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A man’s beard says a lot about him. As such, it is important to choose a beard style to match your face type. Different beard designs.

For black men thinking of growing a beard, your choices are limitless with plenty of styles that could work for your hair texture and skin color. We will go through some of the more popular ones in this post.

Together with the right style, remember to keep your beard freshly trimmed and in tip top condition. You can make use of beard oil and a good barber to help you do that.

Lets get to the beards shall we?

Short beard

The starting point of the journey to a longer beard, this is popular with many black men. This is the stage where stubble has transformed into a beard, all be it a short one.

This beard style looks good on anyone capable of growing hair evenly across the face. It’s also quite easy to trim and mange yourself in between barber visits, you just need to select the appropriate length with your trimmer.

Different beard shapes

Full beard

Although this can take a long time to achieve, depending of course on how fast your chin hairs grow, it can be worth the wait. Given that a full beard is not too common, this will definitely turn heads wherever you go.

Growing a full beard takes time and a lot of patience. Remember to shape it up and trim the edges after the first few weeks and regularly thereafter.

Stubble beard

This is a favored choice with many young men who would like a bit of facial hair without being full on bearded. It often goes by the name the 5 o’clock shadow or ‘designer stubble’.

However this look does require a lot of maintenance. Almost daily trimming and shaping is needed to keep the look in line. Due to this, you’ll have to manage this look yourself, as going to the barbers every two or so days is not practical for most.

The goatee

Hair on your chin and mustache but not on your cheeks, that’s the goatee, an interesting unique look. It is another popular style, especially as it can give you a notably different look from clean shave, while being easier to mange than a full on beard.

Unique beard styles

It is also recommend for people with patchy full beards, where often the hair on the side cheeks don’t grow as much as the hair on the chin. The goatee solves this problem. Additionally it suits those with rounder faces.

Chin strap beard

Think the formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton or the rapper 50 cent. Hair goes from one side of the face all the way to the other. The key here is that the beard follows the jawline, covering only the edges of the jaw and chin. It is often worn without a mustache.

This may suit those with strong jawlines and the ability to grow hair on the chin and jaw that covers the two sides of your face. It is a very clean cut smart look, for those that don’t want to grow a very lengthy beard.

Level up your beard game

No matter the style of beard you choose, it must be taken care of. That means washing it regularly with beard wash and conditioning it. Beard oil should then be applied to keep it soft, shiny and manageable.

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Classic beard styles
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