impression that you are a stylish man. But just make sure it suites your face shape, otherwise it will be an epic fail.

How to: make sure your beard is past the long stubble point, at least four to six weeks old. Plus, you need a mustache as well. You will be sculpting it quite extensively, so make sure you’re using a good razor or trimmer. Start from your ears and move inwards, make sure both sides are balanced. Leave about a quarter of an inch gap between your goatee and mustache. The style looks best when it’s really short.

Suitable for men with a narrow chin

Circle Beard

It is also called the “standard” beard, a combination of a rounded goatee and a mustache. It’s a nice option for a minimalistic beard. And it looks all deep and profound when you sit stroking your chin, pondering the meaning of life.

How to: best to start with a full beard so you have enough hair to work with. An option to get the look just right, is to visit your local barber and then just maintain the trimming at home afterwards. For tips on how to shape the goatee, click here.

Hairstyle with beard look

Suitable for round and oval face shapes

Extended Goatee

It’s also called the tailback or the Hollywoodian. Leonardo DiCaprio made this one quite famous after his Oscar winning moment. This one is basically a combo between the rounded beard and the Balbo, but the goatee is fuller around the chin. You can decide how far you want the sides to go along your jawline.

How to: you need at least medium stubble to start with. Remove your sideburns but leave your mustache. You can decide the width and length of the parts along your jawline.

Suitable for oval and square face shapes


Eric Bandholz, founder of BeardBrand, made this one famous. For those in very conservative corporate positions, you will probably get a lot of resistance to this look in the office, as Eric found out just before he quit his job.

How to: you need to be dedicated to achieve this look and if you are a perfectionist, you might possibly go insane before your beard reaches its full potential. For the first few months, you need to resist grabbing the trimmer to shape your beard. You can only pick it up again about seven months after you started growing your beard, or when your beard reaches its maximum genetic length. The beauty of a Bandholz is that it doesn’t require regular trimming, just go wild.

Suitable for inverted triangle and triangle, oval or diamond and oblong face shapes


Not a big fan of an elaborate beauty routine? Then the Garibaldi will work well for you. It’s a bit shorter than the Bandholz, so you have to trim it once in a while, but it is still low maintenance.

How to: grow out your beard for about four months or until it reaches between 5 to 7 inches. Trim the lower areass when needed to maintain a rounded look. The focus is on the beard, so keep the mustache nice and short. You’re going for the natural look, so no extra styling aids required.

Suitable for rectangular or oval face shapes

Jawline Beard

This one is usually more popular with the younger generation, like college goers. So if you want to maintain a youthful appearance, this one could work for you. It is also simplistic enough to not be too overwhelming if you’re not a fan of a big bushy beard.

How to shape a beard

How to: the trickiest part is getting the spacing right between your goatee and jawline. Your face shape will determine the thickness of your jawline beard. Too thin or too thick is not advisable. Ask for a second opinion from a loved one while you are experimenting with the beard style.

Suitable for inverted triangle and triangle, oval or diamond and oblong face shapes

What Do You Think – What Is The Best Beard Styles?

There you have it, the top 10 best beard styles for 2017. Which one are you going to try out? I think I like the jawline beard, manly yet not too overpowering.

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